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In this hat I can build a snowman

Guest post written by Heather Sanderson

After we had our first really good snow before Christmas, I went looking in our hall closet where we keep all of our coats for my favorite snow hat and it was full of holes. I knew that I should have put moth balls in the closet. I still wore it because I didn’t have anything else to cover up my head to go and play out in the snow.

I didn’t want to have to do that again, so I hit the after Christmas sales online to find a new snow hat. While I was online shopping I ran across this website and after I read through it some, I decided to order one of the internet packages on there for our household internet service.

I found this really cute snow hat that’s completely covered in fur. It looks kind of high fashion actually and it may be a little much to wear to play in teh snow with my kids but it’s really fun and I love it. Now of course my daughter wants one.

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