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The 26 Dollar Hot Dog at the Texas Rangers Ballpark

$26 Hotdog at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

They say everything is bigger in Texas and when it comes to hot dogs it’s no different. When is the last time you seen a foot long hotdog? Not that long ago, right? We have gotten use to the big 1 foot dogs we can find in most major league ballparks or even our local grocery store. If you thought the foot-long hotdog was a mouthful, you haven’t seen nothing yet! Check out the one being served at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. This monster dog weighs in at a full pound with 2 foot of meaty dog to chow down on. Even the bun it comes on, can not contain this very long and very expensive hotdog. If you plan to eat this monster hot dog at a Texas Rangers home baseball game, be sure to bring your credit card. This long dog will cost you twenty six dollars and this does not include the monster beverage you will need to wash it down with. 26 bucks for a hotdog is expensive, but look for some dedicated Ranger fans try to conquer this massive dog that’s being served in Texas this summer.

The chef of this famous $26 hot dog isn’t really making it for just one person to eat. The big dog was intended for 3 or 4 other baseball fans to enjoy. But since this is America and home to the most over weight people on the Planet, you know we will have several individuals, who will want to take on the 2 pound hotdog solo. I already smell a hotdog eating competition coming on. Perhaps the famous 4th of July hotdog eating contest, which is held annually by Nathan’s Hotdogs will want to include a bigger hotdog in their famous competition? At a rate of $26 each, this might be too pricey for even Nathan’s hot dogs in New York to consider.

If you plan to order up this massive hotdog for 26 dollars, you will get some pretty good toppings on it too. The Texas Ranger Hotdog will be served with sauteed onions, shredded cheese, and chili. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a good chili in Texas to put on this massive Arlington Ballpark Hot Dog. You are paying 26 dollars, because the hotdog is so big. It doesn’t have any famous Coney Island Mustard on it. I do wonder, how this big Texas hotdog would hold up against a famous Coney Island Hotdog? The fans of the Texas Rangers baseball team, do have the luxury of ordering Coney Island Mustard online and taking it to the ballpark with them. If any fans do try this, let me know how the Coney Island Mustard tastes on the new 26 dollar Ranger hot dog.

The Dog Hut

If any other ballpark vendors plan to start selling hotdogs that are 2 foot in length, they will need something bigger. The Dog Hut is famous for helping folks sell hot and fresh hotdogs to the public. I just don’t think the current model will be able to hold these monster 2 foot long hotdogs or the long buns either. If this does catch on, look for The Dog Hut to become a Dog Mansion! Even those who take their hotdog cooking serious and have a hotdog roller at home for cooking up hotdogs, will need some new hardware, if they want to cook super, huge hot dogs at home. Our standard hotdog pans in America, are not built to cook any hotdogs this large. A whole new line of cooking products will be needed, if this mega-Texas dog ever catches on, in other parts of the country.

Let’s also think about the famous hot dog recipes that exist out there already. Can these old hotdog recipes of yesterday, be updated now, so we could have a better tasting two foot long hotdog? All of the recipe books for hotdogs are being rewritten now as I speak, before the public gets their teeth into the first Texas Rangers Super-Sized Hot Dog! Who knows where the hot dog hysteria will end and how long it will last? A lot remains to be seen, but you can sure bet, that there won’t be too many Ranger baseball fans that are hungry!

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Swag Bucks for Fun and Extra Money

If you haven’t joined Swag Bucks yet; then you’re missing out!

Search & Win

A great way to have fun and earn real money online. There is a lot of ways to earn money here. I am glad I found this site online. It is super easy to earn and win Swag Bucks. Once you get enough of these Swagbucks, you can cash them in for cool prizes, cash money, or buy entries into the Swagstakes. It is fun either way.

This is the site you been looking for all along. It is super easy to earn real cash money and that is what makes Swagbucks the coolest site online today. Just do your self a favor and sign up today. It doesn’t take but just a minute to do the free Swag Bucks sign up form and then your on your way to earning your own bucks online! Try it out and come back here and let me know what you think!

Search & Win

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Nice Floral Arrangements Online

The online floral arrangements at are pretty cool and very nice. I was looking at a few flower shops online, when I came across theirs. It was set up real nice and it was easy to find what I was looking for. I was hoping to find a nice gift basket online from a flower shop. Once I went to the EZ Bloomers website, I ended up seeing several gift baskets and it made the decision much harder. I didn’t know which one to get. They had a lot of great-looking baskets and probably one of the biggest selections online.

Tropical Flowers

For those who only want to send flowers online to a friend or loved-one, you will find a large assortment of flowers to choose from. I always like the floral arrangements; which have a lot of bright colors. The more colors you can add, the more I will like the flowers. I just never know which flowers are in season and if this is the right time of the year to order them. I would never send the fake flowers or a plastic floral arrangement. I know some folks like them and I do think for the grave sites, a plastic floral arrangement is okay.

If you want to surprise someone with flowers, be sure to send them the “real McCoy” (if you know what I mean). If you can pick out the flowers, which give off a nice aroma, that would be a good touch too. The plastic flowers can’t provide the soothing aroma or sweet smells, like the ones Mother Nature grows for us. So for me, a floral arrangement with lots of colors and one that you can smell easily. What kind of flowers do you like best? анонимайзер зайти в одноклассники сюда анонимайзер зайти в одноклассники

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Advertising online with social marketing

I was reading a story of an Advertising agency that lost a multi-million dollar account based one tweet. I don’t want to mention the company because they have already suffered enough damage, but it goes to show that one simple misstep in the instant communication world we live in can cause severe damages to your brand and company. While it is unfortunate this brings up a good discussion point on the Advertising agency you choose does matter. Some of the more traditional Ad agencies have departments that work in the social marketing space but have only been doing so for a few years. Many agencies were banking on the fact that social media was just a fad and that these sites would eventually fade away.

As we have seen the like of social networking sites are only getting larger and customers are turning to them to get information and buy products and services. The advertising agency that understands this and can help their customer interact and collaborate with their customer will bring the most value. An advertising that lives in the space and in the case of That Advertising Agency which was started on the internet can provide a valuable partner when you are looking to expand your presence online. So be careful who you choose to manage your online and offline promotions because one simple 140 character screw can be damaging to your efforts.

Статья об алгоритмах google панда и google пингвин. Описание того, как я вышел из под этих фильтров и снял санкции с блога. Периодическая таблица успеха SEO | вот такой Вы не знаете, что такое seo раскрутка, продвижение сайта? Наши seo (сео) консультации по продвижению сайтов от опытных специалистов помогут в этом разобраться. Также мы можем провести профессиональный seo (сео) анализ сайта.

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TV Doctor Lisa Masterson Becomes a Book Author

She is smart, beautiful, rich, and has the great sense of humor too. And oh yeah, she is a single Mom too, for all of you fellers to think about. I don’t know your chances for getting a date with Doctor Lisa Masterson, but you can pick up her new book online. If you have seen this lady doctor before, but just can’t remember where, let me see if I can help. Lisa Masterson is the only female doctor on the weekday morning show called The Drs. She sits between Dr. Travis Stork and Jim Sears on the television show; which is made up of 4 real life doctors. Doctor Drew Ordon is a famous southern California plastic surgeon, who is the fourth doc on the panel of TV doctors.

Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir

While Doctor Lisa is not in her real life Californian doctor’s office or playing a doctor on TV, she has been putting a book together. Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir has just came out in April of 2011 and its not a medical book, like some of the other doctors on the show have been publishing lately. This book is about Lisa Masterson and her life’s story; while growing up in poverty or someone who didn’t have much as a little girl. Her strong desire to learn and make her self better in this world has paid off. This new book describes that amazing life journey. See how a kid without very much in life, is now taking America by storm and is another face for women doctors. She is also a face for all gynecologists around the Country and really the World. She takes care of pregnant women and this has been her calling in life. The TV Show and now this new book is really just more cherries on top of the cake. Her graduation from medical school and opening up a business to serve patients; while she is the doctor treating them, is really her “cake” in life.

Who knows what will happen with President Barack Obama’s push for medical reform in America. As he tries hard to get his health care package into the books, we can all still get free medical advice from our TV sets. The Doctors is a really great television show, which helps the sick, the over weight, and everyone to stay in shape and begin living a healthier life. In the center of all of this great medical knowledge, we get to see Dr. Masterson doing something she loves to do. The Doctors do wake up very early to put on these television medical shows, but each and every one of them so far, has been really educational. I hear a lot of good things about the Doctors on television and I expect this trend to continue for some time now. Be sure to tune in each weekday morning Monday through Friday and watch Dr. Masterson and her other 3 medical professionals, as they try to treat America and get us on the healthy side of life.

The Drs on Daytime Television


**For those who watch The Drs on television, I would like to find out how often you and your family watch the show. Please reply back with the answer that best fits your family’s TV viewing habits; when it comes to watching The Doctors on TV. On average, how often have you watched the medical television show called The Drs?

A. Once a Week

B. Twice a Week

C. I Watch More Shows Than I Miss

D. 1 or 2 Times a Month

E. Only Watched a Few Times Ever

Thanks for taking the time to read through this blog post and I hope you can answer this question at the end, about one of America’s top rated medical shows on television today. Please don’t forget about Dr. Lisa Masterson’s new book and be sure to leave your book reviews here, when you get finish reading it.

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Job Market Not That Bad

Jobs always seem to find a way to get in the headlines for the 6 o’clock news. The truth is, a lot of jobs are out there right now and no one is applying for them. I know a lot of industries have been hit hard over the past few years. Some job markets have been in a 10 year slump or a slump that dates back to the 9/11 tragedy. I don’t believe a lot of people try to hard to find a new job, once they quit or lose a job they did have. This puts a lot of pressure on the family income, when one member suddenly stops bringing home a paycheck. Then when the jobless vacation must end and the person is forced back to work, it takes time for that first pay check to roll in. It’s during these times, we hear so many negative things about jobs in this country and how illegal aliens from Mexico and other Hispanic Nations are stealing jobs away from the American people.

If you lose your job today or anytime in the near future, you better have a new job you can go to fast. Even if you choose to get a fast food job or get hired in the retail jobs industry, this will be good for the time being. When you leave one dream job, you don’t have to replace it with another one. Good jobs are hard to find. It can take months, if not years, to land a really good job. Just remember to stay working and don’t allow long gaps to develop in your job history. This doesn’t really look good on a job application for a new employee. Not to mention, all of the money you will be missing out on. Keep the pay checks coming in, if you should ever lose a job unexpectedly. If you take a mini vacation and then go back to work, for a job that pays less, than your old job; you will be getting in financial debt. You won’t have enough funds to hold out. You must always keep the money coming in. If you remember that and know there are retail jobs, fast food jobs, and construction jobs available. You will have no money shortages; while you wait for that next dream job to come your way.

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Another New Diet Product?

I know the weight loss industry is huge. Just about anything and everything you can think of, on how to lose more weight, has been developed or attempted to be marketed to dieters. Today I heard something new and never knew this was a diet product. Perhaps this is a new diet product? How many people have heard about a weight loss cream before? I didn’t read anything about this product, so I don’t have any details. I was just curious to know if this was a new diet cream and could it really work? How nice would it be to lose weight, form a cream product? I think a lot of dieters would be happy to try a new diet product like this. For those who have struggled to take off the excess weight, they would try just about anything at this point. I know how it feels to be over weight. I am carrying around 20 pounds I don’t need right now, but I know how it got there. I just need to improve my food diet and get more exercise each day. For others, its not so simple. They eat next to nothing and will exercise morning, noon, and night and still won’t see much of a change. I hope this diet cream for people trying to lose weight will help. Especially for those who are severely overweight and need to lose some serious pounds.

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О магазине


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Money from Amazon and the Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon can be a great way to begin a marketing career online. Or just a way to get a few extra dollars each month.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is like Wal Mart. You know how Wal-Mart carries just a little bit of everything? Well that is how Amazon works, but they are online. Amazon is the online version of Walmart. When you become a member of Amazon, you are free to promote a number of different products. No matter what you think sales good online, you have the freedom to promote it. You display the Amazon pages online with your special Amazon affiliate code and then you will receive credit, once a user goes through your link to buy something. Even if they don’t buy the product on the page you showed them, you will still get credit.

For instance, I know gold prices are up right now. So I think gold mining supplies would be a hot seller. I can display a number of different products related to gold from I am trying to lure gold prospectors and people who want to start panning for gold, to my affiliate pages with gold equipment from Amazon. If these folks buy a gold sluice box, a gold panning kit, or a device to separate the black sands from the fine flower gold, I will get credit. A visitor might not even buy any gold prospecting equipment, they could just buy a book with gold treasures and I would still receive an Amazon commission!

Now if someone visited my Amazon page with a gold pick hammer, but decided they wanted a different type of hammer, I would still get credit. Once they arrive to Amazon, via my special Amazon code, then they are tracked. They could visit a number of different pages and search for lots of other things; which weren’t related to gold supplies at all and I would still get credit. Isn’t that cool?

No matter what your traffic buys, you will still get credit! Your job and my job is to get people to visit the popular Amazon website. This is what separates the big boys from the bigger boys. A creative marketer can put together a game plan and will execute that game plan, so it will benefit them. They can come up with all sorts of new and genius ways of getting new visitors to come to a Amazon products page; which will have their special affiliate code hidden in the URL.

Amazon isn’t the only way to make money online. There are a variety of other money making programs online and I encourage you to try them too. I just think everyone should be a member of the Amazon affiliate program, so they have the ability to market or promote any product they want online. You don’t have to market your Amazon pages daily. Just do it when you feel like it. Take certain weekends each year, where you try to be aggressive. Or if you’re bored one day, you can issue a personal challenge to yourself, and try to stay online, until you sell at least one thing from Amazon. You can login daily to the Amazon Associates Program and check to see if you have sold any items. This page updates about every 24 hours. So selling an item right now, would probably take about 24 hours to show up.

I’m ready to join the Amazon affiliate program. Now what?

Okay, this is good news that you will give it a try. Just remember, this is free to do and you have nothing to lose. So have fun with it and you might just make some serious cash from this online affiliate program! It’s real simple to join the Amazon Associates Program; which is the same thing as the Amazon Affiliate Program. Just follow the steps below very carefully and you should have no problems becoming a member.

Step 1: Go to the Amazon website by clicking this link

Step 2: Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page

Step 3: Look for “Join Associates” in the middle column of links

Step 4: Click “Join Associates” and this will take you to the Amazon affiliate sign up page

Step 5: After you join, read how to build links, banners, text ads, etc… with your special code

That’s it! If you need any helps with the Amazon affiliate program, I will be happy to assist you. You will make your most money, by getting people to the Amazon pages and having them to buy something. As an extra bonus, you can invite some of your friends, co-workers, relatives, or neighbors to join through your Amazon referral page and you will receive a small portion of their earnings. You will make much more for the sales you personally bring in, but if you can get 2 or 3 people as sellers under you, this little money can add up to big money. So there is more than one way to earn with the Amazon Associates program.

Have fun and enjoy this new adventure you are about to take!

*If you are a big time marketer online and know you will make money with the Amazon affiliate program. Please feel free to join under me and I will offer you special assistance with your promotions and also even share my cash earnings with you. I will be sure you make more than the typical online marketers who have had success with the Amazon Associates program.

**New to affiliate programs and marketing online? I am always teaching daily and I would be more than happy to help you get started in the right way with the Amazon affilaite program. Just contact me directly and I will give you special assistance with your online promotions. I will want to teach you all of my secrets, so I can benefit from your success at Amazon. I can and will help you make money for the first time online, if you have never made the first cent before. I can’t think of another program that is better; than to start with Amazon as your first online job. Thanks and good luck!

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Fans Talking About Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Newest Hollywood Couple?

I don’t ever start rumors about anything online. However, if a rumor is already in place, I don’t mind adding a little fuel or being the wildfire helper. Yes news can spread like wildfire online. This is one thing our computers and the Internet has did for us in the early years of the 21st century.

As a blogger, I will talk about anything, if I think others will be interested. If I can discuss a popular topic that will drive tons of traffic to my website, then I won’t hesitate to start typing. My latest research shows Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as being hot topics. Often the teen hot topics are the best ones. The younger ages like to use their computers to find out about their latest stars. While Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez might be just slightly popular right now as individuals. They became a really popular term when you put Gomez and Bieber together. Why? Probably due to a photo that was taken of the couple, while they were on a cruise ship. This picture shows Justin loving on Selena Gomez. This has caused a big buzz online and now everyone wants to know if the two really are a couple.

Well Selena Gomez is an attractive, mid-teens age female from the Disney Channel’s popular TV show called Wizards of Waverly Place. While Justin Bieber is probably the most popular 10 year-old kid in the world today. Okay, maybe Justin is not 10 years old, but he isn’t too much older. I think Selena Gomez is much older than Bieber, if you go by age ranges of early teens. A 30 year old with a 25 year old companion is fine. Nobody minds this 5 year gap in ages. If you have a 17 year old and a 12 year old; then you are talking about a more serious age group. This couple would be 1 year from being a legal U.S. adult; while the other partner is 1 year away from being a teenager.

Justin Bieber & Usher

Most people know who Usher is. He is from Atlanta, Georgia and owns a partial ownership stake in the “Lebronless” Cleveland Cavaliers. Nobody in the world could do the dance moves from the King of Pop Michael Jackson. If there was one person who could, then it would be Mr. Usher without a doubt. The man does have some major dance skills and can move his feet just like MJ could. His talents have helped to create the newest kid on the block in Justin Bieber. So the popularity Justin carries with him today, is really from Usher and not his own personal talents.

Justin Bieber with 2 Bierber Fans

No doubt Justin could have his choice of girls today. He could cover a wide age range and this would be one reason why Selena Gomez might be interested in him. She commands her own fans of males, who would love to have just one date with her. Since these two kids have a number of boy friends or girl friends they could get, it looks like they have decided on each other. Gomez and Bieber as a couple is what a lot of folks in Hollywood would like to see and this includes the agents for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. The way you get more famous in L.A. is to date or marry someone that is just as famous as you.

Now the only reason I am talking about Justin Bieber and his new girlfriend Selena Gomez is because I want more traffic or visitors to my blog. Since I have you here and got your attention, please let me know your opinions about Selena Gomez or the popular Justin Bieber. Do you think these kids are really dating? How much older is Selena Gomez compared to Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber concerts or Selena Gomez concerts? Feel free to add any additional Bieber information or Selena Gomez information.

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Biggest Online Affiliate Program

I would have to guess that Amazon has the biggest affiliate program online. You have the option to promote the cheap MP3 downloads for just about any song in the world or you could promote books from Amazon, if you joined their free affiliate program. Online shopping is gaining in popularity and Amazon is the king store online. They have just about everything at Amazon. Shopping for back to school supplies or just a pack of ink pens and you will find it at Amazon. They never run out of products for you to advertise online. You can create special referral links to any Amazon page, once you sign up for the free Amazon affiliate program. Lots of ways to earn money online and everyone should be using Amazon to help make some of that money.

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Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

That first Monday after the weekend after Thanksgiving is a very busy time for the Internet. This is due to all of the holiday shoppers who come online looking for a great deal. In recent years, this first Monday after Thanksgiving has become affectionately known as Cyber Monday. If you want to find cheap deals and good bargains online, there is really only one website to go to. Spend your Cyber Monday with Amazon for the best deals on the Net.

I have been using Amazon for years, just because it was convenient and easy to use. I was happy with the prices I was paying for items, but really never knew if they offered the lowest prices online. Once the recession began a couple of years back, money begin to get very tight around my household. I no longer could afford some of the luxuries in life I was use to enjoying. When I had to buy something online, I was not free to just go to Amazon and buy it like the days before the recession. Now was a time where every penny counted and I had to find which online websites had the cheapest prices, plus the cheapest shipping rates. I came online and checked about 5 popular websites I knew sold the item I was looking for. I jotted down their prices and shipping costs and then begin to use the search engines, to see if there were any sites I didn’t know about, offering this item I needed for less. It turns out, I came right back to Amazon to buy the item I needed. Not only did Amazon beat all of the other guys prices, but there was a $7.40 difference, between their price and the 2nd lowest price I found online. This was for a $28 item at Amazon and the next best price was for $35.40. Most of the other websites was selling this item for $39 to $44!

Now I needed to see how low Amazon’s shipping cost was going to set me back. I was able to get a $2.59 shipping and handling fee from Amazon. Only one website was cheaper by .09 cents, but this online shopping site that was charging $2.50 for their shipping, wanted me to pay $44 for the item I needed.  I would much prefer to pay an extra 9 cents for shipping; when my purchased item was $16 cheaper at Amazon!

Now this is only one of my recession stories and using the Amazon shopping website. During the 2 year recession period, I would go on to order about a dozen different things online. All of these was items I had to have for work or needed for my computer or to fix something around the house. Regardless of what it was, the prices at Amazon were cheaper every single time. I never did find one website online; which offered the same product as Amazon for a lower price. I mean never!

Now that the economy has picked up and I don’t have to be quite so tight with money, I still do a very thorough price comparison with all of the popular and not so popular shopping sites online. The folks from Amazon just continue to get my business, because they continue to offer the lowest prices on the Web. Who is looking for some low holiday prices online? A lot of people will come online Monday and go to the Google Search, their Yahoo Search, or use the Bing Search or MSN Search engine to look for Cyber Deals or Cyber Bargains from their computer. This is perfectly fine, as long as you don’t forget to check with Amazon before you buy on the Internet. As the Cyber Monday Shopping Day draws close, please be sure to check with Amazon, before you buy anything online. They have a huge warehouse or warehouses and offer just about anything you want or need to buy online. Not only will Amazon have the item you are looking for, but they will have it at the lowest, bargain basement prices you can find on the World Wide Web. Amazon also offers an attractive Amazon Affliate Program, where online marketers can make a little extra cash on the side. Once your account at Amazon gets over $100, you can have a check mailed to your address or get the Amazon Associates Program to pay your Pay Pal account. If you’re reading this blog post and the 2010 Cyber Monday Day has passed, you can still find the best online deals at Amazon for all of your Christmas gifts and Holiday purchases. Anytime is a good time to shop at Amazon!

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заказать еду


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***NEW*** Linkgrand Billboard Advertising

For a long time now; Linkgrand has been one of the most trusted and effective advertising platforms online. For as little as $5, an advertiser or website owner can buy 1,000 unique hits for their promotional efforts online. I have had great results using the advertising services Link Grand has traditionally used over the years. Now they have added a new feature to their site and this promises to deliver even more daily hits; which are unique hits or unique visitors that will be showing up at a advertiser’s sales page, an affiliate program, or the referral page for anyone who is trying to build a downline using the Internet. Linkgrand calls this their Billboard and its very simple to use.

A webmaster or online marketer can buy this new billboard advertising feature at Linkgrand for a weekly fee. The cost starts out at $50 per week for Linkgrand to display a banner of your online program you want more exposure for. The first numbers that were coming in, was about 600 unique hits or visitors per day. Now those totals have made a huge jump, since Linkgrand members are becoming more aware of how this new billboard advertising works. Members at Linkgrand will want to visit your website each day, since they can earn precious tokens and have the chance to win a large cash prize each month. Linkgrand members will be more than happy to visit your website or referral page each day, so they can have a chance to win a big cash prize. While they visit your website or affiliate pages, they will be able to see what you are promoting online and you will have the opportunity to sign up new members for your affiliate-based programs.

Now $50 per week for this new Linkgrand advertising might seem to be a little expensive for most online advertisers. The good news, you can drastically reduce this price, by buying ads for a longer time period. The longer your ad gets shown to Linkgrand members, the more chances you have to spark their interest and get new sign ups for your online programs. Instead of buying a billboard banner for 1 week, you can spend $100 for a month of this new effective way to advertise with Linkgrand and now you have saved 50% from the weekly price and your cost is now just $25 a week! However, it is possible to get your billboard up at Linkgrand for less than $10 a week! To lock-in this super cheap rate, an advertiser needs to buy 1 year of this type of advertising and Linkgrand will only charge a flat rate fee of $500! Any advertiser who makes the $500 investment now, will be getting 1000’s of unique visitors daily and for the super low rate of less than $2 per day.

Five hundred dollars is too much for the casual online Internet marketer, but is a price some of the more serious advertisers online can easily afford. Your banner will get 1000’s of visitors per day and you will be allowed to edit your billboard advertising banner at Linkgrand. So the one time investment of $500 per year, will give an advertiser online the ability to promote several different programs. You will be allowed to edit your information once a week and this flexibility with your banner at Linkgrand, makes this a no brainer, for those who can afford the $500 price.

Linkgrand has just announced the numbers for their first advertiser who bought the billboard advertising at Link Grand. This lucky person got an amazing 169,727 impressions in their first week! As more members become aware of how this new billboard feature works at Linkgrand, these impressions will be changing over to hits. Since members at Linkgrand can earn valuable tokens for a huge monthly prize, two lucky winners will get each month at Linkgrand. As an advertiser at Linkgrand, you can also become a member, who earns from the money-earning platform Linkgrand has created for their members. All advertisers can earn extra money from Linkgrand and this makes any advertising purchases, just that much cheaper, if you decide to use Linkgrand as one of your online programs for making money.

If you’re ready to get in on the action at Linkgrand as a member who earns daily money from them or you want Linkgrand to help build your money making programs into successful earners. Or maybe you want to do both! Now is the time to join Linkgrand and become a member who earns a daily cash amount or an advertiser who finds a steady stream of referrals from the huge Linkgrand membership base. I have used Linkgrand for advertising purposes and I have also earned a nice income with them too.

Members can request a cashout anytime their balance is $5 or more. All payments get sent to Pay Pal and you will be paid within 24 hours of requesting a cash payout of five dollar or greater. For each click one of your Linkgrand referrals make, you get a 30% credit of what they made. Plus you get a generous 10% commission on all advertising that gets sold from your Linkgrand referral pages.

Now is a great time to use Linkgrand for a new stream of income or to promote your other online programs you’re currently making money with now. Or just do like me and use Linkgrand to make extra money and to help with your online advertising needs! It is totally free to joinand free members can begin earning money from day 1. Once you see how Linkgrand works, you can upgrade for life, by just paying a one time cost of $20. By upgrading at Linkgrand, you will be known as a Premium Member and this means you can see a lot more daily ads for clicking and even earn more money per click, by being a Premium Linkgrand Member. Come join for free today and see what all the buzz is about!

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Black Friday Coming Soon

The busiest day of the year, will be this upcoming Friday, the day after Thanksgiving for retailers across the country. They will begin their Christmas Specials in the early morning hours on Friday. We use to see stores opening up at 7 or 8 a.m. which was 1 or 2 hours before their normal opening times. Now things have changed and some retailers who sell clothing and electronic products will open at 6 a.m. and even earlier than that in some cases. This Friday after Thanksgiving Day has become known as Black Friday and this is the best day of the year to shop. At least in terms of prices, consumers can find the cheapest deals on this first Friday after the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday. It’s a whole other story, when it comes to the crowds and trying to find a parking place. Due to the large crowds on Black Friday, some shoppers will just stay at home and avoid them. While other brave shoppers will go out early Friday morning and find a line to get in, as they wait for a store to open its doors at 4, 5, or 6 a.m.. If you plan to go Christmas shopping this Friday, be sure to get out there as early as possible, to find the best deals on clothing and electronic products. Have fun and don’t forget safety first!

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Stores Stocking Up on Halloween Candy

It’s a great time of the year to be a candy maker. If you chose to produce or sell candy as a living; then this is your favorite month of the year. October is when a lot of pounds get gained and no sweet tooth is left with a craving. I have one of them sweet tooth’s and I wished I didn’t have these cravings for sweet treats.

I’m not sure the history of Halloween. I didn’t take the time to get versed in the subject, before writing this blog post about Halloween candy. I do know that no kid hates Halloween and why would they? They have the opportunity to dress up in any clothing style they want. This is the only time of the year, where your parents can’t stop you from wearing something. Well maybe in a few cases parents do put some limits on the Halloween costumes, but for the most part, kids get the final word.

Dressing up is only half of the fun. The other half becomes a race with friends to see who can get the most candy from trick or treating. You know the candy sellers love these Halloween races. They make sure their supplies are well above normal and they will supply the stores with all of the candy their shelves can hold. The retailers know candy sells will skyrocket in late October and they don’t want to run of sweet treats, for shoppers who over stock their households with candy. No family wants to run out of candy; while the trick or treaters are still going door to door, looking for the next free hand-out of candy.

What the Halloween season is really all about is over stocking. The candy makers make more candy than they can sell. The stores buy more candy than they can sell. And finally the home owners buy more candy than they can give out. The whole candy chain becomes a over-stuffed system and kids are indeed responsible for this. No one wants to turn away a kid at their doorsteps on Halloween night, because they ran out of candy.

The good news comes on November 1st; when stores try to push out their remaining supplies of Halloween candy. The retailers know that everyone has bags and bags of candy at home. The family that over bought candy for trick or treaters or the family who has a couple of kids, who filled their bags up, on the night of Halloween. Since most consumers will not be buying candy anytime soon, the stores know they must cut their prices. The best part about Halloween, is the early November specials we see in stores. All candy gets reduced in price and the thrifty shoppers can really rack up on the savings, if they choose to buy these extra supplies of candy. If you have a sweet tooth and buy candy often, just save your money for November 1st; when all candy will be sold at a bargain!

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Lighters: You Get What You Pay For

A cigarette lighter is only as good as the money you spent on it. I know this is true, because I have bought a lot of cheap lighters and have learned my lessons. An expensive lighter will not only last until the fluid is empty, but users normally have a lot easier time of using them. The cheap lighters will normally tear up, before you get to use up all of the lighter fluid. I don’t normally buy the name brand products or the most expensive choices, but I do for lighters. The cheap lighters will end up costing you more down the road; than the name brand or more expensive lighters being sold. For anyone who has used the cheap and expensive lighters, will know exactly what I am talking about.

Which lighters do you buy most often?

A. Expensive Name Brand Lighters

B. Cheap Lighters

C. Buy the First Lighters I See

D. None, I Use Matches

For me, the answer is “A”. I have learned my lessons in the past and the cheap lighters are really not cheap at all. A lighter is only as good, for the amount of times it will light up properly. I could use two cheap lighters and could not even smoke a carton of cigarettes. While one name brand lighter would easily get me through 10 packs of cigarettes or 1 carton.

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Advertising on Company Products

You or your business can never have enough advertising. The more times you can get your name, phone number, and street address out there, the more business you can expect to get. I like the idea of advertising on various promotional items, you can order for a small to mid-size business. These items can get passed around at work and before you know it, they are out there promoting your business. It’s just a one time fee to fix up some of these promotional tools and your advertising can last for years and years from these valuable little gadgets. I would like to make up a few bumper stickers, ash trays, and some pens for my online business and see how well I could do, with a few promo items helping me to advertise. This kind of advertising is a one-time cost; while reaping the benefits, can happen more than just once.

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MBT Shoes Supporting a Better Walk

Women’s MBT Shoes

We don’t really think of our shoes as helping us to walk properly or providing a better posture. It would seem all shoes are the same, right? Well that is not true and I have learned a valuable shoe lesson today. These mbt shoes are available for men or women. So what exactly does MBT stand for? The 3 letter abbreviation for these modern shoes is Masai Barefoot Technology and there is a whole lot of technology in these high-tech shoes.

The MBT brand of shoes are designed to help us walk more properly. Our other shoes don’t offer a support like this. When we start walking more properly or walking correctly, it goes up our legs and into our backs. Once we begin to take steps properly with the support of these MBT shoes, we get a better overall posture. These well-designed and carefully planned out shoes are a revolutionary fitness aid from Swiss Masai. They help us to start working our feet muscles more properly. Once this begins to take place, our joints and spine can improve too. All of these healthy benefits and it all comes from a simple tennis shoe. Did you know about the MBT line of shoes before you read this blog post?

Men’s MBT Shoes

I know my Mother broke her ankle several months ago and she has been looking for specially designed shoes. I wonder what kind of support and help these fitness shoes could offer someone, who was needing to learn how to walk again, after being off their feet for so long with an injury? It’s interesting to think about things like this. I might have to try a pair of these MBT men’s shoes and also tell my Mom about them. And don’t worry ladies for those of you who are picky out there. You can find a wide range of different MBT footwear online at Footwear etc.. I believe they have enough choices and variety of MBT shoes, that even the pickiest of ladies will find a pair she can feel good about wearing.

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Websites Offering the Most Information

If you want to check out a sport’s score or read up on some late breaking news; which website do you turn to first? Do you have a local news website in your state, you rely on for the latest in breaking news? Do you prefer to use a national website for locating and tracking down certain information about a breaking news topic.

I wanted to see if there was one website, that Internet users turned to first or more than any other website online. It may be a news website or you may just use one of the big search engines, to track down this type of information. Please let me know your top news website or search engine, you trust the most in delivering your online news fast and accurately.

Sometimes a late breaking news story can have many different details; when it first happens. News agencies all over the country and the World have to decide fast, if this is information they want to print or put on the air, or do they wait and perhaps take a chance on another news agency beating them to the punch? It’s a tough call for all newsgroups and the person who makes these decisions has to be willing to gamble sometimes and other times has to let the story unfold more, before he or she can release this breaking news story to the public. I believe most people understand that a lof of misleading facts can come in with a story that is just breaking. I believe the news people should allow more things to go out, as soon as they receive, because we as a society can overlook these errors. You certainly don’t always want to be playing 2nd fiddle to a competing news agency, where they are always the first ones to break a new story.

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What’s Trending on Yahoo Right Now

The top things trending on this late Friday evening over at Yahoo’s homepage:

1. Peyton Manning

2. Minnesota Twins

3. Alpha and Omega

4. Pope Benedict XVI

5. Bill Clinton

6. SF Giants

7. Easy A

8. The Town

9. The Tourist Trailer

10. Yom Kippur

I like to look at the top 10 things at Yahoo, so I can see what’s going on. It’s almost like watching a quick recap of the headline news stories for the day. Most of your top current events, will always be showing in the top 10 results, on Yahoo’s main homepage.

As you can imagine, with this being Friday, there is a lot of sports coming on this weekend. So no surprise to see a few sports names and teams making the top 10 at Yahoo. Top of the list is Mr. Peyton Manning, the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. He will be facing his little brother Eli Manning in his next NFL game. Little Eli is the QB for the New York Giants and these two teams go head to head this weekend. It should be a good game and the Colts need a win, since they lost their season opener to the Houston Texans.

The Twins baseball team will be without their starting center fielder tonight, when they face the Oakland Athletics. It appears Denard Span hurt his shoulder while diving for a ball and will be unable to go. This will open the door for the Twins talented rookie Ben Revere, who will get his MLB debut, as the Twins starting CF against the A’s from California. Other baseball news shows a new leader in the NL Western Division. The San Francisco Giants have taken the lead and there isn’t a lot of baseball left to be played. I’m sure the Giants team and their fans are very excited in the Bay Area of California. It looks like the AL Oakland team and the NL S.F. team are making headlines for totally different reasons. The Oakland fans would love to be sitting in their neighbor’s position and enjoying the September MLB action, the San Francisco Giants fans are enjoying and taking full advantage of right now.

The 2010 Tourist trailer is a hot item being viewed on the Web right now. A story about an American visiting the beautiful country of Italy and trying to mend a broken heart. This might be one worth checking out.

Tourist Trailer 2010

YouTube Preview Image

Is there anything else that caught your attention at Yahoo?

I know the Pope is making a lot of headlines. I haven’t read too much on the full details, but a terrorist plot on the Pope got stopped. It should be interesting to see what led authorities to making this bust. I hope this doesn’t become a trend. No one should be hurting any religious figures, who only spread peace and love. I believe most would agree the Pope isn’t doing anything to harm anyone, so please leave them alone. I’m sure you terrorists can find other targets in the World, who would deserve your terrorist plots, much more than the person who resides in Vatican City; which is located within the borders of Italy.

Other things trending at Yahoo on this Friday in mid September is little Billy Clinton. The former U.S. President who got caught with his pants down (literally). Yep, he’s the one! Cheated on his wife, during his duties as Commander in Chief for the World’s most powerful military country on the planet. While Americans were dealing with their problems in the 1990’s, Mr. Clinton took our U.S. tax dollars and spent it on hookers, alcohol, expensive cigars, and much more. Recent estimates have shown Clinton may have committed adultery over 75 times and with at least 14 different women. Going back to his Arkansas days, you could say 15 with Paula Jones, who he had an affair with her too. Only Monica was the only one to have DNA and evidence, so the other 13 women in D.C. never get mentioned, but you have to at lest guess that half of those 13 women are telling the truth. I’m sure the 75 times number is a little low too. He was in office for 8 years, so I would say this number would reach closer to 188 to 192 times; with the 13 unknown women and Monica Lewinsky. And this wraps up the top 10 at Yahoo for today.

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Acne Help for Teens

You aren’t going to get the best acne treatments mailed to your overnight, so your problem will still be present in the morning.

My best advice and homemade remedy for helping, will start working in 2 or 3 days. You won’t have to walk around with pimples and acne the whole week, if you try my little homemade remedy. Just get the hot water running at the kitchen or bathroom sink. Take a towel and put it over your head and lean down toward the hot water that is coming out of the faucet. Allow the steam to open up your pores, so all the dirt and bad stuff can drain out. Do this for at least 3 or 4 minutes. Once you get done cleaning out your pores, simply splash some cold water on your face, so you can close the pores. This will help to stop any new dirt from going back in, through your open pore spaces. Doing this little step every 2 or 3 times a week, should help to cut down on your acne problems.

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