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How To Buy Cheap Baby Food

I know when it comes to our precious little ones, price doesn’t matter. We don’t mind spending the extra buck on them, but there are ways we can save money on their food costs. Buying things in large quantities has always been a good way to save money. There is no exceptions when it comes to baby food products. Our little boys and girls must eat, so we have to buy them the proper foods they can digest. If parents would start buying baby foods in large amounts, they could save a lot of money. Just remember to use the proper baby food storage containers when you do buy in bulk. It is also very important to label the expiration dates of the food products, so we are not giving our children expired things to eat. Our kids can not always tell us that a food doesn’t taste right or if it is spoiled. So be sure to keep up with the dates, if you plan to start buying baby foods in large quantity.

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Metabolism Plays a Key Part in Good Health

Your metabolism travels in different speeds. If you have a high metabolism, you can burn off a lot more calories and fat, than someone who has a low metabolism rate. People who wish to loose weight, will often take metabolism booster pills, to help with their weight loss efforts. Speeding up your metabolism can be a good thing for dieters. You do need to eat more frequently if you have a higher metabolism rate, than the average person. You eat more often, but you eat much smaller meals to keep your body in-line and balanced. Your body can burn-off and absorb the nutritional values of food, if your metabolism is in high gear. A lot of health problems can start to creep up, for those who have a low metabolism rate. It is good to know, with modern health technology, we can speed up our metabolism and try to adjust it for a well balanced body. If you have had problems with diets in the past, you could benefit from a diet booster, that would speed up your body’s metabolism rate. газель какой бензин


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Knicks and Celtics Loose Control Friday Night

Celtics Eddie House Holds Finger Gun To McGrady’s Head in Anger

Its that time of the year in the NBA. This is when teams are not quite where they want to be in the standings, players are tired, coaches are frustrated, and fewer fans are coming to the arenas. All of these things build up and create poor sportsmanship on the court. Parents shouldn’t feel safe letting their kids watch a team like the Boston Celtics for instance. I like to use the word “thug players” which describes a basketball player, who is not interested in playing basketball. The thug player is just someone out to cause trouble. We saw this in Kevin Garnett, when his Celtic team traveled to Phoenix to take on the Suns. Before the cheap shot KGtook on another Suns player, when he just hit him in the groin area for no reason, Garnett had already did things earlier in the game that wasn’t seen or called. Kevin Garnett has turned into a thug player recently and you can thank his Boston Celtic teammates for this.

Paul Pierce is the poster child for thug player in the NBA. This guy just comes to the court each day, so he can take cheap shots and physical attacks against his opponent. He has some of the worse sportsmanship I have seen in decades in the NBA. The guy should be behind bars some where in a jail or prison environment. He doesn’t deserve the money and luxuries that come from playing in the NBA.

Pierce’s teammate Kendrick Perkins is no better and has a lot of Paul Pierce’s bad qualities. Pierce and Perkins are both thug players and Perkins has been taking cheap shots for years in the NBA. He is another player who laces up the sneakers each night, so he can just cause hurt and pain to other players in the NBA. Kendrick Perkins and Paul Pierce will both probably be in jail one day, paying for their physical attacks on other human beings. When you have two players like this on your team, it’s bound to carry over to the other guys on the team. We see this in a insecure Kevin Garnett. He doesn’t have a lot of confidence about himself, so he takes lessons from Kendrick Perkins and Paul Pierce and wants to follow in their footsteps. He must feel if he can take these same cheap shots on the court like they do, then he can fit in. Become part of a group and have something he didn’t have while growing up. KG had a hard childhood and now needs help from others to survive in this world. Too bad he’s becoming a thug, just like his partners in crime on the Boston Celtics team.

Shawne Williams Takes Cheap Shot at Artest

In New York, we saw Shawne Williams of the Knicks played an entire game of thug basketball. This guy would not stop taking the cheap shots at the Atlanta Hawks team Friday night in Atlanta. He was constantly trying to start trouble the whole game. He took numerous cheap shots at numerous players. Two shots were directed at Marvin Williams, but Marvin wouldn’t stoop to his level. It was when Shawne Williams tried the 3rd cheap shot is when Marvin slapped his hand away, to say “this is enough, play basketball thug“, but Shawne Williams didn’t want to play ball. He just wanted to cause trouble and he accomplished his goal. After Marvin tried to teach him a lesson, the thug Shawne Williams came back in a bold stance against Marvin. This led to an altercation and both men got ejected. The NBA could care less about the Atlanta Hawks and didn’t hand out the right punishment. They actually suspended Marvin Williams for 2 games and Shawne Williams for only 1 game. If they would have watched the whole 2nd half of that game, they would have probably suspended Shawne for 5 to 10 games. In typical fashion, the NBA only focused on the incident and didn’t rewind the tape enough, to see what was really the problem at Philips Arena that night.

Kevin Garnett and Shawne Williams are two thugs playing in the NBA right now and neither athlete should be allowed to play in the next dozen games. The NBA had a chance to stand up and take action against these two thugs. KG did get ejected from the game, when he took a deliberate and non basketball shot at the Suns Channing Frye, but the League Officials took favortism into account with the Big Ticket Kevin Garnett. KG had the worse single action from the two NBA fights in Phoenix and Atlanta, yet he gets to play in his next game. Shawne Williams spent a large amount of time in Atlanta delievering cheap blows the whole game and will only sit out 1 game. While Marvin Williams took the abuse two times from Shawne Williams and didn’t do a thing. The NBA is not rewarding Marvin Williams for him turning the other cheek. They are only holding him responsible for his action after the 3rd cheap shot was delievered in his direction, by this same NBA thug who plays for the New York Knicks. The two game suspension against Marvin Williams and the 0 games against KG is exactly why the NBA has repeat champions. They continue to show favoritism and do not judge things individually as they should.

I’m not sure what the Suns team plans to do with Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics, but the Atlanta Hawks will take care of their own. Shawne Williams return to Philips Arena in Atlanta will be a welcome sight. We will serve justice up right in the ATL and you can bet on that! Come on back to Hotlanta Mr. Shawne Williams, we eagerly await your return. We can show you up close and personal what we do to thugs down here. Shawne Williams time is coming, to be continued…

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First Line of Defense for Cell Phones

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. How many times have you heard that line? Well no one may get hurt, when your cell phone stops working, but it can be painful. Just ask any teenage girl and they will tell you how much hurt and frustration comes from a cell phone that doesn’t work properly. Most name brand cell phones have their own cell phone cases you can buy with the phone. In some phone packages, you may get a free case included. If you don’t get the case, then you really should buy one. The cell phone case is the first line of defense against dust and dirt. For those who take care of their phones and limit the number of drops, they will still have to fight off the dirt; which can mess these high-tech gadgets up.

The most common problem is dropping the phone itself, which causes it not to work properly. Hopefully you don’t drop it around or near water and make the problem worse. Since we know we will be dropping our phones, doesn’t it just make sense, to keep it in a protective case? A phone case for your precious talking device, can help it to have a long and lasting life. Your cell phone is like your best friend and you should take the necessary steps, to insure that your friend stays safe. Please remember this blog post, the next time you drop your cell phone, so you can go select the proper case for it. The link up above will provide you with a large variety of different cases you can get for your specific cell phone brand. The price of the case is a whole lot cheaper; compared to the price of a brand new cell phone. A new case can save you money and help keep your cell phone working for a long time to come.

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Prices Coming Down on Beauty Products

While most things are increasing in price, I found the beauty products and supplies are actually getting cheaper. The products the ladies use like creams and make-up are coming down across the board. This is good news for consumers, who buy or need these products. I guess the beauty industry understands the state of the economy more than other industries do. You will probably spend less on that next bottle of hair spray, since there is a big wave of sales going on in the beauty industry. I would think the other items found on the same aisle as eyeliners and make-up would also see a reduction in price. Perhaps this means the acne treatment products will be on sale too. Normally these medicines or medical solutions can be a bit pricey. Now could be the perfect time, to stock up on acne medicines and perhaps even the toothache medicines we must have, when a toothache is present. I will continue to follow this trend, so I can see how the sun blocks, suntan lotions, and other tanning oils do, with the warmer spring days just around the corner. If these products stay cheap, it could be a good year to stock up on the beauty supplies, the next time we go to the supermarket.

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Money from Amazon and the Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon can be a great way to begin a marketing career online. Or just a way to get a few extra dollars each month.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is like Wal Mart. You know how Wal-Mart carries just a little bit of everything? Well that is how Amazon works, but they are online. Amazon is the online version of Walmart. When you become a member of Amazon, you are free to promote a number of different products. No matter what you think sales good online, you have the freedom to promote it. You display the Amazon pages online with your special Amazon affiliate code and then you will receive credit, once a user goes through your link to buy something. Even if they don’t buy the product on the page you showed them, you will still get credit.

For instance, I know gold prices are up right now. So I think gold mining supplies would be a hot seller. I can display a number of different products related to gold from I am trying to lure gold prospectors and people who want to start panning for gold, to my affiliate pages with gold equipment from Amazon. If these folks buy a gold sluice box, a gold panning kit, or a device to separate the black sands from the fine flower gold, I will get credit. A visitor might not even buy any gold prospecting equipment, they could just buy a book with gold treasures and I would still receive an Amazon commission!

Now if someone visited my Amazon page with a gold pick hammer, but decided they wanted a different type of hammer, I would still get credit. Once they arrive to Amazon, via my special Amazon code, then they are tracked. They could visit a number of different pages and search for lots of other things; which weren’t related to gold supplies at all and I would still get credit. Isn’t that cool?

No matter what your traffic buys, you will still get credit! Your job and my job is to get people to visit the popular Amazon website. This is what separates the big boys from the bigger boys. A creative marketer can put together a game plan and will execute that game plan, so it will benefit them. They can come up with all sorts of new and genius ways of getting new visitors to come to a Amazon products page; which will have their special affiliate code hidden in the URL.

Amazon isn’t the only way to make money online. There are a variety of other money making programs online and I encourage you to try them too. I just think everyone should be a member of the Amazon affiliate program, so they have the ability to market or promote any product they want online. You don’t have to market your Amazon pages daily. Just do it when you feel like it. Take certain weekends each year, where you try to be aggressive. Or if you’re bored one day, you can issue a personal challenge to yourself, and try to stay online, until you sell at least one thing from Amazon. You can login daily to the Amazon Associates Program and check to see if you have sold any items. This page updates about every 24 hours. So selling an item right now, would probably take about 24 hours to show up.

I’m ready to join the Amazon affiliate program. Now what?

Okay, this is good news that you will give it a try. Just remember, this is free to do and you have nothing to lose. So have fun with it and you might just make some serious cash from this online affiliate program! It’s real simple to join the Amazon Associates Program; which is the same thing as the Amazon Affiliate Program. Just follow the steps below very carefully and you should have no problems becoming a member.

Step 1: Go to the Amazon website by clicking this link

Step 2: Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page

Step 3: Look for “Join Associates” in the middle column of links

Step 4: Click “Join Associates” and this will take you to the Amazon affiliate sign up page

Step 5: After you join, read how to build links, banners, text ads, etc… with your special code

That’s it! If you need any helps with the Amazon affiliate program, I will be happy to assist you. You will make your most money, by getting people to the Amazon pages and having them to buy something. As an extra bonus, you can invite some of your friends, co-workers, relatives, or neighbors to join through your Amazon referral page and you will receive a small portion of their earnings. You will make much more for the sales you personally bring in, but if you can get 2 or 3 people as sellers under you, this little money can add up to big money. So there is more than one way to earn with the Amazon Associates program.

Have fun and enjoy this new adventure you are about to take!

*If you are a big time marketer online and know you will make money with the Amazon affiliate program. Please feel free to join under me and I will offer you special assistance with your promotions and also even share my cash earnings with you. I will be sure you make more than the typical online marketers who have had success with the Amazon Associates program.

**New to affiliate programs and marketing online? I am always teaching daily and I would be more than happy to help you get started in the right way with the Amazon affilaite program. Just contact me directly and I will give you special assistance with your online promotions. I will want to teach you all of my secrets, so I can benefit from your success at Amazon. I can and will help you make money for the first time online, if you have never made the first cent before. I can’t think of another program that is better; than to start with Amazon as your first online job. Thanks and good luck!

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Money for Tomorrow Starts with Gold

No secrets remain about gold and the powerful potentials of its investment properties. If you and your family decide to buy gold as an investment for the future, you will be awarded in some way. Gold always brings back a positive number to its investors. If you have enough time to sit on your investment, you can really rack up some nice dividends from this heavy metal. I wished I had money to invest in gold. The only way I can make some money with gold, is by going out and finding it. I am currently looking for gold in the streams, creeks, and rivers around North Georgia. I hope to find enough gold, so I can invest in the stock market and buy gold related stocks. Even if you don’t buy a direct gold stock, you can still make money with a mining company or a retail store, who only counts on gold as a fraction of their business. If you hope to have some extra money laying around for tomorrow, be sure you get in on the gold train today! I love everything about gold and obviously I am not alone. Gold investments, owning actual gold coins and gold jewelry, or choosing to go gold prospecting like me is all good. This is what makes gold so beautiful to me.

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Fans Talking About Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Newest Hollywood Couple?

I don’t ever start rumors about anything online. However, if a rumor is already in place, I don’t mind adding a little fuel or being the wildfire helper. Yes news can spread like wildfire online. This is one thing our computers and the Internet has did for us in the early years of the 21st century.

As a blogger, I will talk about anything, if I think others will be interested. If I can discuss a popular topic that will drive tons of traffic to my website, then I won’t hesitate to start typing. My latest research shows Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as being hot topics. Often the teen hot topics are the best ones. The younger ages like to use their computers to find out about their latest stars. While Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez might be just slightly popular right now as individuals. They became a really popular term when you put Gomez and Bieber together. Why? Probably due to a photo that was taken of the couple, while they were on a cruise ship. This picture shows Justin loving on Selena Gomez. This has caused a big buzz online and now everyone wants to know if the two really are a couple.

Well Selena Gomez is an attractive, mid-teens age female from the Disney Channel’s popular TV show called Wizards of Waverly Place. While Justin Bieber is probably the most popular 10 year-old kid in the world today. Okay, maybe Justin is not 10 years old, but he isn’t too much older. I think Selena Gomez is much older than Bieber, if you go by age ranges of early teens. A 30 year old with a 25 year old companion is fine. Nobody minds this 5 year gap in ages. If you have a 17 year old and a 12 year old; then you are talking about a more serious age group. This couple would be 1 year from being a legal U.S. adult; while the other partner is 1 year away from being a teenager.

Justin Bieber & Usher

Most people know who Usher is. He is from Atlanta, Georgia and owns a partial ownership stake in the “Lebronless” Cleveland Cavaliers. Nobody in the world could do the dance moves from the King of Pop Michael Jackson. If there was one person who could, then it would be Mr. Usher without a doubt. The man does have some major dance skills and can move his feet just like MJ could. His talents have helped to create the newest kid on the block in Justin Bieber. So the popularity Justin carries with him today, is really from Usher and not his own personal talents.

Justin Bieber with 2 Bierber Fans

No doubt Justin could have his choice of girls today. He could cover a wide age range and this would be one reason why Selena Gomez might be interested in him. She commands her own fans of males, who would love to have just one date with her. Since these two kids have a number of boy friends or girl friends they could get, it looks like they have decided on each other. Gomez and Bieber as a couple is what a lot of folks in Hollywood would like to see and this includes the agents for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. The way you get more famous in L.A. is to date or marry someone that is just as famous as you.

Now the only reason I am talking about Justin Bieber and his new girlfriend Selena Gomez is because I want more traffic or visitors to my blog. Since I have you here and got your attention, please let me know your opinions about Selena Gomez or the popular Justin Bieber. Do you think these kids are really dating? How much older is Selena Gomez compared to Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber concerts or Selena Gomez concerts? Feel free to add any additional Bieber information or Selena Gomez information.

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Wrestling or Microphone Battles?

If you want to see any wrestling these days, you may need to get a wrestling schedule from your local high school wrestling team. The wrestling on TV shows very little action. I will be turning channels and see a wrestling program on or a commercial for wrestling equipment and know a wrestling event is on. I will put down the remote, so I can check out a match or two. However, the guys rarely ever wrestle. It has became a microphone battle. I guess they want to see which guy can yell the loudest. This is how modern wrestling programs work now. Give the wrestlers a microphone and let them just say what they will do, instead of actually doing it.

Freebird Michael Hayes, Wrestling Announcer Gordon Solie, & Kevin Von Erich

I grew up in the 1980’s format for wrestling. The only person who held a microphone then was Gordon Solie from TBS. Did you ever watch wrestling on TBS or the SuperStation? This is the television station Ted Turner created and it was the first Super Station on TV. The same channel the whole country could watch for the Atlanta Braves from was the same station you could watch a lot of good wrestling action. I use to love watching Tommy Rich, Ric Flair, Tony Atlas, Mr. Wrestling Number 2, and the Iron Sheik. These guys represented the sport very well and why not? Who wouldn’t want to see Andre The Giant standing next to another wrestler? Or watching the Junkyard Dog or Rowdy Rodney Piper entertain us with their antics in the ring? I really miss these wrestlers from yesterday and these guys did physcially perform their jobs.

Today’s wrestlers only bark into a microphone. They don’t have the Gordon Solie figure to hold it for them. They don’t even bother to create a 2nd staging area for these guys either, like the producers from TBS use to do. The ring is still the same. You still have a square shape wrestling mat for the guys to throw down on, while being surrounded by ropes. They just don’t touch each other. Instead we see wrestlers in the ring and get to hear them screaming and yelling their threats through a cordless microphone. This is how the modern wrestling on TV has developed, since the days of the Road Warriors tag team duo or my favorite wrestling team the Freebirds. Ever so often, they would do 6 man tag team events and this was a 3 on 3 match. The Freebirds would often be in this event. They had 3 in their wrestling team. The two most popular Free Bird wrestlers were Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes. It was Buddy Roberts who was the third man, but not many FreeBird fans liked him. I would love to watch wrestling like this again one day, but for now, let the shouting continue. Keep your fingers crossed, that someone will get body slammed before the wrestling program goes off the air. Please be sure to tell me your favorite wrestlers from the historic and golden age of wrestling from the 80’s generation.

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Additional Diet Help

Once you have a good exercise program in place and you’re eating the right kinds of food, you may need an additional weight loss boost. Taking a diet pill or one of the popular fat burners is a good way to lose even more weight. Some people create big weight loss goals and it can be difficult to achieve these with diet and exercise alone. Sometimes there is a real need, to give some of these dieting products a chance. Every little bit of weight loss help you can find, is usually a welcomed one, for those who have been dieting for awhile. You didn’t gain the extra weight over night, so it isn’t going to come off that easy either. It takes time and a strict diet program, to lose any considerable amounts of weight. There are a lot of good reasons why you should lose more weight in the new year. Your health is the number 1 reason, on why you should look to remove that excess weight you’re carrying around now.

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Connecting with Customers Online

Each day, someone is discovering the Internet for the first time. They quickly realize the money potential and how someone could make a buck online. Most new marketers will find their way to traffic exchanges. This is a free way to advertise online. Most of the traffic exchanges online today are free to join. You simply sign up and begin surfing for free credits. You use these traffic exchange credits to promote your own sites online. This isn’t the most effective way to advertise online, but it is the cheapest, so this is the route many new marketers will first take.

You can earn more traffic, by referring new members to these free traffic exchanges. While you might start promoting one thing online, you can quickly see the extra benefits, by advertising these traffic exhange affiliate links. Each TE you sign up for, will have a referral link you can use to promote and build a downlline. By building up your downline to these traffic exchanges online, you’re creating a traffic empire online. Let one TE build the downline to another TE and vice versa. Once you have free credits coming to your account each day, you can then focus your marketing efforts on the original reason you came to be an online marketer. You may even see some new online programs you want to promote and start generating a 2nd income stream online. After you begin to make and earn free money online in these other money-making programs online, you may see their value being greater than the original idea you had to make money on the Internet.

Everyone can earn extra streams of income online and do it from multiple online programs. Sometimes you may be required to pay a fee up front, so you can earn from these programs online. There are a lot of free money making offers online, where you don’t have to invest any money, to begin earning money online. I have found a few online programs that I paid money to join or paid money so I could earn more and it has worked out well for me.

The only traffic exchange online, that I would recommend for someone to upgrade at, is the Traffic Dance. The upgrade only costs 4 dollars and you can earn most, if not all, of this money back, by surfing there each day. You will see a 9 square bonus page with a disco ball in the middle. Just click on any square to earn a prize. Some prizes are cash prizes and the cash amounts are higher, for those who upgrade. Most free members at the Traffic Dance earn 1 or 2 cents on these bonus pages. While upgraded members can earn anywhere from 5 to 11 cents in most cases. Also, be sure to look for a yellow link that appears from time to time. You can click the yellow links and claim even more free money at the Traffic Dance. Go give it a try. Just sign up, pay the $4 upgrade cost, and make an effort to surf there each day. The longer you surf, the more chances you will have to earn cash and free credit bonuses. Free members at the Dance get 20 websites; while upgraded members get something like 80 spaces for them to promote their favorite URL’s online. There is a lot of unique visits you can get at the Dance and this TE is still fairly new and growing by leaps and bounds each day.

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The Modern Life by Us

We could almost write a story on us, telling about all the different ways we reconstruct our natural looks. There is an endless supply of beauty products on the marketplace these days. All geared toward making us look better. It seems no one believes their natural beauty is good anymore. We see people on the TV wearing make-up products. The TV commercials are full of products promising us a better looking appearance. I sometimes think the scars of life show that we have lived a life. I can understand some of the simple procedures to fix our looks. If you had a bad case of acne when you was younger and it left facial scars, it would be appropriate to use a acne scar removal product to help. When you start spending hundreds of dollars on beauty products each month or go under the knife with a plastic surgeon, I believe you are crossing a line. Some plastic surgery is needed for accident victims and to reconstruct a body part that has been damaged in a injury or accident case. Asking a surgeon to make your nose smaller or other body parts bigger, is using our medical technology in the wrong way. Just because we can fix a body part, doesn’t mean we should always abide by the patient’s requests. If we are not allowed to write our own prescriptions in life for various medicines. A plastic surgeon should only conduct surgeries; which have a life-improving effect for health reasons. No plastic surgeon should be in the medical field for beauty reasons. We are only letting the patients write their own scripts for beauty surgeries and we have seen some of the famous people who have taken this medical technology too far.

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Benefits to Electronic Cigarettes

The newest most affordable electronic cigarette are becoming more accessible to everyone looking to trade in their cigarettes. These new devices are presenting challenges for local establishments.

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Minor Repairs Become Costly Repairs

Sometimes we overlook the small things in life. We only begin to deal with them, when it becomes a main problem or it forces us to. Our automobiles are a good example. A few simple repairs or keeping the oil changed can go a long ways and it can keep us from spending major bucks at the repair shops. Fixing the bearings on a mechanical engine is usually a simple fix and doesn’t take a lot of money to repair. Perhaps a bearing just needs a little lubricant to keep it working properly. We may not even need new bearings, if we took the time to use a bearing lubricant, to keep it working properly. Replacing the bearing is a more costly repair. If we compare it to the costs of lubricants for these bearings that use a lubricant. Once the bearing goes bad, we could be looking at more serious repairs (or costs) if we don’t fix that problem in a timely fashion. Pretty soon the whole situation spirals out of control and it may get to the point, where we can’t afford any of these costly repairs. The moral of the story is to keep your oil changed and the bearings lubricated. Letting these simple problems go, will not even affect most of us (in the immediate future). Its all the problems that can form and come up later, from these simple repairs. Don’t let a small problem, be the stem for a much larger one down the road. Nip all of the small things in the bud and there never will be any big things to deal with later on.

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Schools Having Trouble with the Winter Weather

Students are loving the recent weather patterns; which has sent heavy clouds filled with snow over our North Georgia areas and it was more than enough to close schools in the area. In fact, we got so much snow last Monday, the school systems for most of the northern counties in Georgia, were out for the entire week. I never got this lucky when I was in school, but I was always the one who rooted for snow to come down like this, when I was in school. I would wake up and turn that radio on, just hoping to hear that schools had got closed in my area. Having a snow day is the best thing for a kid growing up. You expect to be going to school and a big snow storm shuts down the schools, and you get to go outside and slide down hills, build snowmen, and have snowball fights with the other neighborhood kids. It just doesn’t get any better than a snow day, for the school kids.

It can sometimes put parents in a bad situation. They may rely on the schools to “babysit” for them, so a school closing can be hard on them. They might have to miss work or make other arrangements, to have someone else watching their school-age children.

Even when flurries were fore-casted for my area, I would still hope in would result in a school closing. It wouldn’t take much to close our schools down in the South. We are not use to dealing with snow and ice on the roadways. It is tough for a school superintendent in my area to allow school, if there is snow on the ground. If just one bus had a accident or some kid drove into a ditch, due to ice being on the road, then the school superintendent would be facing some angry parents. So in most cases, a southern school will get closed down, if there is just a little frozen precipitation on the ground.

Last week, we got about 5 inches of snow in most of the North Georgia areas. We didn’t really see much more snow after that initial day. It was the cold temperatures that hung around all week, that kept the schools from opening up. We would see very little melting in the daytime and during the night time, the snow and water would all freeze back up. This process went on each single day last week and on Thursday, I don’t think the temperature ever did get above freezing, so really no chance for schools to open up on Friday.

Now our roads are pretty much clear and good for cars and buses to run on. We do have a lot of snow left on the ground and in shady areas, where a lot of sunlight does not come in. However, we have a national holiday this Monday and it is MLK Day. The day where we all celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King and all of the things he did for black people, civil rights, and the rights he helped women to get during the 1960’s and later on, after his untimely death in the late 1960’s. Some school boards were considering to let schools open up, but a lot of people got upset, that they would disrespect the holiday like that. I don’t think it was disrespect and I actually think MLK would want school children to go to school on this day, if they have already missed 5 days in a row, like they did last week, due to the winter snows, that fell over much of the the southern states. The MLK Holiday is a time for us to reflect on all the things that Dr. King fought for, during all his adult life on this planet. We take time off from work, so we can pay him the respect he deserves. It would have been just as powerful of a day of remembrance, if we would have attended school Monday and it would have even painted the civil rights leader in a new and positive light. He sent a message for change and how change can be a good thing. We normally take his birthday off, so by allowing the school kids to go back to school on his special day, it would have been another way for us to show how changes can be a good thing. The community here in Atlanta over reacted too quickly and should have spent more time thinking about the kids going to school on Monday, instead of having them to miss a 6th straight day. So did the adults, disrespect the school kids, by not allowing them to return back to school in a proper and orderly fashion, based on the circumstances of the bad weather we been having recently.

If current weather patterns persist and we meet or exceed our average for snow and ice in the weeks leading up until the end of March, we may get the school year in before the 4th of July, but it’s not going to be too shocking, if we see the school year of 2011 extended past the 4th of July holiday. Schools may be done on July 3rd, but some school system may be looking at 1 extra week of school, after the fireworks of July 4th of finish going off. Staty tuned to this long school year and the long, cold winter we are expected to have in the coming months for the Southern USA and in the Peach State of Georgia.

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Wasting Money on the Remote Control

I love my remote control. I think the remote for the television is one of the best 20th century inventions. I think the invention of the Internet, cars, TV, radio, and phones are all up there and high on the list of great inventions. I think considering how much most of us use it and the time and energy it saves us, the remote is one of the top 10 inventions for the last 100 years. I do keep wasting money with my remote, when I shouldn’t be. I use my remote control so much, I go through a lot of batteries. I could save a lot of money each year on batteries, if I would just break down and buy the triple A or aaa rechargeable batteries just one time. Buying this product just once, would last a very long time. Not only would it save me money on my triple A batteries I spend money on, but it would also be saving me time and gas money I spend, when I make those special trips to the Dollar Store, just to buy batteries. My remote control does use the triple A batteries. If your remotes at home use the double A batteries, you can also find the aa rechargeable batteries, for the R/C you click with at home. Plus we would probably be giving the environment a break too, by using these batteries you can recharge up each time, without having to throw away. Информационный портал – обзор рынка систем управления контентом такую мультиязычный сайт, геотаргетинг, sitemap Google сколько стоит новая ваз 2114


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Biggest Online Affiliate Program

I would have to guess that Amazon has the biggest affiliate program online. You have the option to promote the cheap MP3 downloads for just about any song in the world or you could promote books from Amazon, if you joined their free affiliate program. Online shopping is gaining in popularity and Amazon is the king store online. They have just about everything at Amazon. Shopping for back to school supplies or just a pack of ink pens and you will find it at Amazon. They never run out of products for you to advertise online. You can create special referral links to any Amazon page, once you sign up for the free Amazon affiliate program. Lots of ways to earn money online and everyone should be using Amazon to help make some of that money.

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Short People in the Kitchen

Most of our kitchens are not made for a short person. If you got to build your own house, you probably put your cabinets low in the kitchen. For those people who are short and didn’t design their kitchen cabinets, they probably have a lot of problems. Most of us move into a new home that is already built. This can cause problems for those who are lacking in height. These people will have to have a chair or a two step stool to stand on, if they need something in the cabinets. Hopefully you can reach the lower shelf in your cabinets, so you can stock the most-used items there. Then for the things we don’t use that much, like a blender or a mixer, we can shove these items on the top shelf. Eventually the person who uses the kitchen the most, will get tired of the stools and the step-ladder approaches and will get their kitchen cabinets rebuilt. This is really the best way to fix the problem with high cabinets. It is also a safer route, since so many people get injured each day due to falls.

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Staying Germ Free

No one likes to get sick. During the winter months, a lot of us will get colds or even the flu. A lot of this sickness and misery can be avoided, if we would just wash our hands several times during the day. The number 16 might not mean much to you, but all humans average something 16 times per hour. Do you know what this is? We all touch our face about 16 times an hour with our hands. If we are going to do this, we must make a much better effort to get to the kitchen sink or to one of the pedestal sinks, you can often find in public. Washing our hands is the best defense against germs. Some germs are good and a few of them is fine. Keeping the bad germs off our hands and our bodies, will help us to get sick less. Let’s not let the germs win and start making it a habit to get to those sinks and washing our hands.

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2011 Finally Here!

Let’s all enjoy today and prepare for a great new year. I’m glad 2010 is behind us and we can all turn over a new leaf. It doesn’t matter what you did last year or even yesterday. 2011 or today, is when we can wipe the slate clean and begin a new and fantastic year. Happy New Years!

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