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The ClixGrid Game at ClixSense

It is a good feeling, to see the little golden trophy at Clix Grid. The Clixgrid game is located at Clixsense. This is one of the best online sites for making honest money or for advertising your products or services. For the advertisers, they can buy cheap advertising at Clixsense and take advantage of their huge membership numbers to take a look at it. There is also advertising available for the Clixgrid Game Board; which advertisers can buy at a low, one time monthly payment. So there is really two ways to advertise at Clixsense. For those seeking unique hits and quality visitors; will want to purchase an advertising package online here.

What is the most money you ever won online before? Over at Clixgrid, members can win 1 cent or as much as 5 dollars! The best way to play this game is by upgrading your membership level. For only $15, a user at Clixsense can buy a 1 year upgraded membership. This cheap upgrade allows members 50 clicks per day, if they take advantage of the Clixgrid Game, that pays out real cash money. Also, members that upgrade at Clixsense, will have a lot more daily ads to click. You will make your 15 dollars back with ease! It is very simple to earn a daily income, for those who will login daily at Clixsense. Members do have two ways to earn real cash money here. Clixsense pays their members through PayPal, Alert Pay, or will even send a check through the mail. Free members can earn too and request their payouts at the 10 dollar level every Monday. If Monday comes and your account is below 10 dollars, the money will roll over to the next pay period, which will come the following Monday. Payday is every Monday at Clixsense. For those who choose to upgrade their accounts, Cixsense will pay them weekly too, but they only need 8 dollars to request a cash out. It’s a great feeling, to know you only need 8 dollars in your Cixsense accounts, to get paid every Monday.

Remember, the advertisers have two choices or two unique ways to advertise at Clixsense. While Clix Sense members have two different ways to earn money, if they choose to click the ads and play the Clix Grid Game. Upgraded Clixsense members can also get credit, for 8 different levels. I love the money my referrals earn me each day at Clixsense. For those of you who can promote well online or you have had luck in the past with building up a downline. You will want to show your ClixSense referral page as often as possible, so you can earn the cash needed for payouts each Monday. Have fun with earning here and don’t forget about the low advertising rates at Clixsense. I do believe this is the best free money making program that is online today!

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