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Search for Beach Gold

I don’t really care where I find gold, just as long as I am looking places that have the possibility to contain gold. I know a lot of gold prospectors like to search for beach gold. You don’t find the big gold nuggets; while looking for beach gold, but the small gold dust can add up to big money.

I would like to try panning for some of this beach gold one day. I really don’t know of any beaches on the East Coast of the United States that is good for beach gold. I know there are places up in Alaska that have huge deposits of gold on the beaches there. Also, the state of Oregon is known for beach gold. I wouldn’t mind a trip to Oregon, where I could spend an entire day, just searching for this Oregon beach gold. I guess a sluice box would be the best way to go about looking for gold on the beaches. I would want a metal detector too, so I could look for other treasures that might be buried under the beach sands.

Have you ever tried to metal detect on a beach before? Did you find any modern or ancient treasures? I know the crowded beaches, where a lot of swimmers like to go for swimming, will often lose jewelry on these beaches. A modern day treasure hunter, can locate a lot of these jewelry items on the beaches. All it takes is a metal detector to get started. I don’t currently have a metal detector, but I am looking to buy one, before the spring of 2011. I plan to save all winter long, so I can have a metal detector for next year. I believe I will find one that is set for finding gold on the beaches or any other places I go looking for gold. взломать вай фай вот такую взломать icq

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