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A Toy That Never Gets Old

Duncan Yo Yo – DragonFly

For those of us who grew up before the age of computers, the Internet, and video games, we had more simple toys out there. The little die-cast toy cars, a hula-hoop, or a cool yo yo to play with. These toys didn’t cost much, most families could afford them, and they seemed to last forever. For some of you who are trying to recapture those childhood days or want your kids to experience the toys you played with as a child, there are places you can order these antique toys from. In some cases, the toys have gotten better with technology. I know a duncan yo yo looks a lot more sophisticated; than some of the plain yo-yo’s I had as a kid growing up. The designers have put cooler pictures and graphics on these yo-yos of today. Also, they are a lot faster than yesterday’s yo yo toys. We can thank our modern technology for making these new yo-yo’s a lot faster today.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some kids didn’t even know what a yo yo was. I’m glad to see toys like this selling online. I hope more of our older toys from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 1980’s will show up in the 21st century, like these cool yoyo’s I see selling online today. Don’t forget to add a yo yo trick book with your order!

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