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Hotels Offering Hot Tubs and Cable TV

I’m sure you have traveled to some strange places, where you had to look for a place to stay for the night. You decide your going to find the nearest hotel and crash for the night. Your main goal is to just find a place to stay for 1 night, but then you decide you want more than just a room for the night. You get lured in to a hotel that is offering HBO or some other paid cable channel and perhaps they even have a hot tub for their guests too. Now the plans change and you decide to have the time of your life and you pay extra for the hot tub and cable TV.

After you see a lot of these hot tubs in the hotels, you may want to get your money back. They usually are not that nice at your cheap 1 night stay hotels. I don’t think they do any sort of hot tub maintenance’s or put a hot tub cover over them; while they’re not in use. The television is 19 inches or smaller and doesn’t even offer a clear picture. Sure you got HBO and a few other good movie channels, but how much TV do you really plan to watch? After all, you only got the room for a place to sleep and not a lot of time to enjoy the 100 channels you have at your finger tips.

Be cautious of these hotel signs when you do go out on a road trip. No sense in paying for cable television, hot tubs, and other hotel luxuries; when you only need a bed for the night. I don’t mind the cheap hotels and I will gladly stay in the cheapest one I can find. It is nice to check-in and see your hotel offering something you didn’t expect, but I believe saving money is the bottom line. I don’t want to have to pay for the hotel’s water bill or their cable bill either!

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