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Knicks and Celtics Loose Control Friday Night

Celtics Eddie House Holds Finger Gun To McGrady’s Head in Anger

Its that time of the year in the NBA. This is when teams are not quite where they want to be in the standings, players are tired, coaches are frustrated, and fewer fans are coming to the arenas. All of these things build up and create poor sportsmanship on the court. Parents shouldn’t feel safe letting their kids watch a team like the Boston Celtics for instance. I like to use the word “thug players” which describes a basketball player, who is not interested in playing basketball. The thug player is just someone out to cause trouble. We saw this in Kevin Garnett, when his Celtic team traveled to Phoenix to take on the Suns. Before the cheap shot KGtook on another Suns player, when he just hit him in the groin area for no reason, Garnett had already did things earlier in the game that wasn’t seen or called. Kevin Garnett has turned into a thug player recently and you can thank his Boston Celtic teammates for this.

Paul Pierce is the poster child for thug player in the NBA. This guy just comes to the court each day, so he can take cheap shots and physical attacks against his opponent. He has some of the worse sportsmanship I have seen in decades in the NBA. The guy should be behind bars some where in a jail or prison environment. He doesn’t deserve the money and luxuries that come from playing in the NBA.

Pierce’s teammate Kendrick Perkins is no better and has a lot of Paul Pierce’s bad qualities. Pierce and Perkins are both thug players and Perkins has been taking cheap shots for years in the NBA. He is another player who laces up the sneakers each night, so he can just cause hurt and pain to other players in the NBA. Kendrick Perkins and Paul Pierce will both probably be in jail one day, paying for their physical attacks on other human beings. When you have two players like this on your team, it’s bound to carry over to the other guys on the team. We see this in a insecure Kevin Garnett. He doesn’t have a lot of confidence about himself, so he takes lessons from Kendrick Perkins and Paul Pierce and wants to follow in their footsteps. He must feel if he can take these same cheap shots on the court like they do, then he can fit in. Become part of a group and have something he didn’t have while growing up. KG had a hard childhood and now needs help from others to survive in this world. Too bad he’s becoming a thug, just like his partners in crime on the Boston Celtics team.

Shawne Williams Takes Cheap Shot at Artest

In New York, we saw Shawne Williams of the Knicks played an entire game of thug basketball. This guy would not stop taking the cheap shots at the Atlanta Hawks team Friday night in Atlanta. He was constantly trying to start trouble the whole game. He took numerous cheap shots at numerous players. Two shots were directed at Marvin Williams, but Marvin wouldn’t stoop to his level. It was when Shawne Williams tried the 3rd cheap shot is when Marvin slapped his hand away, to say “this is enough, play basketball thug“, but Shawne Williams didn’t want to play ball. He just wanted to cause trouble and he accomplished his goal. After Marvin tried to teach him a lesson, the thug Shawne Williams came back in a bold stance against Marvin. This led to an altercation and both men got ejected. The NBA could care less about the Atlanta Hawks and didn’t hand out the right punishment. They actually suspended Marvin Williams for 2 games and Shawne Williams for only 1 game. If they would have watched the whole 2nd half of that game, they would have probably suspended Shawne for 5 to 10 games. In typical fashion, the NBA only focused on the incident and didn’t rewind the tape enough, to see what was really the problem at Philips Arena that night.

Kevin Garnett and Shawne Williams are two thugs playing in the NBA right now and neither athlete should be allowed to play in the next dozen games. The NBA had a chance to stand up and take action against these two thugs. KG did get ejected from the game, when he took a deliberate and non basketball shot at the Suns Channing Frye, but the League Officials took favortism into account with the Big Ticket Kevin Garnett. KG had the worse single action from the two NBA fights in Phoenix and Atlanta, yet he gets to play in his next game. Shawne Williams spent a large amount of time in Atlanta delievering cheap blows the whole game and will only sit out 1 game. While Marvin Williams took the abuse two times from Shawne Williams and didn’t do a thing. The NBA is not rewarding Marvin Williams for him turning the other cheek. They are only holding him responsible for his action after the 3rd cheap shot was delievered in his direction, by this same NBA thug who plays for the New York Knicks. The two game suspension against Marvin Williams and the 0 games against KG is exactly why the NBA has repeat champions. They continue to show favoritism and do not judge things individually as they should.

I’m not sure what the Suns team plans to do with Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics, but the Atlanta Hawks will take care of their own. Shawne Williams return to Philips Arena in Atlanta will be a welcome sight. We will serve justice up right in the ATL and you can bet on that! Come on back to Hotlanta Mr. Shawne Williams, we eagerly await your return. We can show you up close and personal what we do to thugs down here. Shawne Williams time is coming, to be continued…

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Country’s Top Basketball Player Going to Duke

The son of former NBA player and current head coach of the Boston Celtics Glen “Doc” Rivers, has made his basketball decision. Most high school ranking systems, including has Doc’s son listed as the top basketball player in the country, for the 2011 class. His name is Austin Rivers and he does have  a lot of talent. I watched him down in Florida play a game last year on television and he did live up to the hype. The thing I though was so impressive about this young man, is his ability to knock down the long range jumpers consistently. You don’t see many high school kids hitting jumpers consistently like they do in the NCAA and NBA, but Austin’s jumper does have that smooth and consistent stroke. His long range ability is already NBA ready, so he should have no problem with the college 3 point-line.

Now that Austin Rivers has committed to going to Duke next year, this suddenly puts them as 1 of the top 3 teams in next year’s incoming class for freshmen. The ACC is one of the hardest college divisions in basketball. Duke has a couple of seniors that will graduate from their program at the end of this year and then 2 more talented Blue Devil players are expected to make the jump to the NBA. If this all develops like the experts think it will, then Mr. Rivers might just be the center piece for Duke’s attack next year in the Atlantic Coastal Conference division in NCAA college basketball.

I guess all that is left now is for Austin to have a nickname, since his game already speaks so loudly. Please help Doc Rivers son come up with a nickname, where college basketball fans everywhere can identify with him. We need to put a stop now to the Doc Rivers son tag that is currently on his name. This kid can play and I mean really play. I’m already seeing him like a Reggie Miller, Larry Bird, or Kevin Durant stroke. And no it isn’t fair to compare him with these 2 NBA legends and 1 current superstar in the league now, but there are just certain players who have that “it” factor and Austin Rivers has all of “IT” and then some! So let’s put our heads together and give this guy a nickname for his own B-Ball skill and not having skills of a former NBA player and the current coach of the Boston Celtics NBA team.

Nickname Choices for Austin Rivers:

Austin Powers?

Allen Iverson was known as “A.I.” Maybe “A.R.”? Or is that Arkansas abbreviation talk?

His Dad used Doc as a nickname. Since this is Doc Junior we could do “DJ” (for Doc Junior) or even R2 D2? The D2 standing for the Doc 2.  Or since he will be a Blue Devil at Duke, how about D-Blue D2 (Duke Blue and Doc 2?).

Now the kid does have a great long range shot. A nickname with Austin City Limits would work real nice for this young man, who can shoot 3’s all day long from the 3 point stripe. “Austin 3 Point Limits” ???

Well that is my best shot with the nickname department. Please give me a hand and let me know some of your nickname creations for Austin Rivers. I know you Duke Blue Devil fans are smart, so I look forward to seeing what you guys can come up with for your new superstar basketball player that will be arriving in the 2011 / 2012 season. Duke basketball will be better than ever now! Remember where you heard it first.

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