The Fourth Kind: True Story on Alien Abduction

October 25

Fourth Kind Movie

A new movie that is set in Nome, Alaska is said to be a fact based movie on alien abduction. It’s called the Fourth Kind and I’m sure this new movie is going to get a lot of attention. It’s probably a safe guess to say that 99 percent of the people living in the world don’t believe in alien abductions. We hear about them a lot, but no good proof that an alien abduction has ever happened on the planet Earth. Now we have a new movie called the 4th Kind and it’s claiming to be based on real life facts. I know the 1 percent of people that believe in alien abductions will want to see this movie; while the rest of the 99 percent of non-believers will be curious to see too.

I would like to watch this movie the Fourth Kind and see how real it does appear. Have you heard about it yet? Did you know about the Fourth Kind before you read my blog post today? I think this movie is going to draw a lot of attention from us all and since it is claiming to be a true story, it’s going to see its share of critics.

How does this movie get its title? There is actually a scale on aliens and it breaks down into “kinds”. You remember a popular movie called Close Encounters of the Third Kind? That is one of the “kinds” and there is 4 that got created back in 1972. This was the scale that got set up to measure our contacts with aliens and UFO’s:

First Kind – Seeing a UFO or observing a alien aircraft

Second Kind – Providing evidence of an UFO or alien

Third Kind – Contact with a UFO, alien, or extra terrestrial

Fourth Kind – Being abducted by a alien or UFO

The new movie that is based on actual events would fit into the 4th level on this scale and it’s the 4th Kind. Apparently this took place in Alaska and many people have gone missing from a certain area in Alaska. The movie plans to shed light on the alien aspect of things. Others believe the Government is to blame for the people missing in this area in Alaska and it’s just a cover up on their end. This movie may not change any beliefs or answer any questions, but it will expose some light on all the mysterious things that have been taking place in Alaska. I wasn’t aware of these strange things and people that have went missing in Alaska over the years. I look forward to seeing this new movie the Fourth Kind and also trying to do some research on this interesting Alaskan mystery.


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  1. SLucey

    October 7, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    Oct 7 2010,

    I saw the owl when I was a toddler. It is a vivid memory but not traumatic. I never had hypnotherapy so my memories could be repressed for all I know.

    I remembered the presence as benevolent and so it was always a curious but happy memory.

    I would like to meet others that have seen the owl when a child.


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