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8 Ball or 9 Ball?

mft4500×0-13539.jpgWhen you think about billiards; what game comes to your mind first? I would probably guess that most people think about 8 ball, since that is the game that you use all the balls in and it fills up the rack. I know in some places 9 ball is more popular and would probably depend on where you play at. I guess for some, just the thought of pool makes you think about making shots and you really don’t think about which game you’re playing. Eight ball or nine ball is just about making shots and if you can make more than the other guy, you’re probably going to win a few games.

It’s truer in 8 ball, that you will win more if you make more shots than your opponent. After all, you have to make your 7 normal balls and then shoot the 8 ball in to win. So your going to need 8 shots maximum to win and maybe just half that many will be needed if you can have some luck off the break or can make 2 balls with one shot. So you have to be stroking a good pool cue to win in 8 ball.

That’s not true when you’re talking about 9 ball. It’s the game many refer to as luck and we all know it’s better to be lucky than good. Nine ball is unique because you’re playing the exact same game as your opponent. You are both shooting at the lowest numbered ball on the table. If you miss a shot on a certain ball; then your opponent is going to have to be shooting at that same ball. It’s a different thought process when your playing safe in 9 ball, but playing safe (when you don’t have an easy shot) is the biggest trick into winning 9 ball games. In 8 ball you have more choices to shoot at in most cases and you know in 9 ball, the exact ball your opponent will be shooting at, if you miss a shot. Also, most people will play “ball in hand” and it makes it a good strategy for winning if you can play safe. The”ball in hand” rule is basically a player can put the cue ball anywhere on the table he/she wants if the other player fails to make a legal shot. So leaving your opponent with nothing to see might result in a good opportunity for you to make a run.

So we know we are going to have to make shots in 8 ball to win and we might just have to make 1 shot in 9 ball to win. I guess in some cases you would have to make no shots to win; if your opponent was to scratch on the 8 or 9 ball. It’s automatic in 8 ball that you win, but in 9 ball you have to still make the shot, but you are allowed to put the cue ball anywhere you like.  Don’t rush to the table to fast if your opponent scratches on the 9 ball, because sometimes they will let you have the game and you don’t even have to pick up your pool cues to win in a situation like that.

So which game is better? 8 Ball? 9 Ball? Or perhaps you like snooker or some other form of billiards? I like both, but I would say if I am playing somebody that I am better than, I would prefer 8 ball. If my opponent is better than me, I like my chances in 9 ball. If you know you’re playing someone better, try them at 9 ball and maybe they will make all the shots and leave you an easy shot on the 9!

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Korexin Omega ~ By Gynexin. Enhance your body’s ability to burn fat!

Korexin Omega ~ By Gynexin. Enhance your body's ability to burn fat!
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What is Korexin?

Korexin is a comprehensive blend of essential fatty acids. It is a natural fat loss aid. It plays a vital role in reducing bodyfat, suppressing sugar cravings and retaining lean muscle. KorexinTM is also a natural anti-oxidant that helps curb cravings for carbohydrates.

Korexin main ingredients are conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), gamma linoleic acid (GLA) and the Omega-3 Fatty Acids [linolenic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)]. They are combined to produce the most comprehensive product available on the market today.

Research indicates that KorexinTM (CLA) may offer a number of health benefits including enhanced immune function, as….

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Shopping Online for Riding Breeches

Breeches for Sale Online

Most horse riders probably started out riding horses, while they were wearing their jeans. Those who wanted to ride more or became a horse owner, would eventually want the proper clothing or the apparel which has been designed for the saddle. This is where the riding breeches come in and a very popular choice amongst horse lovers. Comfortable pants that fit like a glove in the saddle. Made with a high quality of material; which will insure a long-lasting pair of pants to wear out for those long rides.

UniFleece Pull on Breeches

The young equestrian riders are the ones who want breeches the most. I can just see them spending hours looking through catalogs or doing some online shopping for a stylish pair of breeches. Searching on the Internet is the best way to find to find the best-looking pair of breeches. After you find the right style or color pattern, you can then compare prices. The World Wide Web makes this chore a little easier too. It wasn’t too long ago, when all of our price comparisons were done in magazines or newspaper ads. The young folks just don’t know how lucky they are today. However, they do know what “popularity” means and the one with the coolest pair of breeches, can gain a little of that popularity.

Have you ever worn a pair of riding breeches? I know I haven’t, but they do look comfortable to wear. I was trying to think of other things you could ride, while wearing a pair of horse breeches. Perhaps they would be good for riding a motorcycle around? I don’t think any rough or tough bikers will be trying them on soon, but I’m sure someone out there has tried to ride a bike with breeches on before. Have you or someone you knew ever tried to wear breeches while riding a motorcycle? If so, please reply back and tell your story. I would love to hear about it and would the person recommend breeches for other motorcycle owners?


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Penn Foster College Students Speak Out

Anyone that has took the time recently, to look over a few of the online reviews for colleges online; may remember something about Penn Foster. I know this college stuck out in my head when I was going through all the reviews. I guess you have to keep in mind that these are only reviews and anyone can submit them online. However, judging from a few of the comments I saw, it appears there might be a penn foster scam going on. Or this online college may be a little more suited for the higher educated folks.

Penn Foster Scam or Not

A lot of the penn foster reviews complained about a lack of support and the feeling of having to fend for yourself. I know I can become very frustrated at times; when I try to learn something new or something that I consider hard to learn. I would certainly want someone from Penn Foster there to help and guide me along, so I know I wasn’t wasting my time doing something wrong. When you choose to get an online degree, the emails you send and receive become a very important lifeline for your online education. If students at Penn Foster are not getting speedy replies from their teachers at this online school, I could easily see why some students are upset there.

I believe there is another thing with the money it costs to attend the Penn Foster online school. I’m not sure if Penn Foster is failing to tell these new students about all the costs that are involved to attend there or if its the students misunderstanding their enrollment forms. There are some students at Penn Foster that are paying more money than they expected to.

Penn Foster Reviews

If this topic of conversation has peaked your interest or you just want to learn more about Penn Foster or other online universities; then check out a website called Online Degree Reviews. This is a website dedicated to collecting all the unbiased online degree reviews and this is how I found out about some of the issues going on at Penn Foster College. Perhaps if you are currently attending Penn Foster online, you could share your thoughts, comments, or opinions on my blog here. There might even be a teacher or two out there from Penn Foster, that would like to defend their self against some of these student’s claims?

Most of you out there that is planning to attend an online university in the near or distant future; may want to determine which field of study you plan to choose first. The online subjects are more important to look over now, than which online university you want to actually attend. Once you can see all the different things you could get a bachelors or associates degree online, you can then begin your search for a good online university. Who knows? You might just find yourself at the Penn Foster website signing up for one of their online classes. Then you can go to Online Degree Reviews and post your online reviews about this college and tell us your side of the story.

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Avoiding Those Bathroom Strains and Falls

You may have the wrong image in your mind, when I say “bathroom strains“, since I am talking about a strain that could pull a muscle. As we get older, we have to strain to sit on the toilet, strain to get off the toilet, strain to get in the bath tub or shower, and strain again when we get out of the tub. In fact, the bathroom becomes a dangerous room in the house, when we reach our golden years. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Obviously we are not all in the same shape (physical ability) either. At some point in our life, we will get out of shape and there won’t be any more time left, for us to get back into shape. When we reach this plateau in life, it’s time to adjust the bathroom settings.

The toilet seat is too low to sit on and too low to get up from. To take care of this toilet problem, an elderly person can go shopping for some toilet seat risers they can install their self. One of these handy toilet risers, will help to make the journey down, not so far. Once they are ready to get up, they will be in a better position to stand up; than if they were at the normal height of most toilet bowls.

Let’s not forget the shower or our bath tubs. The tub is a real dangerous place to be and everyday there is a lot of folks (young and old) who slip and fall in the tub. That tub will not give either, so chances are, you will be left with a nasty bruise or worse. A few pads or a tub rug at the bottom of the bath tub will help to make things more sturdy. Less slips and falls will occur, if we can take away the smooth tub surface on the bottom. If we decide to sit down in the tub, then we are going to strain again, to get up from that position. Unfortunately they don’t make tub risers, like the toilet seat riser they make for the toilet bowl. We can install a hand rail (at a lower level) and hopefully this will help an aging person (or one that is out of shape) to grab and lift their way out on. They do make tubs with built-in seats and this option might be a little more costly, but would be something most of us will need at one point in our lifetimes. Just remember that getting old doesn’t have to hurt. We can avoid a lot of these pains and strains, if we start with the bathroom and make it “elderly-proof” first!

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Nice Facial Appearances

Appearances are just about everything these days. And everywhere you turn around there is a new beauty product on the marketplace. For some people, they can’t get enough of the beauty supplies or those fancy spa treatments. I think the rest of us, just want to look descent in public and really don’t care how we look overall. I know my home appearances are really ugly. I would not want anyone (other than my immediate family members) to see the way I look at home. Especially when I am in my lazy zone and I don’t bother to take a shower or change clothes. I walk around with a few odors I’m sure and my hair is just awful looking.

Some folks can’t help their facial appearances. For instance, someone who has an acne or pimple problem, have to feel insecure about their looks from time to time. If you have a problem with blackheads on your face and you don’t have a seki edge tool to remove them with, it can be pretty frustrating I’m sure. At least when I get in my “ugly zone”, I can go clean up and get back to looking normal. Others out there might not have these luxuries, so we should all be thankful for the things we have (or don’t have in some cases). Life is too short to sweat about the small things. More of us should deal with the things we can change and for those things we can’t (like our looks), we just accept who we are and go on. Smiling and being happy will add years to your life. Just give it a try sometime and see if you don’t start feeling better.

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Top Guitar Songs of All Time

Electric Guitar in Black Cherry

In my rock-n-roll dreams, I always seen me playing a flashy guitar. It would have a series of lights all around it, but the actual color of my guitar would be black cherry. You don’t really see the black much, so it gives the cherry red color a darker look and I like that!

While growing up, I didn’t have a lot of local music stores I could visit. We didn’t have the Internet, so browsing guitars online was impossible to do. I’m glad teens have places online now, where they can view all kinds of cool guitars. Even if they don’t plan to buy one in the near future, they can still look at them on the computer screen. You won’t get hassled by a salesman online, like you would, if you visited a real music store. I think for this reason alone, you will see more musicians buying their instruments on the World Wide Web. A website like Musician’s Friend can often be more helpful, than your local, small town music stores. They also have  a “1-800 phone number” listed on their site, so musicians, music fans, or anyone else can give them a call, about a specific question.

Anytime I think of guitars, I always think of the best guitarists out there. The ones from yesterday and today. You can look around online and see a lot of debates, on which dude played his strings the best. I think it would be pretty hard to beat Joe Saitriani (the teacher) and his famous student Steve Vai. Both of these guys have to be in the top 5 or top 10 lists. A lot of folks will say Eddie Van Halen is the best, but I believe he would be the most popular guitarist out there.

One thing I don’t see that much, is the top guitar songs of all time. I wonder which songs people would pick, for the best guitar songs of all time? I love the way Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N’ Roses starts off. That is an awesome riff to hear and one that is familiar to most metal fans. Dire Straight’s song Money For Nothing starts out with a slow drum beat and then kicks in with the most awesome guitar playing ever (if you ask me). I really like these two songs and the way the guitar starts them both off. Do you know of any other songs, where the guitar is very popular? Please reply back with any songs you know of, where the guitar playing really sticks out in your mind. Maybe we can form our own list, of the top guitar songs of all time.

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Shopping Online for Beauty Products for Her

The Net connects people, places, and things together everyday. Lucky for us, we get to shop online with some of this new modern technology we have at our fingertips now. Have you or someone in your family shopped for eyelash enhancers online before? What about other beauty treatments and solutions; ever tried to shop for them on the World Wide Web before? A lot of these products we use to help make our self look better, can be found online for cheaper prices than what the retailers sell them for offline. I have found a lot of things online, that are cheaper to buy, than to go to a local store and purchase them. For those who like to shop a lot online, they have probably witnessed some of these online specials and deals too. I was curious about eyelashes, cause I know this is important for women. Most men don’t care how long or short their eyelashes are. I do know men will trim their eyebrows, but they normally leave the eyelashes alone. For women, they actually look for products which will help add volume and length onto their eyelashes. I know fake eyelashes is what some women will do (or feel like they have to do) in order to get their eyes and eyelashes looking just right.

Most of us have heard that phrase “beauty is only skin deep“, right? Well it use to be “natural” beauty was only skin deep. That isn’t the case anymore. Nothing really natural, with most of the girls and women, who use a variety of products to help them with their skin deep beauty today. I don’t mind a girl wearing a little make-up, if it makes her feel more attractive and better about her self. I think the eyelash enhancers and eyelash growth products are great. It’s nice the ladies have a few products on the shelf, they can turn to for their beauty needs. I just hope beyond this, that women don’t think looks and their unnatural products are the main thing to their beauty. Even the make-up and store-bought products need a good model to work with, before they can perform their magic. Most men do look beyond the make-up and beauty creams. They can see the women who feel confident about their self and which ones rely on their hair-stylists to make them beautiful. I believe the men can help their lady friends out, if they will not shop for beauty products for their girlfriends and other female contacts. Feel free to surprise her with a new eyelash growth enhancer, if you know she wants longer eyelashes. This is fine and gifts like this are okay. Just avoid the one hundred dollar gift certificates at the spa and beauty parlors, cause I do think this sends the wrong message to her.

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The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Guest post of the week by Bradley Guthrie

I love this movie. I know it is a short cartoon rather than an actual movie but for the sake of keeping things short and sweet we will call it a movie. I digress. So every year when this movie comes on my directv jonesboro I get all giddy and excited because it means two things. One, it is FALL! I love fall! Fall is my favorite season. Two, it is Halloween time and I love pumpkins and carving pumpkins and pumpkin spice lates at my favorite coffee place. There is something about watching a movie that you watched at the same time of the year as a child that just brings you back to a nice warm and fuzzy place. It makes you think of being little and dressing up in costume to go trick or treating and then coming home and dumping all of the candy out on the floor. Then carefully selecting which candy to go in the “favorite” pile and which pieces I want to pawn off on my younger brother in the hopes that he will trade a Smartee for a Snickers. Haha! Dumb kid! I win! I got the chocolate one! But then he got older and hip to my tricks and started trying to steal all of the candy out of my good pile.

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Dealing with Lower Back Pain

It seems the most common pain most people have is lower back pain. Every case is different and just because you have a pain in the back, does not mean you need pain medicine or a medical procedure. Open back surgery is one way to help some folks out, with severe cases of back pain. Usually before patients reach the surgery level, they have did other things for back pain relief first. I know the shots in the back is a common procedure, which most back doctors will try first. An epidural shot can offer short to long term relief for many back pain sufferers. In some cases, your back doctor may want to “burn” the nerve endings in the back, to reduce the pain levels. This procedure can be effective, but it is not a permanent solution. The nerves will eventually grow back. However, if it takes 1 to 5 years for the nerves to grow back, most patients could live with that, as long as they had some period of back pain relief. I do know our backs are not designed for a 50, 60, or 70+ year lifestyle or life span. So in most cases, having a lower pain in the back, is a natural and expected problem we all face.

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Antique TV Shows

The Antiques Road Show may have started the whole idea, with antiques on television. Regardless of where it started from, just about every show on cable TV right now, has to do with older items or antiques. In some cases, the guys like to refer to them as “mantiques“, so it makes it okay for them to watch and like these shows too.

In the older days, we might have seen our grandma with a lot of antiques she was proud of. Some grandmas today, probably still like to go shopping for antiques. You can find antiques online or on television. It is fun to collect the things from yesterday and hope they will grow in value.

I have my own antique collection now too. I have always like to collect things, but now I am starting to do it more. I recently cleared out my room and threw away a lot of things. Hopefully I didn’t throw away anything valuable, but I do want to make room for my new antiques I plan to buy.

I’m not sure which direction to take yet. Normally I collected the older antiques, which related to sports. I now see some value in the older items that were made real sturdy. Anything that is made out of cast iron, will last forever. So I believe I will look for cast iron toys and other items made out of cast iron. I also like gold very much and gold never loses its value. So for my mantiques I plan to collect in the near future. My collection will consist of a lot of cast iron antiques and antiques that contain gold. I would be happy to buy old or modern gold coins. The gold coins don’t have to be antique coins, to be valuable. If the coins contain gold, they are already valuable!

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Order Fast Flowers Now and Get Faster Delivery

Do you normally send out flowers or Easter Baskets out during the holiday weekend? Well yesterday was Good Friday and it started the holiday weekend; which will end Sunday with Easter. For those who need flowers or Easter Baskets sent out now, there are options still open to you. I’m glad there is a fast flower delivery service available; when we do forget to send out those special holiday or celebration gifts.

You may just want to send flowers or a gift basket out for a birthday celebration. This service is really great for those who forget these people’s birthdays and need a last minute gift. Not only are these gift baskets awesome gifts, but they get delivered very fast, to the person who has a birthday or celebrating another special day.

I use to deliver flowers for a living. It was a fun job. I always liked to see the people’s faces I was delivering the flowers to. Often it was a surprise gift and they would smile real big and just light up. I believe if more people knew how these delivery gifts brighten up someone’s day, they would be a lot more gift baskets and flowers being sent to people everyday. I hope you have a fun and safe Easter Weekend. If you still need a gift for a certain person, there are services you can find, for a fast floral arrangement and it can probably be delivered on Sunday (Easter Day), for those who really wait until the last minute. Happy Easter!

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Advertising online with the right channels

I was reading an interesting article that there are still a lot of businesses that feel social media and sites like Twitter and Facebook are just a fad and will eventually go away. They have not embraced the technology and how to effectively advertise online and interact with their customers. The truth is social media is only growing and those that are able to effectively use this channel in their advertising and marketing efforts will only grow.

Your website or small business advertising can really work out well for you, if you know the right places to go. It is critical to your online success that you look for an Advertising Agency that understands the various channels and how to properly align them with your goals.   Online Marketing doesn’t have to be hard and we can all win the battle of traffic on the internet. There is so many people online today that are looking for new ways to earn money or look for the best bargains possible and you can help these people out by offering a system or service to help them out.  So many marketing tools are available and it’s up to each person to see which tool might be best for them. You can win the game of marketing online and winning this game will lead to better results for your website or small business promotions that you’re striving for. Good luck to all of the dedicated marketers out there and continue to work at it daily for the best results possible!

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Missing the Pool League

I miss my weekly pool night. It use to be every Thursday night and I couldn’t wait until that day came every week. It is a lot of fun to shoot on a pool team. I was on a good team, with about 7 others. We would send 5 players up each night and have 5 head to head matches. This was an 8 ball pool league. I was more use to shooting 9 ball, but once you get good, 8 ball is a better game. Playing nine ball anyone can win. When you play eight ball, you have to knock-in 8 balls, just like your opponent does. You may have a nice 7 or 8 ball run in 9 ball; then your opponent can make 1 or 2 balls to win. So 8 ball is better for those who can shoot a little. If you’re playing someone better than you, just play them in 9 ball and it evens things out a little. Just talking about pool now, makes me want to go to the billiard supplies place and pick up a new stick and pool bag. I don’t really have the time right now for a pool league again, but I do hope to play in one again, in the near future.



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Treatment Centers Dealing with Multiple Disorders in Patients

A treatment center or rehab facility is usually equipped to handle a lot of problems, disorders, and addictions. There are some rehabilitation centers that are better dealing with a dual diagnosis treatment plan for a patient, than other facilities can offer. Malibu Horizon is a place that takes care of a long list of problems in patients. Their professional staff is always ready to help those with disorders or patients who need a treatment plan for drug and alcohol addiction. They cover a long list of therapies, detox programs, treatment programs, rehab services, and psychological issues. Patients who need help with more than one problem, disorder, or addiction, will most likely find the best results from the Malibu Horizon facility.

It’s not always easy and convenient to reach out for help like this. The sooner the patient does seek help, the quicker his or her life can get on track and in many cases, their families can return to normal lifestyles too. One person in the household with an addiction problem or a eating or sleeping disorder can cause shock waves through each family member. It doesn’t just affect the person with the problem, but it often takes a toll on other family members who love this person. If you suffer from multiple disorders or you just have one problem which needs fixing; then please reach out for help today. There is a lot of information and phone numbers available online, where your road to recovery can begin today.

*For help or more information call: (877) 338 – 6964

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A Gift for Mom This Year

Every year we celebrate Mothers Day here in America. It seems each year, it gets harder and harder to find that perfect gift for Mom. What do you get the most special person in the World, for her most special day? I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I did see these miraculous medal pendants online and I believe she would like one of them. It’s always important we give our mothers something, on this once a year holiday for her. She has did so much for us and this is the perfect time to say “thank you” by getting her something nice. Your Mom knows what kind of income you have, so you don’t have to buy her anything expensive. Just get her something, so she will know you didn’t forget about her. She never forgets about us, so let’s be sure to return the favor this Mother’s Day. I believe a necklace or a pendant for a necklace is an excellent gift and most Moms would be happy to have one. If you’re out there Mom, thanks for everything and I’m glad you are my Mom!

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In this hat I can build a snowman

Guest post written by Heather Sanderson

After we had our first really good snow before Christmas, I went looking in our hall closet where we keep all of our coats for my favorite snow hat and it was full of holes. I knew that I should have put moth balls in the closet. I still wore it because I didn’t have anything else to cover up my head to go and play out in the snow.

I didn’t want to have to do that again, so I hit the after Christmas sales online to find a new snow hat. While I was online shopping I ran across this website and after I read through it some, I decided to order one of the internet packages on there for our household internet service.

I found this really cute snow hat that’s completely covered in fur. It looks kind of high fashion actually and it may be a little much to wear to play in teh snow with my kids but it’s really fun and I love it. Now of course my daughter wants one.

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Stylish Cell Phone Protection

A lot more creativity is going into the new cell phone designs. I think at first, the cell phone companies were just glad they worked and didn’t care about looks. As time went on, a bigger concern came over the cell phone creators and now they are creating some hot-looking phones. Cell phone users are much more happier now, with a lot of these new cell phone looks. They don’t get to show it off too much, because most cell phone customers want to protect their phones. In the past, the protective cases were nothing to write home about (in terms of looks). That’s all changed now with these new otterbox iphone 4 designs, you can buy for your cell phone protection. A lot of different styles and colors to choose from. The ladies will love having the extra protection for their phones; while doing it in a stylish fashion. Did you know stylish cell phone protection existed? We learn something new everyday.

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White Bread or Wheat Bread?

While growing up in my household, we always ate white bread. I like white bread and never really thought about wheat bread much. I have recently learned that wheat bread is a lot better for you; than white bread. If I go to Subway now and order a sandwich from them, I will usually pick the wheat bread. I think the subs taste better on white bread, but I know I am getting more nutritional value out of the wheat bread from Subway.

In general, bread is not really that good for us. At least not as good as we use to think. There is some health problems that can develop, from eating too much bread. You lower these health risks, if you can eat more dark breads, which have the grains in them. The real dark loaf of bread you can get from Outback Steakhouse, is a perfect example of a good, dark bread we should all be eating more of. Try to cut bread out of your diets as much as possible, but some bread is fine to eat. Our bodies don’t breakdown or process breads in the best, possible ways. So anyone who is eating 1 or 2 sandwiches a day on white bread, should really think about a bread change. Even if you just eat wheat bread on Tuesdays and Thursdays; then ate white bread the other 3 days of the work week, this would be much healthier for you. Try to stop eating all bread on the weekends, if you do eat bread for lunch everyday at work. If you don’t mind the taste of wheat bread, just switch to wheat bread for all 5 of your lunch days. If you did this, you could eat one white bread sandwich on the weekends.

Eating white and wheat bread is both good for us, if we only eat small portions. The best way to stay healthy and keep a high level of nutrition running through your bodies. Is to eat a variety of foods each and every day. Don’t get caught eating the same meal twice in two days. Never eat the same food more than 3 times in the same week. If you like to eat hamburgers, be sure to try a hamburger from a different restaurant each time. The more variety you can bring to your food diets, the better you will feel. The better we all feel, the easier it is to wake up in the mornings and complete those 5 day work weeks. Begin preparing a different meal for each day of the week and see just how much your health and overall being feels. взломать wi fi такой взломать wi fi



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How to deliver traffic and customers to your site

There use to be very few blogs and social marketing sites and it was pretty easy to market different things online. It isn’t so easy today and there are lots more websites and blogs out there saturating the market and it can be tough to compete. You can still use blogs and websites to market your products or services and the best thing is to stick with the websites that offer the most traffic. A blog that has a lot of traffic coming in daily is a good place to start promoting your website.

There are thousands of online advertising agencies that can promise you the moon. The  Advertising Agency “That! Company” to help them understand the new social media sites and how to use them to drive traffic and customers.   They have started online so they grew with the internet and understand the in’s and out of  marketing online and the changing landscape and what it means to be successful!

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