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High-Tech Ways to Gain More Weight

Athletes and kids who play sports, are often looking for ways to gain more weight. A football player can sometimes create a big advantage on the football field, if he weighs more than his opponent on the field. The weight gain supplements of today, are a high-tech way of achieving a weight gain program. You can find a lot of these modern products online for gaining extra weight. If parents do allow their high school kids to take some of these new weight supplements, be sure to monitor them closely. Also, once the football season ends, be sure to work with them and encourage them to take off the extra weight, they put on during football season. Others with severe health problems and have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, may need to use these products for real health reasons.

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Vitamins Key in a Healthy Diet Plan

The next time you get in the “health mood“, be sure to include some good multivitamins in your diet plan. We often don’t get all the vitamins and minerals in the foods we eat each day. A vitamin can fill in these nutritional gaps. Food is still the best way to fuel your aging bodies. Some people do a good job in eating a healthy selection of foods each day. They don’t always add a lot of varieties to their diet and this is where those vitamins can serve a real need. Do you take vitamins now? Did you notice a big difference in your energy levels, before and after, you started taking these vitamins?

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Doctor Travis Stork Tells Why He Wrote His New Book

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From the Doctors TV Show is their leader Dr. Travis Stork. He has just completed his 2nd book called The Lean Belly Prescription and this will be in bookstores and online December 7th. You can place your online orders now and preorder The Lean Belly Prescription Book and be guaranteed to get a copy, before they sale out. I have a lot more information about this new Drs Diet Book over at the Doctors TV Show Blog. This book would make a great Christmas gift this holiday season, for anyone that is looking to lose weight or needs help with their 2011 New Years Resolution, for losing more weight in the new year.

Dr Stork Tells Everyone Why He Wrote this New Book

In the crazed, adrenaline-fueled moments I have with E.R. patients, I try to give them the best lifestyle advice I can: why they need to watch what they eat, why exercise is so important, why making small changes to their daily activities will have a profound impact on their health—how they look, how they feel, how they live. And often, I’m met with a blank stare, a shrug, and a noncommittal murmur. “Lifestyle changes” seem hard, especially when a doctor is trying to explain them to you in 5 minutes or less. In fact, more often than not, my patients will look at me and ask one question:

Doc, can’t you just give me a prescription?”

Well, yes. I can. Not for a weight-loss pill you can pop, and not for an elective surgery that will trim you down suddenly. (Both have terrible potential side effects and spotty long-term track records.) Instead, I’ve written a prescription that simply, effectively, and nearly effortlessly strips away pounds, focusing on your biggest enemy and mine—belly fat.

I’ve created a list of eight life-altering dietary changes that will burn away belly fat with shocking speed. I call them “The Laws of Leanness.” But you don’t actually have to make all eight changes. In fact, you don’t even have to make half of them. These lifestyle tweaks are so powerful, so dramatically effective, that if you make just three of them—your three favorite, whichever ones you want—you can drop up to 15 pounds in 4 weeks or less. I call it PICK 3 TO LEAN. And the best part? You’ll keep losing after those first 4 weeks—15, even 20 pounds, you decide—and you’ll never gain it back!

And I’ve based these dietary secrets not on foods I want you to give up, but on foods I want you to enjoy. For example:

  • Love pasta and rice? I’ll show you how to eat them and still lose 24 percent more belly fat than traditional “dieters” do.
  • Crazy about milk shakes? Then drink two a day (with my special recipe) and strip away pounds.
  • Enjoy snacking? I’ll show you how to build several snacks every single day that will fuel weight loss while keeping you satisfied.

Combined with your choice of easy, effective activity programs, which you’ll also find outlined in this book—you won’t think of these as “exercise”—your PICK 3 choices will begin to strip away belly fat almost from day one.

How do I know that? Because I’ve based this prescription on the latest science, on results that have been proven by the top researchers in America and abroad. And I’ve based it on my experience as a medical doctor, watching what works, and what doesn’t, in the real world. I’ve seen these strategies succeed for my patients, sure, but I’ve also seen them work for friends and family members who have turned to me for help. Now I want to include you in that group of happy, grateful, newly skinny people.

These are the words straight from the Doc’s own mouth! I believe in Dr. Stork like so many others do, who tune-in and watch The Doctors regularly on television. He does a great job of keeping the show on topic and his colleagues in line; while they’re on the air in front of a live studio audience. The other doctors on the daytime TV Doctors is Doctor Drew Ordon, Doctor Jim Sears, and the only regular lady doctor on the Drs is Doctor Lisa Masterson. All four TV doctors do a great job, each weekday morning, by letting their audience members and TV viewers know about the latest health tips, products, and things we should be doing to take better care of ourselves each day.

If you would like a copy of this new Travis Stork book, just go now and preorder your copy before December 7th or you can order it any time after this date. By placing your pre-orders now, you will have time to get your copy in the mail, before Christmas Day gets here. Be sure to not wait and go ahead and get this new book The Lean Belly Prescription and come back here to give your honest opinions about this new weight loss book from the Drs TV Show.

*Dr. Travis Stork’s statement above (in his own words) was furnished courtesy of the Men’s Health Journal. Also, the Men’s Health Journal played a key role in the development and editing process in the creation of The Lean Belly Prescription; which was directly written by Dr. Travis Stork ER Physician and author Peter Moore.

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Saving Money Online this Shopping Season

A lot of wide-eyed shoppers will be looking around on the Internet for holiday gifts and Christmas gift ideas. These shoppers will be wise to get their coupons first, before they begin their holiday spending process online. There are tons and tons of these money-saving coupons online. Often consumers are buying products and paying full price for them, when they could have saved a few dollars, by getting the coupons first. The onecall coupons offer discounts for a variety of different online merchandise. Many of these items are the ones family and friends will be giving out this Christmas season. Become a smart online shopper this year, and look to save money first, before you decide to spend money on the World Wide Web.

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Time To Come Indoors for This Year

We squeezed as much of the heat as we could from the sun’s daytime heating. It has just got too cold to stay outdoors. I think I will retire inside for the winter now. No more working or playing outside for me. I will just relax and wait for the upcoming holidays that are fast approaching. I guess this means I will be spending more time on the computer and watching movies on TV. I know there isn’t a lot to do indoors and I am already missing my outside activities. I hope Santa will bring me something to keep me busy and entertained this winter season. A new video game or the latest PS3 model would be nice to have. I really like the adventure games or a good baseball video game. If I am lucky enough to get a Playstation 3 for Christmas this year, I would really only need two video games. One game that is a maze or mystery and you have to figure it out. I like games like that; which challenge the mind some. Then the latest video game for baseball would be my 2nd choice for a video game. One that would included all of the latest MLB players and the rookies from the 2010 baseball season. I believe a new gaming system, my computer, and the movies on TV would be plenty of indoor entertainment, as I wait for the spring to arrive in 2011.

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Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

That first Monday after the weekend after Thanksgiving is a very busy time for the Internet. This is due to all of the holiday shoppers who come online looking for a great deal. In recent years, this first Monday after Thanksgiving has become affectionately known as Cyber Monday. If you want to find cheap deals and good bargains online, there is really only one website to go to. Spend your Cyber Monday with Amazon for the best deals on the Net.

I have been using Amazon for years, just because it was convenient and easy to use. I was happy with the prices I was paying for items, but really never knew if they offered the lowest prices online. Once the recession began a couple of years back, money begin to get very tight around my household. I no longer could afford some of the luxuries in life I was use to enjoying. When I had to buy something online, I was not free to just go to Amazon and buy it like the days before the recession. Now was a time where every penny counted and I had to find which online websites had the cheapest prices, plus the cheapest shipping rates. I came online and checked about 5 popular websites I knew sold the item I was looking for. I jotted down their prices and shipping costs and then begin to use the search engines, to see if there were any sites I didn’t know about, offering this item I needed for less. It turns out, I came right back to Amazon to buy the item I needed. Not only did Amazon beat all of the other guys prices, but there was a $7.40 difference, between their price and the 2nd lowest price I found online. This was for a $28 item at Amazon and the next best price was for $35.40. Most of the other websites was selling this item for $39 to $44!

Now I needed to see how low Amazon’s shipping cost was going to set me back. I was able to get a $2.59 shipping and handling fee from Amazon. Only one website was cheaper by .09 cents, but this online shopping site that was charging $2.50 for their shipping, wanted me to pay $44 for the item I needed.  I would much prefer to pay an extra 9 cents for shipping; when my purchased item was $16 cheaper at Amazon!

Now this is only one of my recession stories and using the Amazon shopping website. During the 2 year recession period, I would go on to order about a dozen different things online. All of these was items I had to have for work or needed for my computer or to fix something around the house. Regardless of what it was, the prices at Amazon were cheaper every single time. I never did find one website online; which offered the same product as Amazon for a lower price. I mean never!

Now that the economy has picked up and I don’t have to be quite so tight with money, I still do a very thorough price comparison with all of the popular and not so popular shopping sites online. The folks from Amazon just continue to get my business, because they continue to offer the lowest prices on the Web. Who is looking for some low holiday prices online? A lot of people will come online Monday and go to the Google Search, their Yahoo Search, or use the Bing Search or MSN Search engine to look for Cyber Deals or Cyber Bargains from their computer. This is perfectly fine, as long as you don’t forget to check with Amazon before you buy on the Internet. As the Cyber Monday Shopping Day draws close, please be sure to check with Amazon, before you buy anything online. They have a huge warehouse or warehouses and offer just about anything you want or need to buy online. Not only will Amazon have the item you are looking for, but they will have it at the lowest, bargain basement prices you can find on the World Wide Web. Amazon also offers an attractive Amazon Affliate Program, where online marketers can make a little extra cash on the side. Once your account at Amazon gets over $100, you can have a check mailed to your address or get the Amazon Associates Program to pay your Pay Pal account. If you’re reading this blog post and the 2010 Cyber Monday Day has passed, you can still find the best online deals at Amazon for all of your Christmas gifts and Holiday purchases. Anytime is a good time to shop at Amazon!

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New Modern Day Toys

Remember when little girls played with Barbie? How about the Hot Wheel cars for the boys? Those were the days and parents could actually afford the dolls and cars their children like to play with then. Now the toys are much more advanced and you will need more than just batteries to get these modern day toys running. Technology has sent kids into a high tech and expensive place in their parents wallets and pocketbooks. Today’s toys are not that cheap, but it seems the kids still find a way to get a lot of these modern toys. It would be nice to get back to the building blocks, where no batteries or electricity was needed. Now the battery is just one item you will need. Especially if that toy is a cell phone, you will need to get the phone charger too.

I know every year we see new high-tech toys making their way to stores just in time for Christmas. I’m not sure which electronic toys will be hot this year, but I’m sure there will be several. At least the kids can use a laptop computer for more than just fun and games. Some of these items they look at as toys, can be a big help to them in school and learning about other things in the world. Times sure have changed a lot. Who knows how far toys will go, but as long as parents can afford them, you can bet Christmas Day will be full of technology gifts.

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***NEW*** Linkgrand Billboard Advertising

For a long time now; Linkgrand has been one of the most trusted and effective advertising platforms online. For as little as $5, an advertiser or website owner can buy 1,000 unique hits for their promotional efforts online. I have had great results using the advertising services Link Grand has traditionally used over the years. Now they have added a new feature to their site and this promises to deliver even more daily hits; which are unique hits or unique visitors that will be showing up at a advertiser’s sales page, an affiliate program, or the referral page for anyone who is trying to build a downline using the Internet. Linkgrand calls this their Billboard and its very simple to use.

A webmaster or online marketer can buy this new billboard advertising feature at Linkgrand for a weekly fee. The cost starts out at $50 per week for Linkgrand to display a banner of your online program you want more exposure for. The first numbers that were coming in, was about 600 unique hits or visitors per day. Now those totals have made a huge jump, since Linkgrand members are becoming more aware of how this new billboard advertising works. Members at Linkgrand will want to visit your website each day, since they can earn precious tokens and have the chance to win a large cash prize each month. Linkgrand members will be more than happy to visit your website or referral page each day, so they can have a chance to win a big cash prize. While they visit your website or affiliate pages, they will be able to see what you are promoting online and you will have the opportunity to sign up new members for your affiliate-based programs.

Now $50 per week for this new Linkgrand advertising might seem to be a little expensive for most online advertisers. The good news, you can drastically reduce this price, by buying ads for a longer time period. The longer your ad gets shown to Linkgrand members, the more chances you have to spark their interest and get new sign ups for your online programs. Instead of buying a billboard banner for 1 week, you can spend $100 for a month of this new effective way to advertise with Linkgrand and now you have saved 50% from the weekly price and your cost is now just $25 a week! However, it is possible to get your billboard up at Linkgrand for less than $10 a week! To lock-in this super cheap rate, an advertiser needs to buy 1 year of this type of advertising and Linkgrand will only charge a flat rate fee of $500! Any advertiser who makes the $500 investment now, will be getting 1000’s of unique visitors daily and for the super low rate of less than $2 per day.

Five hundred dollars is too much for the casual online Internet marketer, but is a price some of the more serious advertisers online can easily afford. Your banner will get 1000’s of visitors per day and you will be allowed to edit your billboard advertising banner at Linkgrand. So the one time investment of $500 per year, will give an advertiser online the ability to promote several different programs. You will be allowed to edit your information once a week and this flexibility with your banner at Linkgrand, makes this a no brainer, for those who can afford the $500 price.

Linkgrand has just announced the numbers for their first advertiser who bought the billboard advertising at Link Grand. This lucky person got an amazing 169,727 impressions in their first week! As more members become aware of how this new billboard feature works at Linkgrand, these impressions will be changing over to hits. Since members at Linkgrand can earn valuable tokens for a huge monthly prize, two lucky winners will get each month at Linkgrand. As an advertiser at Linkgrand, you can also become a member, who earns from the money-earning platform Linkgrand has created for their members. All advertisers can earn extra money from Linkgrand and this makes any advertising purchases, just that much cheaper, if you decide to use Linkgrand as one of your online programs for making money.

If you’re ready to get in on the action at Linkgrand as a member who earns daily money from them or you want Linkgrand to help build your money making programs into successful earners. Or maybe you want to do both! Now is the time to join Linkgrand and become a member who earns a daily cash amount or an advertiser who finds a steady stream of referrals from the huge Linkgrand membership base. I have used Linkgrand for advertising purposes and I have also earned a nice income with them too.

Members can request a cashout anytime their balance is $5 or more. All payments get sent to Pay Pal and you will be paid within 24 hours of requesting a cash payout of five dollar or greater. For each click one of your Linkgrand referrals make, you get a 30% credit of what they made. Plus you get a generous 10% commission on all advertising that gets sold from your Linkgrand referral pages.

Now is a great time to use Linkgrand for a new stream of income or to promote your other online programs you’re currently making money with now. Or just do like me and use Linkgrand to make extra money and to help with your online advertising needs! It is totally free to joinand free members can begin earning money from day 1. Once you see how Linkgrand works, you can upgrade for life, by just paying a one time cost of $20. By upgrading at Linkgrand, you will be known as a Premium Member and this means you can see a lot more daily ads for clicking and even earn more money per click, by being a Premium Linkgrand Member. Come join for free today and see what all the buzz is about!

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Black Friday Coming Soon

The busiest day of the year, will be this upcoming Friday, the day after Thanksgiving for retailers across the country. They will begin their Christmas Specials in the early morning hours on Friday. We use to see stores opening up at 7 or 8 a.m. which was 1 or 2 hours before their normal opening times. Now things have changed and some retailers who sell clothing and electronic products will open at 6 a.m. and even earlier than that in some cases. This Friday after Thanksgiving Day has become known as Black Friday and this is the best day of the year to shop. At least in terms of prices, consumers can find the cheapest deals on this first Friday after the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday. It’s a whole other story, when it comes to the crowds and trying to find a parking place. Due to the large crowds on Black Friday, some shoppers will just stay at home and avoid them. While other brave shoppers will go out early Friday morning and find a line to get in, as they wait for a store to open its doors at 4, 5, or 6 a.m.. If you plan to go Christmas shopping this Friday, be sure to get out there as early as possible, to find the best deals on clothing and electronic products. Have fun and don’t forget safety first!

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AP Photo Fails to Recognize Chris Bosh’s Fiancee

This past Wednesday on November the 17th , the Phoenix Suns decided to “take their talents down to South Beach” and take on the Miami Heat. It was a casual mid-week game in the NBA, between two NBA basketball teams who both have great, long time point guards that the fans of Phoenix and Miami both love dearly in Steve Nash for the Suns and Dwayne Wade for the Heat. While the game itself was casual, the fans in attendance was anything but not.

Normally the AP is very good about recognizing stars and those friends and family members who have some form of relation to the stars. Well someone must have fell asleep at the wheel in Miami, as they failed to recognize one of their big NBA stars fiancee. This would be understandable if we were talking about one of the Heat players who is not considered a part of the Big 3 in the Southern Sunshine State. When it comes to D. Wade, LBJ, and CB; you would think a respected source like the Associated Press, would have all their bases covered. This did not happen on Wednesday when the Suns showed up to play the Heat. Indeed the AP would fail to notice that Chris Bosh’s lovely fiancee was in attendance and would even add salt to the wound, by acknowledging her, but still not recognizing who she really is and will one day be. Here is the photo taken by the AP in Miami and below is the exact words the AP had to say about Chris Bosh’s fiancee:

AP Photo

Tennis player Serena Williams, left, watches an NBA basketball game between the Miami Heat and Phoenix Sun in Miami Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010. The person at right is unidentified.

I believe the person on the right is Adrienne Williams, who is the fiancee of Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh. I knew Chris Bosh, when he was playing 40 miles south of me in Atlanta, Georgia for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Coach Paul Hewitt of G.T. would be the head coach, who was able to persuade the tall, lanky forward from the Lone Star State of Texas, to come East of the Mississippi River and play for the G.T. Yellow Jackets in the A.C.C. or Atlantic Coast Conference in NCAA college basketball. A year later, Bosh would find himself playing North of the Border in Canada for the Toronto Raptors NBA team. The past few years, the Raptors have been able to attract some high flyers like Sonny Weems and Demar Derozenfrom USC. It would have been interesting to see this Toronto team develop, but the former high school standout from the Texas basketball program, would give up on his Canadian team and would decide to fly Southfor the winter, along with Lebron James and join Dwayne Wade in Miami.

The Toronto Raptors just beat a good Houston Rockets team Friday night by a score of 106 to 96. They were led by their young center Andrea Bargnani with 26 points. For those Raptor fans who miss Air Canada or better known as Vince Carter, who is Vinsanitywith his high-flying dunks. They now have the Southern California kid who can leap out of the gym in Demar Derozan. Perhaps Javelle McGhee of the Washington Wizards and Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks are the only two NBA high flyers, who could out jump Derozan. This guy has some serious hops and he is still very young. Looking at the current Raptors roster, they have a solid core of young players in center Bargnani, forward Sonny Weems, guard Demar Derozan, and coming off the bench forward Amir Johnson. Then a solid mix of veteran players like Leanardo Barbosa, who is one of the fastest players in the NBA, and players like Reggie Evans, Linas Kleiza, and Jose Calderon; you have a tough NBA team. This is a great mix of youth and veteran players for this Toronto Raptor team. All of these pieces in place now and a point guard who played very well Friday night with8 assists in 23 minutes of action against the Houston Rockets. Who is the point guard I am speaking of? Oh, this is the same point guard Chris Bosh played with at Georgia Tech in the ACC and his name is Jarrett Jack. This Raptor team is going to win a lot of games without Bosh, but if they had a defensive presence like Bosh in the paint to play with their big man Bargnani. Then late in games you would have a post player in Chris Bosh to score buckets around the block or in the paint; while still having to respect his mid-range jumper. Imagine that, with the speedy Barbosa, who is another go-to-player late in games, who can drive to the basket or take the long jumper for 3.


After the Toronto win in Orlando, they did get their chance to beat Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat. It was a very close game in Miami and the Heat did manage to win by 9 points, with the final score 109 to 100 in the Heat’s favor. But keep in mind, this game was played in SouthFlorida, it took place the next day, after a road game in Orlando with a tough Magic team, and the Raptors did not have two of their starters Linas Kleiza and Reggie Evans or their speedster Leanardo Barbosa. Once again, the AP in the Miami area would make a dumb statement and would go on to say this about the Toronto Raptors and Chris Bosh:

AP in Miami – And in between, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade showed the Raptors why Bosh wanted to be with them in Miami.

No, if Bosh really looks at it, he would see the Toronto team in the National Basketball Association is a much more talented and deeper team. They are much more ready to play a 7 game series in the playoffs, against another good NBA playoff team. The Miami Heat project has been a huge disappoint to this point and this 3 headed monster doesn’t appear to have the stamina to keep up with another NBA playoff team, in a 7 game post season series. Lebron James didn’t even get 1 month under his belt yet and was already complaining about his role on the team and the high number of minutes he was having to play. Some guys who actually like to play basketball and are team players, treasure the time they get on an NBA court. They would never complain about playing too many minutes. Not only does Lebron look at basketball as a job or work for him, but he is not tough and doesn’t have the endurance to keep up with good NBA teams in the post season action.

Dan Gilbert (owner of Cavaliers) said the Cleveland Cavaliers would win a NBA championship before the Miami Heat would. I will pick up on his direction and words and will go one step further. Since he thinks LeBron’s former team will do better in the next few years, compared to LBJ’s new team. I will say that Chris Bosh is in the same boat; which Dan Gilbert put LeBron James. I will say Chris Bosh’s former NBA team, the Toronto Raptors will win an NBA championship before the Heat or they will win more regular season and post season games; than the Heat over the next several years; while Bosh sports the Heat Jersey in his NBA locker.

3 good players can only take you so far and when one is already crying about minutes played like LeBron is doing in Miami and the young NBA season is not even a month in the books yet. This spells big trouble for James and Bosh in Miami and a deep team like the Raptors; who also have some amazing athletes on their side, like Derozan, Weems, and the speedy Barbosa. One healthy Toronto Raptor team, will run the boys down in South Florida out of the gym on any night they want to get together and play a little B-Ball.

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Eating Less to Lose Weight

By not eating as much at the dinner table each night, is a good way to start losing weight. If you can find an effective product for suppressing your appetite, this can go a long ways in the battle to lose more weight. Have you ever tried an appetite suppressant before? If not, this might be a good time to try one. Some require a prescription by a doctor, to began using them. If you go with a product like phentermine, then you won’t need a prescription. I have heard a lot of good things about this product. I have never tried it, but a lot of people do eat less, once they began taking Phentermine. If you began eating less than normally do, you’re bound to lose more weight. A product that helps you eat less each day, can be a good way to meet those weight loss goals. It is important for you to have weight loss goals. So you can chart and keep up with it, to see if your current diet plan is working. If eating less doesn’t help much, you may just need to start exercising more.

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Favorite Things to Do in Cold Weather

Once the temperature drops to the cold range outside, is there a fun activity you like to do? Does anything come to mind, you can only do during those cold days of fall and winter? I know a lot of people enjoy the cold weather activities they do every year. I am someone who prefers a nice, sunny and warm day. If it snows, which is rare for my area on North Georgia, I do like the cold weather then.

Too bad we can’t have everyday like a 75 degree, summer time day. We do have to battle through the cold days of winter, so we know what it is like to have a warm summer time day. I guess if winter didn’t exist, we would never know how lucky we are to have warm weather days.

In the fall time, when the leaves are falling from the trees. I use to love running around outside and trying to catch every left that fell off the tress. I don’t think I have the energy to do it these days. For the really cold nights, I do like putting a lot of blankets on my bed and curling up to a good movie on television. Going to sleep at night, when the temperatures are freezing cold outside, seems to make me sleep better. I like waking up cold, better than waking up hot. There is something good about the cold, winter time days we have. I just wonder what outside activities most people like to do; when it is really cold outside. Please share your favorite winter time activities. I think it would be interesting to hear what people like to do outside, when you have to bundle up to go out.

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Saving Money on Car Insurance Today

The good thing about car insurance these days, is the amount of car insurance companies we have. The more companies that offer or sell car insurance to drivers, the more competition there is. This means companies will be fighting hard to get your business. You can check around with a lot of different insurance companies these days. Once you have got several estimates from these companies. You can sit down and look over the cheap car insurance quotes you received. Going with the one that is the cheapest of all, might not be the right company for you. You should consider the 3 or 4 lowest quotes first.

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Staying Positive on a Diet

Being on a diet is something that takes time. It is important you allow your body to show results; while continuing to stick to your current diet plan. The diets for quick weight loss will work for some people. In most cases, you need a lot of time to take off the weight, you have built up over the years. It took a long time (in many cases) to put on the extra weight you’re now carrying around. It doesn’t have to talkie that long to take it off, but you will need some time. A quick loss diet formula can be tried, but don’t expect overnight miracles. In most cases, you will only lose a few pounds here and there. No matter what the results are, the important thing is that you stick to your diet plan. It is okay to tweak your diet plan along the way. Make changes where you see they might help or where you need to take it easier on yourself. Anyone can lose weight, if they will stick to a good diet plan. It does take a certain amount of determination and this will all depend, on just how determined you are, to lose more weight.

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