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New Gold Found in the Etowah River

Etowah River in Canton, Georgia

There is a long history of gold being found in my home state of Georgia. A lot of that history can be traced back on the Etowah River; which runs through several Georgia counties. One of those Counties is Cherokee County. There you will find the city of Canton, Georgia.

While there may not be a lot of public stories about gold being found in the Etowah River in Canton, it is certainly there. As of this month, there was some new gold that was found in this river, which runs right through the middle of Cherokee County in North Georgia. Its not enough gold that could fill up gold pans to the rim, but any new gold being found today is worthy of being documented. Due to the soaring prices of gold. Do you know what an ounce of gold is worth today? Many people out of the loop might make a guess around 700 or 800 dollars an ounce. While this would be a good guess, the value of gold is much more than this.

This is a live gold widget; which updates automatically to the rising gold prices. Another thing about gold; which everyone might not know about, is the fact that all gold is the same. Well there are different levels of the pureness of gold, but for the most part, gold is gold. The gold found in Canton, Georgia is the same as the California 49ers were finding during the California Gold Rush days and also the same gold the 33 trapped miners in Chile were searching for.

A new online friend of mine from Orlando, Florida was recently up in North Georgia searching for some of this new Georgia gold. He made the decision to take a historic route and a modern day one, so he could see which one worked the best. He began looking for gold in Duke’s Creek, located in White County, where it may have been the first place gold was ever discovered in Georgia. After that, he brought his gold pan down to the Etowah River in Canton and collected a few samples there. He believes he did find some gold dust in Canton and didn’t seem as happy with his trip to Duke’s Creek. However, how many gold prospectors are going to tell us about the big strike, if they did stumble across a big 1 ounce gold nugget? You just never know what might be out there. To know the full-truth sometimes, you just have to get out there and do the prospecting for yourself.

I would like to thank Dave from Orlando, who did share his gold prospecting adventure with me and for providing me the photo on this blog post; which shows a section of the Etowah River flowing through Canton, GA. If you plan to go on a gold prospecting adventure in North Georgia or in Canton, please be sure to let me know about it. If you have searched for gold in Canton or other nearby areas in recent years, I would like to hear these stories too. I want to start a gold family tree or a documented history of the new gold being looked for or found in this area. If your gold stories along the Etowah River help me to discover the main source for all of these smaller gold flakes, I will be sure to include you, in any big findings I discover personally. The gold is out there, it’s just a matter of time, before some lucky prospector puts their shovel on the right spot of dirt, in the hills of Canton, Georgia. And what a fine afternoon day that will be!

Author Chris Padgett (best way to contact me is by replying here)

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Homemade Sluice Boxes for Finding Gold

Having a sluice box for finding gold is a must for anyone that likes to go gold prospecting. There is only so much material you can work with a gold pan and once you find an area that has a few flakes of gold, you can work the area much better and faster with a gold sluice box. A brand new sluice box can cost $60 or more. So it may be a little costly to buy one right now, but you can make a cheap homemade sluice box for finding a little more gold.

Taking a piece of pipe like this (with no holes in it) is a great and simple way to make a homemade sluice box. My buddy that goes gold prospecting with me, made me and him one to use and it works pretty good. He took a piece of this pipe and cut it in half, like it shows in the picture. He took two small pieces of wood that was the same length as the pipe and nailed them to each side of the pipe. This provides support, so you can bring your pipe out of the water without it bending and causing you to lose material. The person in the picture above just took a small piece of wood that had a little width to it and screwed it to the very bottom of the pipe. Either way will work, but if you take two pieces of wood on the sides of the pipe, you won’t be creating any openings in the bottom of the pipe. This person in the picture will have to make sure there is no way for gold to escape from the bottom, by choosing to secure the wood at the bottom of the pipe.

We had already been finding a little gold before we had our homemade sluice box. We just wasn’t able to work through a lot of material, when we went gold panning. Now with our homemade sluice box, we can work a whole lot more material and we use less energy too. During these hot weather days, like we are having now, it is important to conserve energy and drink lots of fluid while gold panning. Even with a homemade sluice box, it still takes some work and energy to retrieve that gold; which has been hiding all these years from human eyes.

We are now finding more gold and a big reason why, is because of the homemade sluice box we have now added to our gold finding operations. If you have a friend or a gold finding buddy you can rely on to go gold panning with you, it does make things a lot easier. Two people can find more gold than doing it by yourself. I know you have to split the money two ways, from all the gold you do find, but it makes the gold finding job much more fun. I also think it helps gold prospectors to stay more motivated, if you have someone else you can count on to help you look for gold.

I believe we will buy a real sluice box one day. In the meantime, we will continue to get our homemade sluice box wet, so we can find those few extra flakes of gold. We are planning a trip today, to go looking for some more gold. I believe we are going to try a new area this time and see if we can get into some bigger gold pieces in the hills and mountains of North Georgia. All of the gold hasn’t been found and there is still plenty out there to find, for anyone that wants to get in the gold prospecting mood.

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