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Jobs For the Future

Our computers and the Internet continues to grow as most experts think we have just scratched the surface of this fast and growing field. The Net has broken down borders between countries and this makes the IT Jobs for the future, a very attractive field. The same goes for those hand-held devices that reach the World Wide Web too. The popularity of cell phones grow with all the new things that are being added to them. Any jobs involving high-tech gadgets, electronics, or involve working with computers have a bright future in this first part of the 21st century. It should be interesting to see if all the new 3-D technology in televisions and movies at the theater stay as popular as it is right now. Our best times appear to be in the future and technology will be leading the way.

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Women Using Less Technology at Sporting Events

It’s not too uncommon to go to any sports field or arena in America and seeing a woman actively using her cell phone or laptop computer. At one time, it seemed the majority of women cared more about their laptop; than the actual live sporting event they were attending.

Things are starting to change more now and women are actually watching what’s going on at a football, basketball, or baseball game. There are a lot of ladies who like their sports and will actively root all game long for their favorite sports team to win. One of the most famous sports fans in baseball, who is a woman, would have to be actress Alyssa Milano.

Just do an Internet search for “women baseball fans” and you will find a lot of links pointing toward the famous star of TV shows like Who’s the Boss and Charmed. Milano even has her own line of clothing for female baseball fans and she came up with this great idea; while having a hard time finding clothes that fit properly at the MLB games she was attending. I know Alyssa Milano is the biggest ladies fan for the L.A. Dodgers. She is a lot like another famous actress Penny Marshall (Laverne from the Laverne & Shirley television show) who is probably the biggest NBA fan for the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. These two ladies are showing the rest of the World it’s fine to be a woman and a big sports fan for a professional sports team.

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Cell Phone Blues

Some areas just don’t have a good cell phone reception. Probably due to a lack of cell phone towers in the area or something blocking the signal. You probably already know of at least 1 place that your cell phone cuts out every time. I think we all have these bad reception areas. A cell phone booster can help you connect in these poor signal spots. No need to have those cell phone blues; when a booster can get you up and talking again. The phone companies are trying to add more cell phone towers and work out these kinks, but it’s a slow process. I wouldn’t wait for them to get your signal working. A cell phone booster is something you could pick up today and find instant relief. The cell phone technology hasn’t quite caught up on getting the signals out; compared to the tech these new cell phones are being equipped with today.

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Cell Phones: Texting or Talking?

I think I am confused. I thought cell phones were used for talking and I don’t think I’m right. It seems a cell phone these days is like a keyboard and people use their fingers more than they move their lips.

Texting on Cell Phones


Cell Phone Talking

Personally I don’t care what cell phone users do with their phones.

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More Cell Phone Towers Needed

It seems we still don’t have enough cell towers out there to keep people from losing signals. This can be a big problem for those that drive and talk on their cell phones. If we had more cell phone towers, it would allow a better stream of communication. I have seen some companies willing to pay property owners for allowing them to put up a cell tower on their property. Anyone that owns a large chunk of land might want to consider getting a cell phone tower on their property. Getting paid money just to host one of these huge towers would make up for any eye soars that it causes. If we can get more cell towers put up; then we could stop losing signals so much on our cell phone conversations.

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