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Blogging About TV Shows Online

Bloggers are always looking for a good topic to blog about. They will try to blog about something popular; than trying to blog about something they have a passion for. I like to watch TV a lot, so it is easy for me to blog about different television shows. I watch a variety of different things on TV. I probably watch more sports than anything and I spend a lot of time, writing up blog posts about sports.

Right now, I have two television shows I have been blogging about. Each one of them has did well, because it was a TV program I enjoyed watching. You probably have a couple of shows on television you like to blog about too? For me, I first chose The Drs; which comes on ABC television in my local market. Others of you may watch The Doctors on CBS, NBC, or another TV affiliate. The Doctors come on 5 days a week and give out free medical advice. Their slogan is “where MD meets TV” and that is really true. I quickly found out, that a lot of other people like to watch this show on TV too. I have had a huge fan base for my Doctor’s blog. People want to know what I have to say about the show and they will go look and read all of my new Dr TV posts.

The other program I blog about online is Larry’s Country Diner. Not that many people know about this show, since it is not on a major network. This show is about legendary country singers from the past and other stars who grew up liking country music. There is a fan base for this show and a lot of nice people send in their replies, to my blog posts about Larry’s Diner on RFD – TV. This is America’s Rural Network Channel on television. If you have RFD – TV on your cable or satellite provider, you should really try to watch an episode of Larry’s Country Diner. It comes on at 11 PM EST every Saturday night and this is the time slot, I think most fans tune in to watch the show. You can watch them every Thursday evening too on RFD TV, since they do have two time slots each week.

If you are looking for something to blog about these days. Then try to think of the TV shows you like to sit down and watch. If you like to watch it every week, then chances are there is others just like you out there, that are fans of a certain television show. I enjoy blogging about the team of doctors that make up the Doctors Television Show each weekday morning and then my late night Saturday TV Show; which is Larrys Country Diner. The Diner is not a real restaurant, but is filmed on location from the good state of Tennessee.

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Doctor Travis Stork Tells Why He Wrote His New Book

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From the Doctors TV Show is their leader Dr. Travis Stork. He has just completed his 2nd book called The Lean Belly Prescription and this will be in bookstores and online December 7th. You can place your online orders now and preorder The Lean Belly Prescription Book and be guaranteed to get a copy, before they sale out. I have a lot more information about this new Drs Diet Book over at the Doctors TV Show Blog. This book would make a great Christmas gift this holiday season, for anyone that is looking to lose weight or needs help with their 2011 New Years Resolution, for losing more weight in the new year.

Dr Stork Tells Everyone Why He Wrote this New Book

In the crazed, adrenaline-fueled moments I have with E.R. patients, I try to give them the best lifestyle advice I can: why they need to watch what they eat, why exercise is so important, why making small changes to their daily activities will have a profound impact on their health—how they look, how they feel, how they live. And often, I’m met with a blank stare, a shrug, and a noncommittal murmur. “Lifestyle changes” seem hard, especially when a doctor is trying to explain them to you in 5 minutes or less. In fact, more often than not, my patients will look at me and ask one question:

Doc, can’t you just give me a prescription?”

Well, yes. I can. Not for a weight-loss pill you can pop, and not for an elective surgery that will trim you down suddenly. (Both have terrible potential side effects and spotty long-term track records.) Instead, I’ve written a prescription that simply, effectively, and nearly effortlessly strips away pounds, focusing on your biggest enemy and mine—belly fat.

I’ve created a list of eight life-altering dietary changes that will burn away belly fat with shocking speed. I call them “The Laws of Leanness.” But you don’t actually have to make all eight changes. In fact, you don’t even have to make half of them. These lifestyle tweaks are so powerful, so dramatically effective, that if you make just three of them—your three favorite, whichever ones you want—you can drop up to 15 pounds in 4 weeks or less. I call it PICK 3 TO LEAN. And the best part? You’ll keep losing after those first 4 weeks—15, even 20 pounds, you decide—and you’ll never gain it back!

And I’ve based these dietary secrets not on foods I want you to give up, but on foods I want you to enjoy. For example:

  • Love pasta and rice? I’ll show you how to eat them and still lose 24 percent more belly fat than traditional “dieters” do.
  • Crazy about milk shakes? Then drink two a day (with my special recipe) and strip away pounds.
  • Enjoy snacking? I’ll show you how to build several snacks every single day that will fuel weight loss while keeping you satisfied.

Combined with your choice of easy, effective activity programs, which you’ll also find outlined in this book—you won’t think of these as “exercise”—your PICK 3 choices will begin to strip away belly fat almost from day one.

How do I know that? Because I’ve based this prescription on the latest science, on results that have been proven by the top researchers in America and abroad. And I’ve based it on my experience as a medical doctor, watching what works, and what doesn’t, in the real world. I’ve seen these strategies succeed for my patients, sure, but I’ve also seen them work for friends and family members who have turned to me for help. Now I want to include you in that group of happy, grateful, newly skinny people.

These are the words straight from the Doc’s own mouth! I believe in Dr. Stork like so many others do, who tune-in and watch The Doctors regularly on television. He does a great job of keeping the show on topic and his colleagues in line; while they’re on the air in front of a live studio audience. The other doctors on the daytime TV Doctors is Doctor Drew Ordon, Doctor Jim Sears, and the only regular lady doctor on the Drs is Doctor Lisa Masterson. All four TV doctors do a great job, each weekday morning, by letting their audience members and TV viewers know about the latest health tips, products, and things we should be doing to take better care of ourselves each day.

If you would like a copy of this new Travis Stork book, just go now and preorder your copy before December 7th or you can order it any time after this date. By placing your pre-orders now, you will have time to get your copy in the mail, before Christmas Day gets here. Be sure to not wait and go ahead and get this new book The Lean Belly Prescription and come back here to give your honest opinions about this new weight loss book from the Drs TV Show.

*Dr. Travis Stork’s statement above (in his own words) was furnished courtesy of the Men’s Health Journal. Also, the Men’s Health Journal played a key role in the development and editing process in the creation of The Lean Belly Prescription; which was directly written by Dr. Travis Stork ER Physician and author Peter Moore.

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