Why Use Traffic Exchanges To Market with Online?

Most folks get excited, when they see their first traffic exchange. They get real happy and begin to dream about all the new referrals they can get from a TE online. Then after a few weeks and not having many new refs, join any of their money-making programs, they begin to have their doubts about the traffic exchange industry.

First off, we do have to understand the traffic exchanges. Most of them are free. It is a place that you can use online, in which hundreds or thousands of people can see your websites and you don’t have to spend the first penny. You do have to spend your time surfing, so you can earn credits, for picking up these free views online. Also, most of the members on a traffic exchange, are there for the same reason you are. They want new members for their downlines too. They don’t want to spend money or invest anything into their advertising budget. If we can build our downlines for free, then every cent we earn online, is 100% profit. If you choose to market by this model, you will need to have lots of free time. You will need to join about 50 or more traffic places online, so you can cover a lot of space online. You have to set time aside for surfing each day too. Really it’s best if you treat it like a job and surf from 9AM to 5PM each and every day. Taking weekends off is not a good idea either, since most folks sign up for new programs on the weekends. Advertising our sites on Saturday and Sunday is really important. We must find a way to be online and showing our referral pages on these 2 days of the week.

Traffic exchanges is something all marketers need online. It is a cheap way to get traffic and visitors to our sites. Picking up a new referral here and there is really the cherry on top and not the “norm”. Most marketers don’t understand this or have a negative view, when it comes to free traffic exchanges online. You shouldn’t expect much, when most TE users are there, for the same exact reasons you are. They want you to join their programs and they want you to help them earn money online. Instead of spending all your profits online, it is wise to invest them back-in and buy some quality ads online. Buy advertising in places where there is a lot of traffic. Seek out places where your ads can stay up a long time and for a really low price. Hiring bloggers to help you advertise is always a great way to get long, lasting ads on the Internet. For instance, if you hire me to write a blog post for you. I would leave the post up forever. It would never expire and you would have the chance to get a lot of new referrals from an advertisement on my blog. I’m always willing to help new marketers get started. I have about 9 blogs right now and my reach is a little longer, than most other bloggers have. As for the traffic exchanges out there. I do believe you need to use them, but don’t expect miracles from a few hits from a free traffic exchange. Making money online is not easy and it is a lot like a real job online. In fact, if you work it, like a real job, then you will have a lot better success and feel better about your online status. Good luck and think about making a wise advertising investment and see if this works better than the free advertising, in which the traffic exchange industry provides. каким бензином заправлять солярис


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Gold Camping Trips – Coming Soon to North Georgia

I plan to go camping some this summer. Eventually I would like to start my own camping tours company in North Georgia. My favorite two things to do while camping is fishing and prospecting for gold. I think it would be fun to teach new hikers and campers some of my own camping tips and tricks. I would love to lead a group of campers into the wilderness with only their Osprey Backpacks and the clothes on their backs, as the only items they could bring. If you couldn’t stuff it into a stylish backpack; then you could not bring it. My camping trips would be a little rugged and I would try to toughen up my group a little.

After we hiked for 3 to 5 miles into the middle of no where, I would like to show them the different things Mother Nature has to offer us. Like the plants we could eat and the ones to stay away from (like poison oak and poison ivy). There would have to be water nearby. We would need fresh water for drinking. We all know we can live weeks without food, but 2 or 3 days without water, we are in serious danger.

I would also like to teach the campers how to pan for gold in these North Georgia mountain streams, creeks, and rivers. There is a lot of natural gold, which makes its way into the Georgia waterways every year. Each member of my camping team would be able to keep all the gold they found. If any person didn’t find any gold on his or her own; then I would be sure to have some extra samples available for handing out.

Right now, my state of Georgia doesn’t have anything like this. I think it would be a big hit with the residents of Georgia. I even believe some nature lovers would travel from neighboring states, so they could go on one of my gold-finding camping trips. Each trip would contain a little about nature and a whole lot of information about gold. Like where to find it, how to prospect it, and teach everyone just how valuable an ounce of gold is today. I’m not sure how long it will take me to get this camping tours company up and running, but I know it will be in the near future sometime!

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Alpha T1 – Testosterone Booster – A Natural Testosterone Supplement – A Metabolism Booster That Burns Fat

Alpha T1 - Testosterone Booster - A Natural Testosterone Supplement - A Metabolism Booster That Burns Fat
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Considered the safest and most effective testosterone booster on the market, Alpha T-1 is World’s First Supplements proven to boost your muscle building power! Fortified with 8 clinically-proven muscle building and testosterone boosting ingredients, Alpha T-1 features experimental muscle building compounds to help your body reach unbelievable heights!

Alpha T-1 amplifies your testosterone levels with all-natural ingredients to help you gain muscle like no other testosterone boosters. Alpha T-1 has been strategically formulated with a synergistic blend that AMPS up your testosterone levels and increases muscle building safely and successfully. When you’re looking for serious results, you….

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Comfortable Footwear at Work

Don’t you just hate going to work, when you don’t feel good? An upset stomach or a cold that just won’t go away, can make an ordinary work day last forever. We have no choice, we must work so we can pay our bills. Even though our lives are not luxurious, we still have to work everyday to maintain what we do have and own. The only thing I can think of now (off the top of my head) that is worse than working while sick, is when we work in pain and it could have been avoided. Like for instance, that sprained ankle from the Sunday afternoon flag football game or a jammed finger during a one-on-one game of driveway basketball. Sometimes we start with a small pain and the more we work, the worse it gets. Like having a pair of shoes, that doesn’t fit right or is rubbing on a foot blister.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, then let me fill you in. Life is hard and not always fair. Some things we don’t have control over. In those cases, we must learn to accept or tolerate the conditions. However, when it comes to my feet, they must feel comfy and pain-free. I don’t like my feet cold, wet, or aching. To avoid these things, I plan ahead and you should too.

We all walk a lot and especially at work. The construction worker needs a comfortable fitting pair of steel-toe boots. New Balance is a great brand of shoes, for those who work in factories. You know those long walks across the plant and stepping on those solid, concrete floors; which don’t give.  If I was a nurse, then please give me the most comfortable pair of nursing shoes they make. Not a lot of small hospitals around these days, so a hospital worker is going to do a lot of walking. The point I am trying to make here, is to take care of your feet and they will take care of you. We ask a lot from them, since we haven’t taken off that extra 20 pounds we have gained since our high school days. If your going to walk around being over-weight, then please find the proper footwear to put on each day. I hope its a long, long time, until your next sick day at work. I really hope, you wear the right shoes to work, so your feet are never a problem, while you perform your daily duties.

Продвижение сайтов от профессионалов: оптимизация и раскрутка сайта в поисковых системах по Москве и России раскрутка сайта кировоград этого Продвижение сайта в поисковых системах Продвижение сайта в поисковых системах &ndash, это новые клиенты и возможность расширить бизнес. Продвижение сайтов, на первый взгляд, кажется простым, но на практике это получается далеко не у всех

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Dawning the Riches After a Lottery Win

It is one of the most played fantasy games in America these days, but most don’t even think of it as a game. What fantasy game am I talking about? I’m talking about the game, where you dream you have won the lottery for millions and millions of dollars and now you get to go out and spend it. What is the first thing you would buy? What do you need most? Is your bills currently worrying you? Well, if you won the lottery, you wouldn’t have to worry about bills for long time (maybe never?). I am someone who plays this game a lot. I have spent so much time, dreaming about the lottery, it feels like I really will win it one day.

I want bore you and talk about all the cars and nice houses I would buy. Even though, I was just online yesterday and was looking at beach homes in Florida for a half a million dollars. I realize most of the things we say we would buy or spend our money on, would probably never happen or at least in the order we think it would. You don’t have to win the lottery to dawn a few nice pieces of jewelry or a nice tag heuer carrera watch. Luxury watches are something we could all buy, if we saved a little money here and there. Most of us would just feel better, if we bought a nice luxury watch, with the winnings from a lottery and not our money from that 40 hour a week job. The full time job would have to go, but we all need something to do. You would have to create another business or something out there, to spend your time at each day. Laying around in your mansion or in a hammock by the pool every day, would get old. It might take awhile, but trust me, it would get boring at some point.

I was just curious about others out there and wondered how you would spend your lottery winnings? Let’s say you won 100 million dollars or after taxes, you got to keep 100 million bucks tax-free. It would be hard to mismanage that much money, so going wild would be okay for most people. I’m just curious if you would spend more time, in the first year of winning the lottery, on buying exotic items, dream mansions, and long distance vacations; or would you put more time thinking of a business plan, where you could work on growing your money? Is having a job and a reason to wake up each day, important for you? Or does winning a bunch of money over shadow that dream and shopping would be the main habit, in that first year? Please be sure to reply back and let me know how the lottery would change your life? How would you spend the money in that first year?

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Thank You Brooklyn Nets

Too bad the National Media hasn’t done more to cover the Atlanta Hawks over the years. Too bad the Northeastern Sports Frontier, led by ESPN, didn’t take more time to film, watch, and understand the basketball in the ATL. Why? Because if you would have, you would have learned some very valuable lessons, which concern the Nets new basketball player Joe Johnson.

Oh my, where do I begin? Joe has so many flaws, so its hard to pick the worse of the worse. Perhaps it is his passing ability. He takes the ball, tries to go one on one, and if the defender holds him up or a double team comes, then Joe just slangs the ball to a teammate. He doesn’t really work on his aim. He doesn’t have a natural touch for passing the rock around. You will see this in Brooklyn, when the Nets hit the hardwood for the first time. Just a simple pass back to the point guard, can often go 10 feet over his head and right into Gucci Row with Jay Z and the Boys.

Joe doesn’t shoot that well. He likes to take tough shots. Can actually shoot the tough shots better than the wide open ones. Will often drift away from the rim, so he can do his famous catch and shoot routine, but he’s 32 foot from the basket when he lets it fly. OH, it will go in once or twice and really this is the bad news, cause once he sees one 32 foot jumper swish the net, he’s ready for more!

Folks, to put it simple and as nice as I can, Joe Johnson just can’t play ball. I have no idea why the Atlanta Hawks signed him for that big contract. I guess they saw no big stars out and once Lebron James had flew down to Miami and the rest of the free agents found new homes, Joe was the only one left, which the brass in Atlanta thought was worthy of big money.

You guys really don’t know what you got yet. Trust me! The Atlanta Hawks became a better team, once Joe Johnson left. He wasn’t the best Hawks player on the team. I realize a lot of brain-washing has been going on out there, but let me set the record straight. Joe Johnson was the 8th or maybe even the 9th best player on the Atlanta Hawks last year. Oh sure, he has nice numbers. Who wouldn’t have his numbers over the last few years, with all the minutes he got and had every guy on offense taught to throw the ball to Joe. Charles Barkley and others have said “you can’t win an NBA Championship with Joe Johnson as your best player“. The problem Chuck and the rest of the NBA Nation had, was the little known fact, that Joe wasn’t the best Hawk’s player! He wasn’t in the top 5. He didn’t deserve to start for the Atlanta Hawks, but due to that big contract, he had to play.

Now will the Brooklyn Nets let Joe Johnson play 35 and 40 minutes a game? Will they bench him for poor play? They better figure this stuff out quick, because I’m telling you right now, the fans in Brooklyn will not like the Joe Johnson game. The guy just can’t play ball. His ball IQ is very low for an NBA player. His slow thought process in the brain, doesn’t register quick enough on the floor. The worse decision maker on the Hawks basketball team for a lot of years and now Brooklyn gets to have him. I would have gave a first and second round pick, with Joe, if the Nets would have taken him out of my sight. Because the Hawks became instantly better, once they got rid of number 2 in Atlanta. The fact, they gave us a number 1 draft pick and other goodies, is just more proof the Country doesn’t know anything about the ball being played in the ATL.

Don’t worry Net fans, it won’t last forever. It’s only 3 years and maybe you guys can sucker someone and they will take this guy off of your hands? Who knows, but you will get a big laugh out of his post-game interviews. Like I said earlier, Joe isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and his comments will prove that. He calls all women “man” and he also feels like, if he works hard during a basketball game, then he should reward his self with the final shot or a big shot at the end of the game.

End of the game troubles, be sure to not give it to J.J. on the last play of quarters or the game. Most NBA players can at least get off a shot, during these crunch times or before the clock expires, right? Well, not the case with Joe’s B-Ball talent. He has trouble just putting the shot up, before the buzzer goes off. He will fumble the ball, dribble it off his foot, or simply lose the handle and give it to the man standing right in front of him. You could make a series of highlight tapes, with his bloopers and mistakes at the end of quarters and sometimes the game. It would really be funny to watch.

If you’re someone that thinks you have seen it all, then watch Joe Johnson. If you have seen every play on a basketball court, then watch Joe Johnson. When you take for granted the simple things, that NBA players do nightly, then you MUST watch Joe Johnson!

I’m telling ya now Brooklyn fans, the Joe Johnson game is much more for laughs, than a serious baller, trying to win games nightly in the NBA. You guys will see soon enough, when the headlines start to read things like:

“Joe Johnson Struggles in Nets Debut”

“Johnson’s Late Turnover Costs Nets”

“Joe Johnson’s Bad Streak Snapped with 31 Points Over the Raptors”

“Brooklyn Fans Boo Johnson’s Play”

“Nets Shooting Guard Not Mixing Well with Point Guard Williams”

“Williams Upset at Joe Johnson’s Attitude”

Joe Johnson isn’t a guy that will get his shirt untucked, while out there playing. He would have been better off, to find a situation like Ray Allen has with the Miami Heat. Allen can go down to South Beach and take it easy and only has to do well at certain times for the Heat. He doesn’t have to put the team on his back and if he has a poor night, the Heat can still win by double digits. Joe has been enjoying all of his new riches and he doesn’t break a sweat anymore. His will to play the game or go after the ball just isn’t there. He wants to come in and take it easy. He’s not in any mood to take the Nets Team and put them on his back and carry them for 48 minutes. He is a very over rated player and for everything great he will do for that Net’s basketball team. He will match it, with some bad things he will bring on the court or to the team.

I’m laughing to see these predictions, which have the Nets placing 3rd in the East? Some say Miami first, Boston in second, and then the Nets and Bulls will fight for those 3rd and 4th place positions. The Atlanta Hawks are ten times better than the New Jersey Nets. I don’t even have the Nets making the playoffs, if Joe Johnson stays healthy and plays in 60 games or more.

Even if Dwight Howard lands up there in Brooklyn, this team is very stoppable. Allow the guards to beat their self. The ball goes inside to Howard, just foul him. He can’t make enough free throws to carry the Nets and Joe Johnson will be taking time away from some other Nets player who would give more effort and production. Question still remains, will the Nets play Joe if he struggles? Or does he get to play, because he makes the most money on the team?

Brooklyn Nets NOT a playoff team with Joe Johnson there. The Atlanta Hawks will win more games than the Nets!

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My Motorcycle Diary

One day down the road, I would like to have a motorcycle diary. A book about all of my travels and driving across this great country. Nothing like a nice bike on a Sunday afternoon and taking a ride on the back roads of America. I don’t own a bike currently. My financial situation is not that great, so I will probably be looking to buy a used motorcycle. I know when you buy used, you have to do a lot of work and touch up jobs, as opposed to buying a new bike. No place around my hometown to buy new parts for a motorcycle. I could go online and search for for motorcycle parts and get my new motorcycle parts that way. Because you don’t want to over pay and need a place that has a huge inventory of bike parts online.

Do you own a motorcycle? Would you like to ride the open roads of your hometown state, with the wind blowing through your hair? Well not many bikers have that feeling anymore, since helmets are required in most U.S. States now. I don’t mind wearing the motorcycle helmets, since I am a newbie on a motorcycle. I’m sure I will have my share of wrecks and turning the bike over. I’m not one to drive like a maniac. I will drive careful and follow the speed limit laws. I don’t really want a bike for the highway and everyday trips. I just want one for the weekends. Taking a nice bike ride into the mountains of North Georgia, sounds like a fun time to me. What about you? Do you like a bike for the weekends only? Or would you prefer to drive your motorcycle on every trip you had to make? Please let me know and I will continue to dream about having a motorcycle diary one day.

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Official Lottery Page for the Google Surf Team @ Traffic Era


15 – 17 – 35 – 44 – 64 MegaBall – 03

*Up above numbers are for Feb. 21st & 25th drawings

Good Luck Google Surfers!!!


Friday September 21st / Tuesday September 25th Numbers Are:

05 – 33 – 36 – 46 – 49 MegaBall – 27


*** Friday August 24th / Tuesday August 28th / Friday August 31st / Tuesday September 4th

02 – 20 – 23 – 38 – 52 MegaBall – 27


*** Friday August 17th / Tuesday August 21st

03 – 04 – 09 – 29 – 38 MegaBall – 27


*** Friday August 10th /Tuesday August 14th ***

11 – 16 – 24 – 34 – 42 MegaBall – 27


*** Friday July 20th /Tuesday July 24th ***

11 – 33 – 48 – 49 – 56 MegaBall – 27


***Friday the 13th July / July 17th Tuesday

02 – 16 – 32 – 38 – 40 MegaBall – 27



18-26-33-38-45 MB – 39

06-23-39-42-49 MB – 03

04-08-12-34-44 MB – 21

15-19-25-34-54 MB – 13

17-24-31-45-55 MB – 08

29-34-38-46-56 MB – 21

05-09-14-32-33 MB – 45

02-14-19-36-53 MB – 11

03-29-52-53-54 MB – 06

03-23-35-40-48 MB – 45


Good Luck Google Surf Team :)))


***July 6th / July 10th – Lottery Numbers

05 – 14 – 22 – 23 – 28 MegaBall – 27


***June 29th / July 3rd – Lottery Numbers

01 – 09 – 21 – 41  – 46 MegaBall – 27


***June 22nd / June 26th – Lottery Numbers

9 – 26 – 41 – 45  – 46 MegaBall – 27


***June 15th / June 19th – Lottery Numbers

20 – 27 – 31 – 49 – 52 MegaBall – 27


***June 8th / June 12th – Lottery Numbers

6 – 17 – 18 – 37 – 42 MegaBall – 27


03 – 12 – 14 – 24 – 37 MegaBall – 27

Do you like to play the lottery? Do you like to make free money online? If so, then you found the right place! Our surfing team online is called Google Ranked Us. We are a group of 25 dedicated surfers, who come online each day and surf at the traffic exchange Traffic Era. This is a free TE to join and you can surf and earn credits for your promotional efforts online. If you have an affiliate program or just something that needs new referrals; then joining our online surfing team could give your work-at-home business a big push forward.

Our Google Team understands that making money online is not easy. It’s just like having a real job, but luckily stay-at-home moms or retired folks who need a little extra money for bills and the family, can make that money online. You probably already have a program to promote, you just need to join us, and promote it in a way like you never done before. Our team is full of great advice. You will learn the top places online to show your affiliate links or those money-making websites you hope to earn from. The team is also good about sharing the different ways they earn free money online. When you get 25 active marketers together online, its amazing at all the knowledge and information one can pick up, just by listening and reading our team chat while surfing at Trafficera.

As a fun thing on the side and one that could be the most profitable money maker yet, is our lottery game we play 2 nights a week. I live in Georgia and I can purchase the Mega – Millions Lottery tickets in my state. For this lottery game, you select 5 numbers (1 – 59) and 1 MegaBall Number. If we get lucky and match them all up, we could all be getting a really big chunk of cash from the lottery! Members of the Google Team pay nothing for this lottery fun. This is an activity I do on my own and will split it with the team, if we do win or get a big chunk of cash. Due to taxes, it would not be an equal split, but you would still get a lot of money and doing nothing for it! So you just do what you been doing, but just do it with us at Traffic Era for your online promotions.

If you feel up to the daily challenge; then please sign up for free at Traffic Era now and send a join request to the Google Ranked Us team. You can find our name in the top 20 on the teams page. If you have any further questions about marketing online, surf teams, the Traffic Era TE, or this lottery game; then please contact: dishtv21 @ the Traffic Era traffic exchange or simply just reply to this blog post and I will answer your question from here.

Time’s a wasting! Quit reading this blog post and let’s get to surfing, so we can earn free advertising credits, so we can promote our favorite sites and begin earning some real cash online! Good luck and thanks for reading this information about our super surfing team online!

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Here is a few online programs you can start earning money from today. If you have not found any good programs yet or your new and want to start earning some real cash online; then try some of these sites below. Most of them are very easy to do and self-explanatory for the most part. Most folks will be able to understand how to earn from these programs. No hardcore computer skills needed. I know nothing about computers and if I can make money online, then I know anyone can. These are all easy programs. Just join for free and learn how to earn. Once you done that, be sure to copy your referral link, so you can begin building your downlines. Building a solid base of referrals beneath you, is the main trick to most online programs, in which people are trying to make money.

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Feel free to try any of these free online programs for making money. I have earned and been paid multiple times with each one of these honest and reliable programs. If you want more programs or need new sites to advertise at; then please join our surfing team Google Ranked Us @ Traffic Era.

***Important – If all 25 spots are filled on our team; then still send your join request in. We always have extra room and can find a place to put ya. All members who ask to join are usually placed on the team within 24 hours and no longer than 72 hours.









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Best Sounding Keyboards with All the Bells and Whistles

Is there really a better keyboard than the guys from Casio make? I always thought the most features, the most functions, and the most buttons, is on the Casio Keyboards. I have seen a few other keyboards that are sharp out there, but the Casio ones seem to always edge them out. I would really like to hear the opinion of a real keyboard player. By any chance is there a real keyboard player out there? If so, please give me a list of the top 2 or 3 keyboards in your opinion. I don’t know how to play one, in the “correct sense“. I just like to make a lot of noise and try to find my own funky and unique beat. The more knobs, buttons, and lights a keyboard has with it, the more I usually like it. If you close your eyes, the next time your playing keyboards at the music store, you can easily tell them apart. All keyboards may label stickers alike on their key boards, but each company has their own distinctive sound.

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What is the Orange Sauce called in Japanese Restaurants?

Orange Sauce with Hibachi Dinner

Have you ever been to a Japanese Restaurant before? If so, then you already know the great food and sauces they serve up. If not, then you really should try a couple of different places and find one that you like. The Japanese food is so much better than Chinese food. Just something simple, like fried rice, tastes like a million bucks, when the Japanese do it, as opposed to the Chinese.

If you don’t like to eat sushi, there is other choices to eat. Just order a hibachi dinner with steak, chicken, shrimp, or combo a couple of these things. I usually eat the steak with fried rice. This meal will come with a regular sirloin steak, mixed vegetables, rice (steamed or fried), soup, and a salad for starters. Most places will give the consumer all of this, but I always tell them to keep the soup and salad. I do like to eat salads, but they are usually just a plain salad with only a couple of choices of salad dressing.

Steak Hibachi Dinner

For those who have a few extra dollars, you can order the filet Mignon, to get a better cut of steak with your hibachi dinner. I like the filet Mignon better, but not 2 dollars better. I will save the 2 bucks, to get the sirloin steak, as to pay more and get the better cut of beef. The chicken is really good too, but I always choose the steak over it. It is nice when I have a little extra money and I can add some shrimp to my steak hibachi dinner.

What is that great tasting orange sauce called? I always wondered this, but never could understand what the servers were saying. It always sounded like “yum yum” sauce, when I asked what the orange sauce was called. I finally have figured out the answer and guess what? The great-tasting orange sauce, which is served with hibachi dinners, is indeed called Yum Yum sauce. You can buy the Yum Yum Sauce in your local grocery store. You can also search online for Yum Yum Sauce Recipes and make your own homemade yum yum sauce. So if you didn’t know the name of the sauce with hibachi dinners at Japanese restaurants, it is called yum yum sauce. No joke and your server is not just trying to be funny, because you know some of those that come out to cook your food, can be very funny at times, as they entertain us with their cooking skills. Their skills, the quality of the food, and the yumyum sauce is the only things you need to know, for you to try a good Japanese restaurant sometime! Please come back here and let me know what you thought? как избежать дтп


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Avoiding Those Bathroom Strains and Falls

You may have the wrong image in your mind, when I say “bathroom strains“, since I am talking about a strain that could pull a muscle. As we get older, we have to strain to sit on the toilet, strain to get off the toilet, strain to get in the bath tub or shower, and strain again when we get out of the tub. In fact, the bathroom becomes a dangerous room in the house, when we reach our golden years. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Obviously we are not all in the same shape (physical ability) either. At some point in our life, we will get out of shape and there won’t be any more time left, for us to get back into shape. When we reach this plateau in life, it’s time to adjust the bathroom settings.

The toilet seat is too low to sit on and too low to get up from. To take care of this toilet problem, an elderly person can go shopping for some toilet seat risers they can install their self. One of these handy toilet risers, will help to make the journey down, not so far. Once they are ready to get up, they will be in a better position to stand up; than if they were at the normal height of most toilet bowls.

Let’s not forget the shower or our bath tubs. The tub is a real dangerous place to be and everyday there is a lot of folks (young and old) who slip and fall in the tub. That tub will not give either, so chances are, you will be left with a nasty bruise or worse. A few pads or a tub rug at the bottom of the bath tub will help to make things more sturdy. Less slips and falls will occur, if we can take away the smooth tub surface on the bottom. If we decide to sit down in the tub, then we are going to strain again, to get up from that position. Unfortunately they don’t make tub risers, like the toilet seat riser they make for the toilet bowl. We can install a hand rail (at a lower level) and hopefully this will help an aging person (or one that is out of shape) to grab and lift their way out on. They do make tubs with built-in seats and this option might be a little more costly, but would be something most of us will need at one point in our lifetimes. Just remember that getting old doesn’t have to hurt. We can avoid a lot of these pains and strains, if we start with the bathroom and make it “elderly-proof” first!

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Nice Facial Appearances

Appearances are just about everything these days. And everywhere you turn around there is a new beauty product on the marketplace. For some people, they can’t get enough of the beauty supplies or those fancy spa treatments. I think the rest of us, just want to look descent in public and really don’t care how we look overall. I know my home appearances are really ugly. I would not want anyone (other than my immediate family members) to see the way I look at home. Especially when I am in my lazy zone and I don’t bother to take a shower or change clothes. I walk around with a few odors I’m sure and my hair is just awful looking.

Some folks can’t help their facial appearances. For instance, someone who has an acne or pimple problem, have to feel insecure about their looks from time to time. If you have a problem with blackheads on your face and you don’t have a seki edge tool to remove them with, it can be pretty frustrating I’m sure. At least when I get in my “ugly zone”, I can go clean up and get back to looking normal. Others out there might not have these luxuries, so we should all be thankful for the things we have (or don’t have in some cases). Life is too short to sweat about the small things. More of us should deal with the things we can change and for those things we can’t (like our looks), we just accept who we are and go on. Smiling and being happy will add years to your life. Just give it a try sometime and see if you don’t start feeling better.

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Old Fashion Lottery Tips Just For You

Winning the big lottery; man I had big, big dreams of this for a long time now. Last Friday when she got up there to 640 million dollars, I just knew it was going to be a special night. Well I didn’t win, but I did daydream pretty hard and I think I got my money’s worth from all the cool dreams I had. So I didn’t win it and more than likely, the odds would say you didn’t win it either. What do we do now?

Well there’s two train of thoughts here. If you only play the lottery when it’s super big; then that is a great method for playing the lottery. I use to make fun of people who only play during the really big times, know that the smaller ones like 5 or 10 million would change their lives forever. I now take that back and believe it is a good way and a safe way to play the lottery. If you only play it when its really, really big; then you want be losing a lot of lotto money for tickets. So please keep playing, if you just like the 200 or 300 million dollar jackpots. This is a low-cost and efficient way to play. As long as you spend 5 to 20 dollars or around that range. Don’t go crazy and spend hundreds or even thousands, like some folks were doing this past Friday. That is just plain crazy!

Now the other way to play the lottery and this is the way I am currently doing it, is to play each and every drawing. I decided the odds for the Powerball and Mega Millions are just too steep for my blood. If I could win 100 to 300 thousand dollars, this would be life-changing money for me. No, it wouldn’t last my whole life, but it would be a nice little nest egg to play with and I would have tons of fun investing money like this. In Georgia, they have a game called Fantasy 5. You just pick 5 numbers between 1-39 and there is no powerballs or megaballs to worry about. Just a simple and straight 5 numbers and this is something you could win in your lifetime. I have hit 4 numbers before, so I just need to figure out a way to snag that 5th number and hope it’s a big jackpot on the night I win it.

The Fantasy 5 in GA, starts out at the 50K mark. This is a lottery game that draws their numbers nightly. So you don’t have to wait day after day for the drawing to come. If you don’t win today, then you have another drawing coming up in 24 hours and I like that. If there is no 50K winner, then the jackpot for Fantasy 5 rolls over to the next night. It keeps going up, until there is a winner and then it starts back over again at the $50,000 level. It got over 1 million dollars last weekend and I really wished I had won it then. So as you can see, its not a super big lottery, but one that is fun to play and really not that expensive. If you match just two of the numbers, you can cash-in the ticket and get a free Fantasy 5 ticket for the next drawing. If you match 3 numbers, you will win different amounts. It is usually between 8 to 12 dollars, but it all depends on how many other players matched 3 numbers too. If you luck up and get 4 numbers right, you can usually expect about $100 to $150; but I wasn’t that lucky when I got my 4 numbers right. It only paid about 60 or 65 dollars then; which was a lot lower than it normally pays out for matching 4 numbers.

Tip #1 – Play Smaller Lottery Games

If you live in Georgia or near the Georgia border, go buy you a Fantasy 5 ticket and you can play the same number for multiple draws. My pattern right now starts out on a Friday morning. Every Friday morning, I go to the same Exxon Gas Station, which is about a mile and a half from my house. I actually pass another lottery store on the way to this Exxon Station, because I like the people who run it better than the other store. I will hand in my play slip for Fantasy 5 and it will have 5 numbers filled in. On the left side of the play slip, I will darken in the box for “7” next to the big letters of M-U-L-T-I-D-R-A-W. Players have a choice, where they can play the same numbers for 2 – 14 days on a single play slip. So playing it for 7 days, will cost me seven dollars; which isn’t that much. If you can afford a dollar a day, you could do this same formula too. If you could afford 2 dollars a day, you could fill out the play slip the exact same way, but just fill in 2 sets of 5 numbers. This would give you better odds of winning. You can actually pick up to 10 sets of numbers on a single Fantasy 5 play slip. You may choose your numbers each and every time or you can just fill in a few unique numbers and just darken in the “QP” on the play slip; which stands for Quick-Pick.

Tip #2 – Play Everyday

By me playing a set of numbers each and every day of the week, I have a chance to win the lottery every day. I do try to play the Mega Millions some too; since it is only a dollar to play. The Powerball Lottery Game has decided to go up on their ticket prices and it will cost you 2 dollars, if you want to play just 1 number on it. I wish I had enough money each week, where I could play the Mega Millions twice weekly, the Powerball twice weekly, and the Decades of Dollars Lottery Game twice each week. Decades of Dollars is the one that will pay you a $1,000 a week for life! Yes, you heard me right, if you win it, you would get $1000 each and every week for as long as you live on this great Planet Earth! However, this is another lottery game that is like Powerball and it will cost you $2 to play just 1 set of numbers. If I wanted to play all 3 of these big lotteries (6 nights a week) and continue my Fantasy 5 routine, it would cost me $17 per week or about $70 a month. Spending seventy bucks a month is a little pricey and if you didn’t win anything, you would be out of a nice piece of change. Most would figure (or assume) they would win some, so in reality you might get “lucky” and end up paying 40 to 50 bucks a month, to play all 3 big lotteries and the Fantasy 5; seven days a week. Leave off the Fantasy 5 numbers and you could spend 4 dollars on Powerball, 4 dollars on Decades of Dollars, and 2 dollars on Mega Millions Lottery for a grand total of 10 bucks per week. This would only be 3 dollars more, than what I am spending now and 6 out of 7 nights, you would have a chance at a really, really nice prize. As tempting as that sounds, I still like the fact, I am saving 3 dollars per week and playing a game that I could actually win in my lifetime, without having too much luck on my side.

Tip #3 – Pick Hot Numbers

Playing the same set of numbers for 5 to 10 days in a row, is an effective way to play. Sometimes we get discouraged when the numbers are not even close to ours and we will want to make changes. If you will make the commitment early and pick 1 set of numbers and play them for an entire week, you will see the numbers do come back to you. Stay positive and you must play if you plan on winning. You got have a ticket, so go out and buy 1 today. Please don’t forget me and if this blog post inspired you enough, to go out and buy a few tickets and you did happen to win; then please, please don’t forget about the poor online blogger, who is dreaming of a winning ticket! Thank you and I wish you the very bestest of luck possible!!! Have fun and enjoy lottery friends :)

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Top Guitar Songs of All Time

Electric Guitar in Black Cherry

In my rock-n-roll dreams, I always seen me playing a flashy guitar. It would have a series of lights all around it, but the actual color of my guitar would be black cherry. You don’t really see the black much, so it gives the cherry red color a darker look and I like that!

While growing up, I didn’t have a lot of local music stores I could visit. We didn’t have the Internet, so browsing guitars online was impossible to do. I’m glad teens have places online now, where they can view all kinds of cool guitars. Even if they don’t plan to buy one in the near future, they can still look at them on the computer screen. You won’t get hassled by a salesman online, like you would, if you visited a real music store. I think for this reason alone, you will see more musicians buying their instruments on the World Wide Web. A website like Musician’s Friend can often be more helpful, than your local, small town music stores. They also have  a “1-800 phone number” listed on their site, so musicians, music fans, or anyone else can give them a call, about a specific question.

Anytime I think of guitars, I always think of the best guitarists out there. The ones from yesterday and today. You can look around online and see a lot of debates, on which dude played his strings the best. I think it would be pretty hard to beat Joe Saitriani (the teacher) and his famous student Steve Vai. Both of these guys have to be in the top 5 or top 10 lists. A lot of folks will say Eddie Van Halen is the best, but I believe he would be the most popular guitarist out there.

One thing I don’t see that much, is the top guitar songs of all time. I wonder which songs people would pick, for the best guitar songs of all time? I love the way Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N’ Roses starts off. That is an awesome riff to hear and one that is familiar to most metal fans. Dire Straight’s song Money For Nothing starts out with a slow drum beat and then kicks in with the most awesome guitar playing ever (if you ask me). I really like these two songs and the way the guitar starts them both off. Do you know of any other songs, where the guitar is very popular? Please reply back with any songs you know of, where the guitar playing really sticks out in your mind. Maybe we can form our own list, of the top guitar songs of all time.

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The 26 Dollar Hot Dog at the Texas Rangers Ballpark

$26 Hotdog at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

They say everything is bigger in Texas and when it comes to hot dogs it’s no different. When is the last time you seen a foot long hotdog? Not that long ago, right? We have gotten use to the big 1 foot dogs we can find in most major league ballparks or even our local grocery store. If you thought the foot-long hotdog was a mouthful, you haven’t seen nothing yet! Check out the one being served at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. This monster dog weighs in at a full pound with 2 foot of meaty dog to chow down on. Even the bun it comes on, can not contain this very long and very expensive hotdog. If you plan to eat this monster hot dog at a Texas Rangers home baseball game, be sure to bring your credit card. This long dog will cost you twenty six dollars and this does not include the monster beverage you will need to wash it down with. 26 bucks for a hotdog is expensive, but look for some dedicated Ranger fans try to conquer this massive dog that’s being served in Texas this summer.

The chef of this famous $26 hot dog isn’t really making it for just one person to eat. The big dog was intended for 3 or 4 other baseball fans to enjoy. But since this is America and home to the most over weight people on the Planet, you know we will have several individuals, who will want to take on the 2 pound hotdog solo. I already smell a hotdog eating competition coming on. Perhaps the famous 4th of July hotdog eating contest, which is held annually by Nathan’s Hotdogs will want to include a bigger hotdog in their famous competition? At a rate of $26 each, this might be too pricey for even Nathan’s hot dogs in New York to consider.

If you plan to order up this massive hotdog for 26 dollars, you will get some pretty good toppings on it too. The Texas Ranger Hotdog will be served with sauteed onions, shredded cheese, and chili. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a good chili in Texas to put on this massive Arlington Ballpark Hot Dog. You are paying 26 dollars, because the hotdog is so big. It doesn’t have any famous Coney Island Mustard on it. I do wonder, how this big Texas hotdog would hold up against a famous Coney Island Hotdog? The fans of the Texas Rangers baseball team, do have the luxury of ordering Coney Island Mustard online and taking it to the ballpark with them. If any fans do try this, let me know how the Coney Island Mustard tastes on the new 26 dollar Ranger hot dog.

The Dog Hut

If any other ballpark vendors plan to start selling hotdogs that are 2 foot in length, they will need something bigger. The Dog Hut is famous for helping folks sell hot and fresh hotdogs to the public. I just don’t think the current model will be able to hold these monster 2 foot long hotdogs or the long buns either. If this does catch on, look for The Dog Hut to become a Dog Mansion! Even those who take their hotdog cooking serious and have a hotdog roller at home for cooking up hotdogs, will need some new hardware, if they want to cook super, huge hot dogs at home. Our standard hotdog pans in America, are not built to cook any hotdogs this large. A whole new line of cooking products will be needed, if this mega-Texas dog ever catches on, in other parts of the country.

Let’s also think about the famous hot dog recipes that exist out there already. Can these old hotdog recipes of yesterday, be updated now, so we could have a better tasting two foot long hotdog? All of the recipe books for hotdogs are being rewritten now as I speak, before the public gets their teeth into the first Texas Rangers Super-Sized Hot Dog! Who knows where the hot dog hysteria will end and how long it will last? A lot remains to be seen, but you can sure bet, that there won’t be too many Ranger baseball fans that are hungry!

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The Different Tool Departments Online

There is a lot of good websites online, which men like to shop at for tools. I know you never have the right tool for the job, if you’re anything like me. No matter how many tools I have with me, I never can find the tool I need. Oh, I will find it tomorrow or sometime next week. I just never find it, when I actually need it. If this sounds like you, I don’t have any magical advice to give you. I was actually hoping someone would give me some advice.

I have come to believe, that a man just needs to keep buying tools, until he has 5 of everything. The more tools you have, the more chances you have, of finding that right tool for the right job. This goes for the spanner wrenches too. You might not think you use these wrenches much, but as soon as you pass up an opportunity to buy some, you will need one. I guarantee it! We always measure twice, so we only have to cut once. When it comes to the different tool departments online, I think we need to make two trips down each aisle. Use that clicker to check off as many tools as possible, so we can try to have the right tools for the right job next time.

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Affordable Gifts for Her on Birthdays

Once you are in a relationship, you will find the holidays and birthdays come around a lot faster than they use to. Or at least it seems like that to me. I know during times like these we are having now, with the economy being bad and all, it can be tough to stretch the dollar. If you shop online, you have a better chance at finding a cheap gift. An affordable gift that she will like and you will too, cause it didn’t cost much. I think discount perfume is always a nice gift to give her on a birthday or the Christmas holidays. For Valentines Day, you can usually find good deals on candy or flowers. If neither one of these gifts seem like something she would like; then resort back to the perfume aisle. These fragrances are really a nice touch. If certain odors give you a headache, maybe you can find one that doesn’t affect you. So then you will be safe, when she puts on your perfume gift.

Most women love to take long, warm baths. I don’t know of anyone (male or female) who doesn’t like a bubble bath. Buying a few bubbles with a bar of scented soap is also another nice touch. As long as you can get away with it and she doesn’t think you’re buying it, because she smells bad.

I find the biggest discounts online. I love to shop on the Internet. If you search for coupons or online discount codes first, you might can save money at certain shopping websites. Saving every cent counts and especially when you don’t have a lot of money to start out with. The main thing to remember, is never forget her birthday and always buy her something. It doesn’t have to always be a diamond ring or a fur coat. You will be surprised, how far a small bottle of perfume will get you. взлом wi-fi такой взлом wi-fi

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Exchanging Traffic with Others Online

It is possible to swap traffic online with friends, family, and online contacts. The best way to make contacts online is from the social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. You can also use some of the popular video websites like YouTube and MySpace Videos for finding new contacts or friends online.

Use Shocking Headlines to Get More Traffic

Once you get up a network of friends, you can visit each others website from time to time. At least once a week and in some cases, even more than that. This establishes a loyal following to your site. If you have a blog, this is the perfect answer for bloggers seeking more, quality traffic to their online blogs. I happen to be a blogger too, so I know that having a loyal following online is important. It didn’t take me long to figure this out. Most new bloggers understand this and will strive for their loyal readers and visitors.

What new webmasters forget to do sometimes, is search for new visitors. Finding new traffic in the traffic exchanges is not always going to be the best quality of traffic for your site or sites. It is better to make direct contact with individuals through these social networking sites or by email. So you can explain a few things directly to them and find out what their interests are. Once you know what they like, it is much easier for you to stir them to the different sections on your website.

If you have a website that is dedicated to a certain TV show, like American Idol for instance. You will want to include many pictures of the judges and from the past singers of the show. Ones that were popular or actually made it into the finals for American Idol. As you add this material in, you want to keep everything up-to-date as much as possible. During the seasons of the show, it is pretty easy to update your American Idol Website each week or a couple of times per week. The challenge is keeping fresh content and material there, when the show is not in-season. You might have a breaking news story with one of the judges. Or hear a rumor about a new judge coming for the season ahead. Try to do all you can to publish accurate information, so your readers can trust you. Don’t publish every rumor you hear and be sure to state it is a “rumor” when you do post them on your website. These little tricks and helpful hints, will make your site soar to the first page of search engines. When fans of American Idol do online web searches, they will see your website, after you have done all the hard work first.

No matter what your online goals are, remember it all starts with online traffic. You must acquire any and all traffic in the beginning. Once your website has some content and age to it, you can then focus on the quality of traffic. This kind of traffic can be found, when you start to exchange traffic with others online. If you have any questions about this article or traffic questions, I am always here to help. I also have a few traffic exchange names listed on my Connect06 Blog here, if you want to browse through some of my older posts. Use these free traffic exchanges in the beginning and later on, you can start to focus on a better quality of traffic to each and every one of your online websites. Have fun!

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A Toy That Never Gets Old

Duncan Yo Yo – DragonFly

For those of us who grew up before the age of computers, the Internet, and video games, we had more simple toys out there. The little die-cast toy cars, a hula-hoop, or a cool yo yo to play with. These toys didn’t cost much, most families could afford them, and they seemed to last forever. For some of you who are trying to recapture those childhood days or want your kids to experience the toys you played with as a child, there are places you can order these antique toys from. In some cases, the toys have gotten better with technology. I know a duncan yo yo looks a lot more sophisticated; than some of the plain yo-yo’s I had as a kid growing up. The designers have put cooler pictures and graphics on these yo-yos of today. Also, they are a lot faster than yesterday’s yo yo toys. We can thank our modern technology for making these new yo-yo’s a lot faster today.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some kids didn’t even know what a yo yo was. I’m glad to see toys like this selling online. I hope more of our older toys from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 1980’s will show up in the 21st century, like these cool yoyo’s I see selling online today. Don’t forget to add a yo yo trick book with your order!

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Shopping Online for Beauty Products for Her

The Net connects people, places, and things together everyday. Lucky for us, we get to shop online with some of this new modern technology we have at our fingertips now. Have you or someone in your family shopped for eyelash enhancers online before? What about other beauty treatments and solutions; ever tried to shop for them on the World Wide Web before? A lot of these products we use to help make our self look better, can be found online for cheaper prices than what the retailers sell them for offline. I have found a lot of things online, that are cheaper to buy, than to go to a local store and purchase them. For those who like to shop a lot online, they have probably witnessed some of these online specials and deals too. I was curious about eyelashes, cause I know this is important for women. Most men don’t care how long or short their eyelashes are. I do know men will trim their eyebrows, but they normally leave the eyelashes alone. For women, they actually look for products which will help add volume and length onto their eyelashes. I know fake eyelashes is what some women will do (or feel like they have to do) in order to get their eyes and eyelashes looking just right.

Most of us have heard that phrase “beauty is only skin deep“, right? Well it use to be “natural” beauty was only skin deep. That isn’t the case anymore. Nothing really natural, with most of the girls and women, who use a variety of products to help them with their skin deep beauty today. I don’t mind a girl wearing a little make-up, if it makes her feel more attractive and better about her self. I think the eyelash enhancers and eyelash growth products are great. It’s nice the ladies have a few products on the shelf, they can turn to for their beauty needs. I just hope beyond this, that women don’t think looks and their unnatural products are the main thing to their beauty. Even the make-up and store-bought products need a good model to work with, before they can perform their magic. Most men do look beyond the make-up and beauty creams. They can see the women who feel confident about their self and which ones rely on their hair-stylists to make them beautiful. I believe the men can help their lady friends out, if they will not shop for beauty products for their girlfriends and other female contacts. Feel free to surprise her with a new eyelash growth enhancer, if you know she wants longer eyelashes. This is fine and gifts like this are okay. Just avoid the one hundred dollar gift certificates at the spa and beauty parlors, cause I do think this sends the wrong message to her.

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