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All American Kitchen with German Faucet

You wouldn’t have to stay in our kitchen long to see it is an all American kitchen. You know one with a can opener on the counter, a microwave oven nearby, and a loaf of bread which can be found in plain sight. Something of that nature is what I call an all American kitchen. I think our faucet is even made in the U.S.A., but I could live with changing that to a German part in my kitchen. Especially one of those beautiful Fairfax Faucets, that have the one handle design. It is one of the Kohler kitchen faucets; who are known for beautiful, well-designed kitchen and bathroom faucets.

What do you think about my taste? Do you like the Fairfax style of faucet and would put it in your kitchen? It seems most kitchen faucets have the two handle design for hot and cold water. For those that have a tighter space or wanted to condense things a bit. You could probably achieve this by choosing a one handle style of faucet.

More than likely you probably already have a German-made faucet in your kitchen, bathroom, or both. The German Faucets have always been good sellers here and Americans seem to prefer them over any other faucet; regardless of what country makes them. We are taught here, that it is better to buy “made in the U.S.A.” products, but these faucet-building factories are located in the U.S. and many Americans do work at these places. So you won’t be hurting any American jobs, American workers, or even the American economy, if you decide to buy a German-made faucet for your bathroom or kitchen.

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