What is the Orange Sauce called in Japanese Restaurants?

April 30

Orange Sauce with Hibachi Dinner

Have you ever been to a Japanese Restaurant before? If so, then you already know the great food and sauces they serve up. If not, then you really should try a couple of different places and find one that you like. The Japanese food is so much better than Chinese food. Just something simple, like fried rice, tastes like a million bucks, when the Japanese do it, as opposed to the Chinese.

If you don’t like to eat sushi, there is other choices to eat. Just order a hibachi dinner with steak, chicken, shrimp, or combo a couple of these things. I usually eat the steak with fried rice. This meal will come with a regular sirloin steak, mixed vegetables, rice (steamed or fried), soup, and a salad for starters. Most places will give the consumer all of this, but I always tell them to keep the soup and salad. I do like to eat salads, but they are usually just a plain salad with only a couple of choices of salad dressing.

Steak Hibachi Dinner

For those who have a few extra dollars, you can order the filet Mignon, to get a better cut of steak with your hibachi dinner. I like the filet Mignon better, but not 2 dollars better. I will save the 2 bucks, to get the sirloin steak, as to pay more and get the better cut of beef. The chicken is really good too, but I always choose the steak over it. It is nice when I have a little extra money and I can add some shrimp to my steak hibachi dinner.

What is that great tasting orange sauce called? I always wondered this, but never could understand what the servers were saying. It always sounded like “yum yum” sauce, when I asked what the orange sauce was called. I finally have figured out the answer and guess what? The great-tasting orange sauce, which is served with hibachi dinners, is indeed called Yum Yum sauce. You can buy the Yum Yum Sauce in your local grocery store. You can also search online for Yum Yum Sauce Recipes and make your own homemade yum yum sauce. So if you didn’t know the name of the sauce with hibachi dinners at Japanese restaurants, it is called yum yum sauce. No joke and your server is not just trying to be funny, because you know some of those that come out to cook your food, can be very funny at times, as they entertain us with their cooking skills. Their skills, the quality of the food, and the yumyum sauce is the only things you need to know, for you to try a good Japanese restaurant sometime! Please come back here and let me know what you thought? как избежать дтп


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