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The 26 Dollar Hot Dog at the Texas Rangers Ballpark

$26 Hotdog at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

They say everything is bigger in Texas and when it comes to hot dogs it’s no different. When is the last time you seen a foot long hotdog? Not that long ago, right? We have gotten use to the big 1 foot dogs we can find in most major league ballparks or even our local grocery store. If you thought the foot-long hotdog was a mouthful, you haven’t seen nothing yet! Check out the one being served at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. This monster dog weighs in at a full pound with 2 foot of meaty dog to chow down on. Even the bun it comes on, can not contain this very long and very expensive hotdog. If you plan to eat this monster hot dog at a Texas Rangers home baseball game, be sure to bring your credit card. This long dog will cost you twenty six dollars and this does not include the monster beverage you will need to wash it down with. 26 bucks for a hotdog is expensive, but look for some dedicated Ranger fans try to conquer this massive dog that’s being served in Texas this summer.

The chef of this famous $26 hot dog isn’t really making it for just one person to eat. The big dog was intended for 3 or 4 other baseball fans to enjoy. But since this is America and home to the most over weight people on the Planet, you know we will have several individuals, who will want to take on the 2 pound hotdog solo. I already smell a hotdog eating competition coming on. Perhaps the famous 4th of July hotdog eating contest, which is held annually by Nathan’s Hotdogs will want to include a bigger hotdog in their famous competition? At a rate of $26 each, this might be too pricey for even Nathan’s hot dogs in New York to consider.

If you plan to order up this massive hotdog for 26 dollars, you will get some pretty good toppings on it too. The Texas Ranger Hotdog will be served with sauteed onions, shredded cheese, and chili. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a good chili in Texas to put on this massive Arlington Ballpark Hot Dog. You are paying 26 dollars, because the hotdog is so big. It doesn’t have any famous Coney Island Mustard on it. I do wonder, how this big Texas hotdog would hold up against a famous Coney Island Hotdog? The fans of the Texas Rangers baseball team, do have the luxury of ordering Coney Island Mustard online and taking it to the ballpark with them. If any fans do try this, let me know how the Coney Island Mustard tastes on the new 26 dollar Ranger hot dog.

The Dog Hut

If any other ballpark vendors plan to start selling hotdogs that are 2 foot in length, they will need something bigger. The Dog Hut is famous for helping folks sell hot and fresh hotdogs to the public. I just don’t think the current model will be able to hold these monster 2 foot long hotdogs or the long buns either. If this does catch on, look for The Dog Hut to become a Dog Mansion! Even those who take their hotdog cooking serious and have a hotdog roller at home for cooking up hotdogs, will need some new hardware, if they want to cook super, huge hot dogs at home. Our standard hotdog pans in America, are not built to cook any hotdogs this large. A whole new line of cooking products will be needed, if this mega-Texas dog ever catches on, in other parts of the country.

Let’s also think about the famous hot dog recipes that exist out there already. Can these old hotdog recipes of yesterday, be updated now, so we could have a better tasting two foot long hotdog? All of the recipe books for hotdogs are being rewritten now as I speak, before the public gets their teeth into the first Texas Rangers Super-Sized Hot Dog! Who knows where the hot dog hysteria will end and how long it will last? A lot remains to be seen, but you can sure bet, that there won’t be too many Ranger baseball fans that are hungry!

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Memorial Day Weekend Cookout

A lot of happy workers are glad that Monday is Memorial Day and will be a day they can pay tribute to the soldiers that have kept our country safe. It’s also nice knowing that you don’t have to go into work Monday and will have a short 4 day work week upcoming. One of the most popular things to do during the Memorial Day weekend is to cook out on the grill. Many will be throwing the charcoal on or just dusting the cob webs off of the electric grill, so they can prepare some delicious food for this holiday weekend. Two of the most common things to cook this weekend on the grill will be hamburgers and hot dogs. Nothing wrong with this, because hamburgers and hotdogs are easy to prepare and taste great off the grill.

I hope you and your family have a safe and delicious Memorial Day weekend!

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