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A Gold Prospecting Tour Across America

I think it would be a lot of fun to tour all the gold prospecting places and mining camps across the United States. I love watching the TV shows that are about gold prospecting. The prices of gold are so high right now, it makes searching for gold a lot more interesting than just a couple of years ago. If you had a big recreational vehicle you could drive across the country in and visit all these places; then it would be a lot of fun. As long as you could avoid an rv breakdown on your journey through the States.

If you join the Gold Prospectors Club they will give you a book that will have all the gold claims in the U.S. in it. They say you’re free to go prospecting on any of them, but it doesn’t say it’s free to do. So I’m not sure if there is additional fees that members would have to spend or not. I would like to find about 20 to 25 places I could plan to visit and stay 1 to 2 days at each one. Then I could go back and see which places I found the most gold at and plan longers stays at these gold prospecting camps. If it is free to do, then I really just need a big van or a RV to load up in and head out in search for that pretty yellow metal.

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Insurance Designed for RV’s and Not Cars

There is insurance available for RV owners to buy that is especially made for them and not for people that drive the standard automobiles. You can find a lot more information about RV insurance and how to get it at Shopping for RV insurance is as simple as using your computer and knowing exactly where to look. I’m sure you could also use the 3 big search engines online to help you track down more information about buying insurance for a recreational vehicle. You took the time to pick out the perfect RV for your family to make trips in and you probably made a big investment into your new RV too. The same amount of time and dedication should be used to find a good insurance plan, so you can protect that family investment. If you haven’t bought your new RV yet; then you can still check up on the types of rates other RV owners are paying for their family vehicles.

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