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Top Summer Vacation Spots

Where does your family like to travel to for summer vacations? There are really only two popular types of destinations travelers will choose to take each summer. One of the most common places to choose is the beach or where there is a lake or ocean present. Water adds excitement to any vacation and its a great and relaxing way to enjoy your week off from work.

The other choice many will choose to take is going to the mountains. The mountains or any place that is miles away from any modern conveniences. A camping trip or a log cabin in the woods is the 2nd most common travel destination for families who take a summer vacation each year.

I enjoy doing both and don’t really have a favorite. It all depends on what type of mood I am in. The sun and the beach is a great choice and I love going to the ocean. I have been to South Carolina and Florida for most of my ocean vacations. If I see the ocean down in Mississippi or on the Alabama coast, I am usually going on a gambling trip to Biloxi, Mississippi. A lot of families like to visit a casino on their vacations, but since the kids aren’t allowed in, this really isn’t the best family vacation choices.


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