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Oprah’s Big Diet Show Yesterday

The king of afternoon TV comes from Chicago where the Oprah Winfrey show comes from. She had a big show yesterday on dieting that was suppose to be big. I didn’t watch the show, so I have no idea what she talked about. The headlines for the Oprah Show was about the yo yo diets and how after watching this episode of Oprah, you would never want to diet again. I’m not sure what she and her guests talked about in that hour or if she revealed a new diet pill that will keep people from ever gaining weight. If you watch Oprah on Wednesday about this new dieting break through, perhaps you can relay some of the information she talked about. I know Oprah’s words can move mountains, so I am curious to know what she had to say about dieting on her latest Oprah Winfrey Show.

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Yahoo’s Top Searches for this Friday in November

Here is the latest top 10 searches from the people using Yahoo Search Engine:

1. New Moon

2. Oprah

3. Tim Lincecum

4. Oasis of the Seas

5. Susan Boyle

6. Kate Moss

7. Nicolas Cage

8. Fort Hood

9. Project Runway

10. Oklahoma State Football

It seems names is the big thing for the searches done at Yahoo on this Friday in November. I’m not sure why some of the names are on the list, but I do know why one name is listed in Yahoo’s top 10 searches. She is currently number 2 on the list now, but I’m sure Oprah will go to number 1 soon. Oprah Winfrey will have a special show today (Friday November 20th) and she plans to let her audience and millions of TV fans at home know the show will be coming to an end. It isn’t anytime soon and it will be sometime in 2011 when the Oprah Winfrey Show turns off the lights and close their doors for good. Harpo is the owner of the show; which Harpo is Oprah spelled backwards, so she is Harpo. I expect the show today will be a highly rated show and has a chance to be one of the most watched editions of Oprah ever.

I always love to see the sport terms getting listed on top searches and did see two up there today. Tim Lincecum is a MLB pitcher and Oklahoma State is a college football team. A few other things are happening in sports and surprise not to see some of those make the top 10. I don’t see Allen Iverson making the top 10 at Yahoo, but I’m sure he’s close to those top 10 search terms. He is now a free agent in the NBA and it appears the New York Knicks are interested in the veteran point guard. One reason why Iverson may not be making the top 10 at Yahoo, is probably due to his name getting misspelled in searches. I’m sure some Yahoo Users are using “Alan” or only using one “L” like “Alen” to search for the latest news about him.  

Does anyone know why new moon is a popular search term? It must be something good to be at the very top over at the Yahoo Search Engine. Is our moon and astrology that important? Actually New Moon is the name of a movie that starts playing today and many fans are searching for the latest details and information they can find out about this new movie. My local theater has this showing 13 times today and this will be the most played movie in their theater today and tonight. Do you plan to go see the New Moon movie in theaters? It does look like a good movie and I might just have to go out and see this one.

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