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TV Doctor Lisa Masterson Becomes a Book Author

She is smart, beautiful, rich, and has the great sense of humor too. And oh yeah, she is a single Mom too, for all of you fellers to think about. I don’t know your chances for getting a date with Doctor Lisa Masterson, but you can pick up her new book online. If you have seen this lady doctor before, but just can’t remember where, let me see if I can help. Lisa Masterson is the only female doctor on the weekday morning show called The Drs. She sits between Dr. Travis Stork and Jim Sears on the television show; which is made up of 4 real life doctors. Doctor Drew Ordon is a famous southern California plastic surgeon, who is the fourth doc on the panel of TV doctors.

Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir

While Doctor Lisa is not in her real life Californian doctor’s office or playing a doctor on TV, she has been putting a book together. Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir has just came out in April of 2011 and its not a medical book, like some of the other doctors on the show have been publishing lately. This book is about Lisa Masterson and her life’s story; while growing up in poverty or someone who didn’t have much as a little girl. Her strong desire to learn and make her self better in this world has paid off. This new book describes that amazing life journey. See how a kid without very much in life, is now taking America by storm and is another face for women doctors. She is also a face for all gynecologists around the Country and really the World. She takes care of pregnant women and this has been her calling in life. The TV Show and now this new book is really just more cherries on top of the cake. Her graduation from medical school and opening up a business to serve patients; while she is the doctor treating them, is really her “cake” in life.

Who knows what will happen with President Barack Obama’s push for medical reform in America. As he tries hard to get his health care package into the books, we can all still get free medical advice from our TV sets. The Doctors is a really great television show, which helps the sick, the over weight, and everyone to stay in shape and begin living a healthier life. In the center of all of this great medical knowledge, we get to see Dr. Masterson doing something she loves to do. The Doctors do wake up very early to put on these television medical shows, but each and every one of them so far, has been really educational. I hear a lot of good things about the Doctors on television and I expect this trend to continue for some time now. Be sure to tune in each weekday morning Monday through Friday and watch Dr. Masterson and her other 3 medical professionals, as they try to treat America and get us on the healthy side of life.

The Drs on Daytime Television


**For those who watch The Drs on television, I would like to find out how often you and your family watch the show. Please reply back with the answer that best fits your family’s TV viewing habits; when it comes to watching The Doctors on TV. On average, how often have you watched the medical television show called The Drs?

A. Once a Week

B. Twice a Week

C. I Watch More Shows Than I Miss

D. 1 or 2 Times a Month

E. Only Watched a Few Times Ever

Thanks for taking the time to read through this blog post and I hope you can answer this question at the end, about one of America’s top rated medical shows on television today. Please don’t forget about Dr. Lisa Masterson’s new book and be sure to leave your book reviews here, when you get finish reading it.

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Money from Amazon and the Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon can be a great way to begin a marketing career online. Or just a way to get a few extra dollars each month.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is like Wal Mart. You know how Wal-Mart carries just a little bit of everything? Well that is how Amazon works, but they are online. Amazon is the online version of Walmart. When you become a member of Amazon, you are free to promote a number of different products. No matter what you think sales good online, you have the freedom to promote it. You display the Amazon pages online with your special Amazon affiliate code and then you will receive credit, once a user goes through your link to buy something. Even if they don’t buy the product on the page you showed them, you will still get credit.

For instance, I know gold prices are up right now. So I think gold mining supplies would be a hot seller. I can display a number of different products related to gold from I am trying to lure gold prospectors and people who want to start panning for gold, to my affiliate pages with gold equipment from Amazon. If these folks buy a gold sluice box, a gold panning kit, or a device to separate the black sands from the fine flower gold, I will get credit. A visitor might not even buy any gold prospecting equipment, they could just buy a book with gold treasures and I would still receive an Amazon commission!

Now if someone visited my Amazon page with a gold pick hammer, but decided they wanted a different type of hammer, I would still get credit. Once they arrive to Amazon, via my special Amazon code, then they are tracked. They could visit a number of different pages and search for lots of other things; which weren’t related to gold supplies at all and I would still get credit. Isn’t that cool?

No matter what your traffic buys, you will still get credit! Your job and my job is to get people to visit the popular Amazon website. This is what separates the big boys from the bigger boys. A creative marketer can put together a game plan and will execute that game plan, so it will benefit them. They can come up with all sorts of new and genius ways of getting new visitors to come to a Amazon products page; which will have their special affiliate code hidden in the URL.

Amazon isn’t the only way to make money online. There are a variety of other money making programs online and I encourage you to try them too. I just think everyone should be a member of the Amazon affiliate program, so they have the ability to market or promote any product they want online. You don’t have to market your Amazon pages daily. Just do it when you feel like it. Take certain weekends each year, where you try to be aggressive. Or if you’re bored one day, you can issue a personal challenge to yourself, and try to stay online, until you sell at least one thing from Amazon. You can login daily to the Amazon Associates Program and check to see if you have sold any items. This page updates about every 24 hours. So selling an item right now, would probably take about 24 hours to show up.

I’m ready to join the Amazon affiliate program. Now what?

Okay, this is good news that you will give it a try. Just remember, this is free to do and you have nothing to lose. So have fun with it and you might just make some serious cash from this online affiliate program! It’s real simple to join the Amazon Associates Program; which is the same thing as the Amazon Affiliate Program. Just follow the steps below very carefully and you should have no problems becoming a member.

Step 1: Go to the Amazon website by clicking this link

Step 2: Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page

Step 3: Look for “Join Associates” in the middle column of links

Step 4: Click “Join Associates” and this will take you to the Amazon affiliate sign up page

Step 5: After you join, read how to build links, banners, text ads, etc… with your special code

That’s it! If you need any helps with the Amazon affiliate program, I will be happy to assist you. You will make your most money, by getting people to the Amazon pages and having them to buy something. As an extra bonus, you can invite some of your friends, co-workers, relatives, or neighbors to join through your Amazon referral page and you will receive a small portion of their earnings. You will make much more for the sales you personally bring in, but if you can get 2 or 3 people as sellers under you, this little money can add up to big money. So there is more than one way to earn with the Amazon Associates program.

Have fun and enjoy this new adventure you are about to take!

*If you are a big time marketer online and know you will make money with the Amazon affiliate program. Please feel free to join under me and I will offer you special assistance with your promotions and also even share my cash earnings with you. I will be sure you make more than the typical online marketers who have had success with the Amazon Associates program.

**New to affiliate programs and marketing online? I am always teaching daily and I would be more than happy to help you get started in the right way with the Amazon affilaite program. Just contact me directly and I will give you special assistance with your online promotions. I will want to teach you all of my secrets, so I can benefit from your success at Amazon. I can and will help you make money for the first time online, if you have never made the first cent before. I can’t think of another program that is better; than to start with Amazon as your first online job. Thanks and good luck!

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Biggest Online Affiliate Program

I would have to guess that Amazon has the biggest affiliate program online. You have the option to promote the cheap MP3 downloads for just about any song in the world or you could promote books from Amazon, if you joined their free affiliate program. Online shopping is gaining in popularity and Amazon is the king store online. They have just about everything at Amazon. Shopping for back to school supplies or just a pack of ink pens and you will find it at Amazon. They never run out of products for you to advertise online. You can create special referral links to any Amazon page, once you sign up for the free Amazon affiliate program. Lots of ways to earn money online and everyone should be using Amazon to help make some of that money.

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