Auburn’s 5 Year Wait is Over

December 10

It has taken the Auburn Tigers football program 5 years, to complete another perfect record in the SEC. Now they get a chance to face the division that cost them a title back in 2005; when their perfect season then was not good enough for the so called college experts. The Pac 10 has a perfect team and the SEC has a perfect team, battling on the biggest stage in college football. Which team do you think will win?

A. Auburn

B. Oregon

The football game on January 10th of 2011, will be the biggest football game ever. Since the modern day rankings and the BCS influence, we get to see the best college football conference (SEC) and the most over rated football conference (Pac 10) dual it out on a prime time stage. This game is bigger than any of the previous 4 championships, where the Pac 10 could not supply a team, even though they got the benefit of the doubt ever single time. Now we get to see the Oregon team representing a football conference that doesn’t even belong in Division I football. If you don’t think the Auburn fans and players are ready for this game, just wait to see how bad the Pac 10 Ducks get sent home with their tails between their padded feet, when the southern tigers begin to roar from Southern Alabama.

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