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Winning Free Vacations

I hope your luck is better than mine; when it comes to winning things. I have been able to win a few things here and there, but nothing worth mentioning. The other night, I was low on money and went inside a convenience store to check my bank account balance with their ATM machine. I was disappointed to see that I didn’t have much money. I then grabbed a drink and went up to the cashier to pay for it. While I was paying for my drink, there was a guy standing next to me, and he won $500 by scratching off a lottery ticket. I was happy for him, but sad knowing that I needed money and all I had to do, was to buy that lottery ticket he had won off. That is the kind of luck I have.

I would love to win a free vacation. A nice long trip is what I need, so I can relieve some of these financial stresses I have now. By any chance have you ever won a trip before? I don’t really know where any websites are for giving away free trips. I probably should check first to see, if there are any travel deals currently available online. I might find a really cheap trip and that would be like winning one. If I did win a trip right now and could go anywhere in the World, I would probably choose Las Vegas. Since I saw that guy winning the money from the lottery ticket, it has put me in the gambling mood. I really should change my thinking and fast. I am not a good gambler and I have years and years of bad results to prove that. It would be nice to pack up a few bags and head out the door, for a long distance vacation, that I so desperately need right now.

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